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  1. Any idea if there's going to be discounts for bulk? Mine didn't last very long, so will be looking for more...

  2. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm View Post
    You shoud be dragged over hot coals for leaving us all alone in this thread to count cobwebs

    She speaks wisely

    I mean how the f'ck am I supposed to get my forum fix if you don't post your boring sh'ite?

    Much Love,


  3. Just bought 2 more bottles. Stuff works for me.
    Trying not to take it all the time.

    Had an awesome dream the other night. Won tickets to the Vanhalen reunion tour at MSG, and they called me up on stage...
    Ok, maybe it's not the type of dream some of you have described on this stuff, but was still fun. Just kept my sheets a little cleaner than yours...

  4. Whiners. OK, I haven't taken this product in a bit.....will do so tonight and report back.
  5. Thumbs up

    DOSING #16

    DOSAGE: Two capsules at 9:30pm.


    EFFECT: Deep restful sleep with vivid dreams. I'd forgotten about the vivid dreams this product gives me.

  6. OK, I kinda slacked off on this log but I just finished my bottle. My wife took them on-and-off as well.

    In summary, this was a very solid product which provided consistent effects (deep sleep combined with vivid dreams). I spaced things out to avoid any potential tollerance issues and didn't experience any.

    This product doesn't knock one over the head and put one to sleep. It lulls a person into gentle slumber. I will be buying more.

  7. Hope it's good, ordered myself some. Should be here by friday.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Norml View Post
    Hope it's good, ordered myself some. Should be here by friday.
    I've enjoyed it thoroughly. Been out for awhile now, perhaps time to re-order.

  9. My friend has a broken back and spinal discs disintegrating. This equals him being in pain alot, which comes and goes, and also him getting very little sleep.

    He also has sleeping meds to help him get some kind of sleep.

    Well he tried X-Dream out and gave me this report:

    My Friend
    "I popped a couple about an hour before bed and noticed a very soothing / calming effect. It then allowed me to relax enough to go to sleep. I went to sleep and woke up to go to the washroom halfway through the night. I didn't have that stoned / drunk / groggy feeling I have with the Rx meds. I didn't have a hard time going back to sleep either. I dropped right back to sleep. They were great!"

    My Wife
    "I took one about an hour before bed and my eyelids got really heavy. I was alert but my eyelids got really heavy. I think dozed off"

    Much Love,

  10. Thumbs down Does Anything Work

    The Ingredients Are Almost Prescription Type But What The Hell Im Sure There Could Be Sugar In The Capsules AND WE WOULD NEVER
  11. Angry No Such No Responder

    Whoever Came Up With This No- Responder Crap Is Retarded Always Seems To Be The Case With Herbal Junk

  12. Your only two posts to this board are incoherent drivel in my log. You should make an effort to redeem yourself.


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