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  1. Holy balls, its been a long time since I posted. Time to catch up (good thing I keep a detailed workout log).

    *Day 17*
    Pullup: 13, 12, 10, 10, 10=55 Next: still 60
    (supersetted with)

    One legged push up: 35, 25, 22, 16, 13=111 Next: still 115

    Hindu Squat: 60, 60, 55, 49, 40=264 Next: 270

    Back extension: 32, 21, 16, 15, 9=93 Next: 95

    Gorilla Hold: 1:15 Next: 1:20

    Leg Raise: 22, 15, 15=52 Next:still 60

    Roll outs: 16, 10, 8= 34 Next: 40

    Wrestler's Bridge: 1:15 Next: still 1:45

    Front Bridge: 1:12 Next: still 1:25

    *Day 18*

    Dead lift: 345 x 3, 315 x 5, 280 x 5 Next: still 345

    Side Press: 82 x 4, 75 x 5, 67 x 5 Next: still 82

    *Day 19*


    *Day 20*

    Rest (I think this extra rest day is helping a lot, so I'm going to continue taking it. I've been working a lot of overtime and have been dog ass tired.)

    *Day 21*

    Pullup: 13, 13, 9, 10, 9=54 Next: still 60
    (supersetted with)

    One legged push up: 36, 25, 23, 10, 13=107 (ouch) Next: still 115

    Hindu Squat: 60, 60, 55, 50, 40=265 Next: 270

    Back extension: 32, 22, 15, 15, 12=96 Next: 100

    Gorilla Hold: 1:15 Next: still 1:20

    Leg Raise: 25, 13, 15=53 Next:still 60

    Roll outs: 17, 12, 9= 38 Next: still 40

    Wrestler's Bridge: 1:22 Next: still 1:45

    Front Bridge: 1:21 Next: still 1:25

    I'm struggling with some things still, but I feel pretty good. I'm worried about overtraining a little at this point, because some things are not going up. I'll keep at it regularly for now, I don't want to take any unnecessary time off during this log.

    I'm going to New Jersey for work this week so I get to train at a different gym for a while. I'll keep you updated, I should have more time to post in the evenings this week.

  2. Hang in there, Thrall!
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative
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    Have you heard about N.O. Uptake? ;-)

  3. Whens the last time you had a break Thrall?

  4. 8/11/07
    *Day 22*

    One last weight day before I left. It went something like this:

    Dead Lift: 345 x 4, 315 x 5, 280 x 5 Next: still 345

    Side Press: 82 x 4, 75 x 5, 67 x 5 Next: still 82

    This weight day didn't go well. So, before I left, my determination was to not do any weights all week. In fact, my copier class was so exhausting (9 hours a day) that I did not do ANY working out this week.

    *Day 23-28*

    A big ole rest. Guess what? You will see in the next few days here that it REALLY paid off, too. Not only did I pass my class with a 95% (big whoop, I can fix MORE frickin' copiers), but some of my numbers jumped quite a bit! I don't think this would have happened without the help of the IGF-2, honestly. Check it out, on Saturday, I decided to do a little "test" to see where my endurance was. I only did one set of each exercise, and cut a few of the exercises that overlapped for the purposes of the test, and here's what happened:

    *Day 29*

    Hindu squats: 105 reps (never expected that!)

    Pull up: 16 (any increase at all here is good, even if not as drastic)

    One legged pushup: 47 reps (paused a bit, but I did it)

    Back extension: 34 reps

    Gorilla Hold: 1:35 (a new pr as well)

    Roll outs: 20

    Wrestler's Bridge: 1:59

    This went very well, I am thinking that I had overworked a little, so this trip to Jersey was a sort of blessing in a way. The trip actually sucked very badly, by the way.

    *Day 30*

    Strength test. Passed with flying colors:

    Dead Lift: 345 x 5, 315 x 5, 280 x 5 Next: 350

    Side Press: 82 x 5, 75 x 5, 67 x 5 Next: 85

    Back on track!

    *Day 31*


    Now, after all of that, I want to apologize for my absence in posting. It seems that after I left myself get away from daily posting, I started to slack, forget, and the stress of the Jersey trip was kind of a drag. Daily posting is now mandatory as a personal rule, and as a courtesy to AN.

    I hope you guys don't mind that I rested so much, as I think you can see that it had some good results.

  5. We'll let it slide, Thrall

    Your avy pic is looking MEAN!
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative
    Better Results Through Science
    Success occurs when everything you have is APPLIED.
    Have you heard about N.O. Uptake? ;-)

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    We'll let it slide, Thrall

    Your avy pic is looking MEAN!
    no ****
    Dirk Tanis, BA, MSci
    Chief Operating Officer, Applied Nutriceuticals

  7. If by mean, you mean feminine and weak, then I agree with you.

    At any rate, last two days right heeeere:

    *Day 32*

    Pullup: 15, 13, 11, 12, 9=60 Next: 65
    (supersetted with)

    One legged push up: 45, 32, 30, 16, 13=136 Next: 140

    Hindu Squat: 90, 70, 61, 55, 50=326 Next: 330 ( a lot of squats)

    Back extension: 35, 19, 17, 15, 8=94 Next: still 95

    Gorilla Hold: 1:21 Next: 1:25

    Leg Raise: 24, 17, 15=56 Next:still 60

    Roll outs: 18, 13, 8= 39 Next: 45

    Wrestler's Bridge: 1:38 Next: 1:45

    Front Bridge: 1:27 Next: 1:30

    Back to the grind, and it felt pretty good. Too many squats!

