I intend to run a 4-6 week EOD M-W-F Havoc cycle. (My training days) I do not wish to run it for long as I want to minimise sides and avoid shutdown so will not dose outrageously or run for the discussed 8 weeks when pusling.

Week 1 Day 1 10mg
Week 1 Day 2 20mg
Week 1 Day 3 30mg

Week 2 30mg
Week 3 30mg

I will then assess whether to bump it to 40mg for the last 1-3 weeks.

I will run Perfect Cycle the wholetime as a liver protectant, and during PCT.

Days 1-4 Nolva 20mg
6-oxo extreme
Days 5-15 6-oxo extreme

I only have half a sachet left of the Tomaxifen that I bought for after my Superdrol ages ago but have read plenty to suggest that a short pulsed cycle should not need the contents of a pharmacy to recover - or am I being naive?

Would I be better keeping the Nolva (Tomaxifen) back in case of rebounded gyno or something and just running the Ergopharm AI?

Views please people...............