Syntrax Nectar Whey Isolate

  1. Smile Syntrax Nectar Whey Isolate

    I received a couple 14 gram sample packets and here are my reviews:

    FLAVOR: Both the "Apple Ecstasy" and the "Strawberry Kiwi" tasted surprisingly good. Neither was so strong that I have concerns about getting sick of it before finishing a jug.

    MIXABILITY: Instant and complete. A very nice feature.

    OVERALL: I'd buy this product. The exotic flavors make for a nice change without being gimmicky.

  2. It foams a lot when I shake it. After I go through an entire tub I wonder how much I did not get due to foam build up.

  3. i rather enjoy the foam - mmmmmm, foam

  4. i struggle on the containers...its good at first but gets old. Im sticking with basic flavors 4 now. I dont think the foam is actual isolate, could be wrong.

  5. Most isolates foam when you shake them, this one seems to do it a little more however.

    I am addicted to the iced tea flavor. It tastes just like Nestea packets

  6. well i had the cherry and apple.

    yeahright, how did you get the samples?


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