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    I can relate with the slight increase in acne. I have never gotten acne perse (spelling?) but just a few pimples here and there. When taking IGF-2 I seem to get 3-4 of them. It's due to the increased test levels, which is why your powerdriving it through the gym! I also get HUGE boners (what a visual huh!) with IGF-2, and they stay hard for longer!

    On the sleep, weird, I fall asleep within an hour of taking it, and get incredibly deep and real dreams. I had a dream last night that I was in Brazil again, and I tell you, I was really there. I tasted, felt, smelled, and saw everything as if I were really there! It was one of the greatest dreams I have ever had! I want to go back !

    Are you taking the RPM close to bedtime? That may be keeping you up.
    about 5 hours before. i am suspecting the test boost from the igf2 related to the agression as well. don't get me wrong - i still have that same sense of well being on rpm though.

  2. IGF-2 and RPM will definetly increase aggression Moose. Taking RPM 5 hours before bed is definetly keeping you up though, is that the only time you can workout? The new Anabolic Drive is going to be right up your ally!
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  3. additions

    thanks Myth. now get me that drive - asap!

    hey - woohoo - we are at page two.

    I forgot to report another welcomed surprise after week two. another .25 inch on the arms!

    Now - we are into week three. I have to report that my wo partner made an appearance last night. He got tired of me raving about RPM for the past two weeks and joined the bandwagon. His came in yesterday - his general impression during the wo was that this was stronger than ephedrine and he really was working out hard!

    Last night was our shoulder and back wo. i went up 10 on my db shoulder shrugs and upright now. we switch side raises with db's instead of the Cybex Eagle system. I increased 5 lbs on these as well as front raises. everything else was about the same.

    But today is different than my off days last week - I am noticing more of a pump and fullness in the muscle - not exactly like but sortof like when i take a dry hardening agent. so this is a new and welcomed feeling. We'll see how this all plays out for the remainder of the week.

    is it my imagination or are my reps going backwards?
  4. end of week three results. . .

    I'll be out of town through the w/e so i'll post my wo's this week end here - i'd thought i'd go ahead and post something now for this week.

    This was the third week on RPM and into the second week with IGF2. Wow - the pumps and workouts are still incredible, top notch and some of the best i've had off cycle!

    This weeks general observations -
    - my sweating seemed to come under control
    general acne did not get worse and i relatively mild in the first place
    - i began feeling more hardness in the muscles on off days after they were worked on. again - we are not near as if "on" cycle.
    - i had some "am i in the mood for this" this week when i got to the gym, however, these workouts were pretty productive even thought my attitude and physical energy may not have been up to par due to the RPM (my belief). i got more out of them than I would have off of the product.
    - i do believe this product does get better the more you are on it.
    - sleep is was better on my off nights as on my wo nights i am taking the rpm at 6 and this could be affecting my sleep. next week i will break my wo day dosages to three am, three pre workout and note differences.
    - i didn't realize that eaa's were kind of rank! thanks for warning me bros!

    Poundage additions -
    10 lb increase uprigth row.
    10 lb increase in Incline.
    15 lb increase db shoulder shrug
    15 lb increase rope pull down
    15 lb increase dip machine (facing)
    20 lb increase military press

    ok - moose was in now moose is outta here. . .
  5. back in town. . .

    and now some advice from the Panda's - you gotta eat! one of the advantages of having access to the washington zoo is being able to have such great consultants! see reccommended diet below. . .

    this will be the beginning of week four rpm/week two rpm/igf2. it will be a short wo week since i was traveling yesterday and missed last nights shoulder/back wo. of note for this week is pain that i am experiencing in my left bicep. also - i've decided to lower dosage of ifg2 to three tablets/three times a day. this is some powerfull stuff. i am changing the rpm dosages - on off days, three am. on wo days, two am and three preeveningwo. i want to see if this helps my sleep.

    don't touch that dial . . .
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  6. sooooo - nobody liked my end of week three results or my panda pics?

    I won't have access to a computer after tonights wo until next wed. so i want to post my observations for this week now.

    as i mentioned i am nursing a sore bicep and tennis elbow that is flaring in the left forearm. so my start this week is to keep my poundages and maybe back down on them somewhat and work on form.

    also - my rpm dosage is nonworkout - 3 am. workout 4 and my ifg2 is now 3 3 times daily.

    Observations -

    - my sleep has greatly improved this week! finally - and Myth - you weren't kidding. I normally don't remember my dreams at all but they are very vivid and like i am in a very long movie.

    - acne is getting under control on its own

    - i am alittle wired at moments when i should be relaxed, almost like when you have been on ephedra for a long time. i am hoping that as i continue to get better sleep - this will go.

    - the best thing is the pump i am not getting all the time during the workout but the hardness i feel in between wo's. it's much stronger and lasting than before this week.

    - i was not in normal wo shape but i got a decent wo in without struggling than i believe i would have wo taking rpm and more importantly the same pump and work from a high intensity wo as if i was in peak condition.

    i am going away for randr this we. i may be changing my strategy/routine when i return and will either wrap this log up with the results or continue to report on long term effects/use of this product depending on where i go then. possiblities include adding pslin to the stack and replacing my pre and post workout supps with bcaas or eaas only. feel free to chirp in if you have any thoughts/opinions here.
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  7. Ausome news man! Have a great time this weekend bro!
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