    *Day 33*

    Dead Lift: 350 x 5, 315 x 5, 280 x 5 Next: 355

    Side Press: 85 x 5, 77 x 5, 70 x 5 Next: 87

    The side press felt HEAVY. Still, going strong.

  8. 8/23/07
    *Day 34*


    Nothing going on today but typical nonsense. I kind of feel like working out today, but I'll hold off.

  9. 8/24/07
    *Day 35*


    Will post today and tomorrow's workouts tomorrow. I didn't have any internet connection all day at home, right now I'm at my buddy's house getting ready to watch the UFC tonight.

  10. Having serious network problems (I steal it from the neighbors). I'll be lucky if it doesn't disconnect before I get this message out. New post coming!

  11. 8/25/07
    *Day 36*

    Pullup: 15, 15, 12, 12, 10=64 Next: 67
    (supersetted with)

    One legged push up: 46, 34, 30, 15, 12=137 Next: 140

    Hindu Squat: 95, 72, 60, 57, 50=334 Next: 340

    Back extension: 36, 20, 18, 15, 6=95 Next: still 100

    Gorilla Hold: 1:25 Next: 1:30

    Leg Raise: 26, 18, 15=59 Next:still 62

    Roll outs: 20, 16, 9=45 Next: 48

    Wrestler's Bridge: 1:45 Next: 1:50

    Front Bridge: 1:35 Next: 1:40

    Some steady improvements. Weights were good too:

    *Day 37*

    Dead Lift: 355 x 5, 320 x 5, 285 x 5 Next: 360

    Side Press: 87 x 3, 80 x 5, 70 x 5 Next: still 87

    Side press usually doesn't improve as quick. I may move on to a full bent press soon.

    *Day 38*


    I MAY workout today because I feel pretty damn good, but we'll see. I'm using the gym computer right now because I think my neighbors moved their router or something. Hey, it's their fault they don't put a password on their friggin' network, by my way of thinking.

    I have one sample bottle of IGF-2 left, which equates to just a few more days of use. I want to thank Applied Nutriceuticals again for giving me the opportunity to do this log, and I will post my beginning/ending stats and photos as soon as I'm out.

  12. LMAO on the network borrowing
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative
    Better Results Through Science
    Success occurs when everything you have is APPLIED.
    Have you heard about N.O. Uptake? ;-)

  13. Alright, I've been a total a-hole in ending this log, I apologize. Here is the rest of it:

    *Day 39*


    *Day 40*

    I ran out of IGF-2 halfway through this day, and as it was my final workout day I thought I'd do one last fitness "test".

    Pullup: 17 (did a little rest pause, but I hung on)

    One legged push up: 50

    Hindu Squat: 112

    Back extension: 43 (again, resting a little at the end)

    Gorilla Hold: 1:32

    Leg Raise: 30

    Roll outs: 24

    Wrestler's Bridge: 1:44

    Front Bridge: 1:35

    My bridges weren't much better, but they always seem to fluctuate. I'll post my rep increase comparison in just a few moments here...

  14. One set max increases:

    Pullup: Increased from 11 reps to 17

    One legged push up: Increased from 31 reps to 50

    Hindu Squat: Increased from 60 reps to 112 (nearly doubled, legs pumped full of blood)

    Back extension: From 16 reps to 43

    Gorilla Hold: From 1:01 to 1:32

    Leg Raise: From 27 reps to 30

    Roll outs: From 12 reps to 24

    Wrestler's Bridge: From 1:00 to 1:44

    Front Bridge: No increase

    And my weights (5 rep max):

    Dead Lift: From 330 to 355 (increased 25 lbs.)

    Side Press: From 77 to 87 (increased 10 lbs.)

    My dead lift weights increased 25 lbs. in a month. That alone, I think, speaks for what this product has done for my strength. I weigh and look about the same, but one would expect that from this program. My performance is way up, and there was nothing unpleasant about taking this product.

    The ONLY thing that didn't increase too much were my bridges, and that is a matter of form and mental toughness. Frankly, wrestler's bridges hurt like hell. They crush your skull and pummel your vertebrae. Ugh. I'll get better at them yet.

    My numbers performed over the multiple sets of a full workout increased as well, but I figured the one set test would be the easiest standard to follow. I am VERY happy with the dead lift increase, that is by far my favorite lift.

    Thanks again to Applied Nutriceuticals for the opportunity to do this log. I'm not going to even bother trying to do any other logs for ANYONE until I get a reliable internet connection again, I have been out of touch with the world as of late because of it.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing about the new stuff you guys think up!

  15. Thanks Thrall, your log is appreciated....... I just did some reminiscing of bridges in high school..... and can vividly remember the nauseating pain. lol
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative
    Better Results Through Science
    Success occurs when everything you have is APPLIED.
    Have you heard about N.O. Uptake? ;-)

  16. Good log and summary

  17. Excellent log buddy! Ausome final review, thats a seriouse increase in strength for 1 month!


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