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    I recently had the privilege of testing out ErgoPharm’s new energy drink ClearShot. I must admit that I am more of an RPM type of guy, but I was absolutely shocked about of much energy this drink gave me.

    Shortly before hitting the gym up I downed a serving of ClearShot (was not on a empty stomach) and within 20 minutes I was hauling major ass around the place. A student of mine who was working out with at the time was begging me to slow down, BUT I COULD NOT! I had a crisp mental approach; I was a bit jittery; the taste kind of stayed with me (but it's not a horrible taste, pretty clean). I did not experience any sort of crash - thankfully because that's the main reason I cannot take many stimulants. And the "heat" that i felt was amazing! I would compare the "heating" affect to the feeling I get from MassFX.

    I have to admit, this energy drink is insane to say the least. What can it be compared to? The only “energy drink” that has put me in that frame of mind was BSN’s EndoRush (which I am in no way a BSN supporter). Would I drink it again? Sure, but I do not really like that type of feeling all the time. Would I recommend ClearShot? Without a doubt!
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  2. I didn't feel too much from ClearShot other than wanting to gag because it reminded me of peppermint schnapps.

    However, I was pretty stimulant tolerant at the time, so I might give it another shot someday.

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