Unique Nutrition Picamilon review

  1. Thumbs up Unique Nutrition Picamilon review

    well i'd like to thank Unique for giving me the opportunity to test one of their products from their great lineup.

    Dosed Picamilon @ anywhere from 250-400mg daily for mental focus and it definitely worked, specially on stressful days. Started a new job, fights with the girlfriend, stress because im about to buy a new truck, and everyday problems...didn't matter what problems i had i always seemed to stay level headed and alert. as soon as a problem would occur, my brain was off racing to figure out how to fix it. really enjoyed that aspect and makes life that much better.

    after taking this product i'll def. buy another bottle but i recommend keeping it stored in your medicine cabinet. i recommend using this during a stressful week of test/exams/work/studying etc and not everyday. def. something worth trying at least once and when its crunch time, you'll be happy you kept this one in your closet.

  2. nice review man. Id like to try this one for sure.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ugab37 View Post
    nice review man. Id like to try this one for sure.
    def. a good one to have for use from time to time, just store in a cool dark place (medicine cabinet, closet) but for the price/quality compare to the affects - its hard to beat.

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