X-FORCEd me to do it!

  1. X-FORCEd me to do it!

    Greetings all!

    I just received my bottle of X-Force from NP this afternoon.
    I am going to be doing a little log on its effects over the next week or so. UN-SPONSORED log. I will be unbiased and to the point.

    Stats to come later.

    Looking forward to starting tomorrow!

  2. Tuning in. I am looking to try it after my PCT!

  3. stats:
    6'1 216lbs 8.3%bf
    training 14 years

    mma master instructor for the us.mil
    master trainer over 600 clients in 7 years

    5 26.2 marathons
    11 13.1 marathons

    goal for this supplement: clean, non-crashing energy for those rough days

    my dosage will be 2 pills 1hr before my afternoon workout - i will give my OVERALL opinion about this product after 7 work outs - but will updating daily with thoughts and feelings i get from X-FORCE

    looking forward to it!

  4. 10-4

    1 cap it is - thanks!

  5. update: i took 1 x-force 45 min before hitting my workout

    feelings: not really anything going on - normal

    i am going to take reset ad with 1 x-force tomorrow
    if that doesn't work, i will up to 2 x-force

  6. I dedicided to take another X-Force along with a Reset AD around 5 today - BINGO!

    I can't wait until I hit the gym up tomorrow!

  7. question - can a women take x-lean?

  8. i've been running 2 x-force before my workouts the past few days... energy is nice, but i do feel a bit of a nervous feeling - i've noticed that 2 pills does (with me) cause some sort of crash

    i will cut back down to 1 pill and test for another 3 workouts...

  9. cut back to 1 pill today - that damn nervous feeling sucks... i think this product is just not for me - i had such high hopes, damn

    i have a over 80% of the bottle left too... feel as if i wasted money

    on a side note - has anyone had problems sleeping after taking x-dreams? curious...

    wife is enjoying the x-lean

  10. damn - i cannot stand the nervous feeling / headache
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by matthew76 View Post
    damn, question a company about their product that is not in "their" best interest and you get nothing, nada, no f'n response...

    won't use this company again (bottom line)
    ? Is the problem with X-force? I have not tried it but seemed like a good product.

  12. i'll let an ibe rep sike you up for the product...
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