decabolen from cdt labs

  1. decabolen from cdt labs

    Whoow!! This stuff looks pretty toxic, superdrol, halo and pher plex all in one. Better get on some liver care from himalaya if you even look at the bottle.

    Im gonna give it shot though,

    start off with low dosages, work my way up to about 6 a day and pyramid back down. Any suggestions.


  2. I've taken a look at the stuff and actually have a bottle sitting around right now. Alot of people on here seem to think its gonna wipe people out each of those ingredient must come in pretty low doses per pill as they come in 45mg pills. Now thats still a bunch of **** hitting you at once but as long as you keep the doses down to a moderate level I think things should work out ok, assuming you have a decent liver support and PCT, I'll post my test results on here if I decide to go ahead with this cycle.

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