More praise for Java Lather Soap

  1. More praise for Java Lather Soap

    So I got my 3 bars of Java Lather Soap in the mail the other day. I anxiously gave it a try. First thing I noticed was the very pleasant strong (in a good way) scent of the soap. It was something I would not mind smelling like all day. Java is the correct name for the scent as it smells like a nice dark cup of coffee with some nice hints of the almond.

    I applied it directly to the face and body and then proceeded to do happy dances () because I finally found a soap that is brilliant at exfoliation. I have been searching for a good one for about 2 years and have bought almost every brand at Whole Foods (none of which impressed all that much.

    After the shower, I could still smell the scent, which made me happy. Also I felt my skin tighter, yet smooth and soft. Usually I seem to sacrifice the softness of my skin with a soap that tightens it, and soaps that make it smooth seem to always cause my skin to not feel tight at all.

    Now here is the sad side of the story. My sister came into town the other day. I had told her about the Java Lather Soap over the phone. She laughed at me and said what business does a sport supplement producer have making a cosmetic line. I proceeded to tell her how awesome the soap is but she just kept chuckling at the idea of her brother being excited over a soap.

    Well she came into town yesterday, tried it, and then took my remaining two soaps back with her. I went to take a shower the next day and found that someone decided to take a half used bar of soap as well. Moral of the story, Java Lather Soap is awesome and don't let anyone touch yours.... time to go make an order at Nutraplanet (along with my sis and all of her friends .

  2. Not sport supplement, Life Enhancement(tm)

    I'm with the company so I may be biased but, I can stop smellin the stuff. I even go into the bathroom now and it smells like coffee, don't even need an air freshener anymore. And best part yet, my skin usually gets extremely dry on my face for some reason, this solves it perfect. Matt (dsade) deserves all the credit for this one he nailed it perfect, probably going to do a liquid/bodywash version too for those who don't like bars.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Awesome. Is he still going to try and do a larger version of the soap?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by johnfaceman View Post
    Awesome. Is he still going to try and do a larger version of the soap?
    That and possibly a liquid version.
    Great testimonial. I'm so glad you (well, your sister) is happy with it

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