Best protein for weight gain?

  1. Best protein for weight gain?

    I have been going through this forum for hours and having a hard time finding what I am looking for (reviews).

    I usually take MuscleMilk, as I am an ectomorph and it seems to have a good amount of needed fat.

    Can anyone recommend any other proteins that are good? There are a ton of companies that seem to sponsor this site and would like to see their input as well.


  2. musscle milk collegate, cytogainer, ON Serious Mass, ON procomplex gainer, N-Large II.

    i take cytogainer, and i have a bucket of ON procomplex gainer for when thats done..

  3. How does ON's Procomplex gainer taste. I have a bucket of there 100% Whey Strawberry, it's not the best tasting thing but I manage to choke it down when I take it.

  4. Bulk protein from True Protein dot com. MBC888 for 5% off. Protein is protein. Buy high quality protein and make your own weight gainers. Going to save a lot of money over premade gainers. Healthier too.

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