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  1. My Reset A.D. Log - Arzi75

    Day 1

    First off, this is a non-sponsored review and I will not be nice to no one if the product does not work as promised.

    Received my first two bottles of Reset A.D. today and decided to log my experience as I have particularly high hopes for this product.

    I took my first Reset A.D. (1 cap) today in the evening. I decided that I will take it BEFORE my evening meal and without any other supplements.

    For some reason I ended up taking it AFTER I had consumed my supper WITH 3000 mg of liquid L-Carnitine.

    Well now it was done (you do not want to know how long I kept staring at the pill before gulping it down).

    So, did I felt super energetic? Did I feel like 15 again? NOPE.

    First I felt like developing a major head ache (could have been the L-Carnitine), then a little dizzy like taking Anabolic Dump... er... Pump without any carbs.

    Did I feel like super energetic after that? NO. I started to feel a kind of itchy tingling on my skin like after taking 10g of Beta-Alanine in a single dose (don't try it).

    About 15 minutes later I started to feel so drowsy that I even though I had decided to go the gym for a quick hammy workout I almost fell asleep standing up.

    No, wait, now I get it - Reset A.D. is supposed to enhance the effects of stims. That's where I went WRONG! I had not taken any stims all day long. Quickly I went to my supp cabinet and grabbed a handful of USPLabs C2s (a cognitive enhancer as they call the product) - 5 caps to be exact. After this I will feel the "shock" effect of the caffeine of these pills.

    Did I feel it? NOPE. Wrong again. NADA. ZILCH. Actually made me even MORE drowsy!

    Usually caffeine has no effect on me, but after the first cap of Reset A.D. I felt more tired when taking caffeine than I had felt without it.

    However - I did notice something. Today was my first day back at work after my summer vacation - I had been extremely moody, grumpy and irritable all day. Well, pretty much for the last 6 months, I guess.

    What I slowly came to notice was that my mood got much "calmer" and the incredible stress I had been under during the last months - going to two schools and working full-time - which (the stress) has seemed unrelenting most of the time, seemed to fade away - at least for the moment.

    Maybe this was the real effect of Reset A.D. on me? That I felt better, healthier - for crying out loud - even happier? Less stressed out and much less grumpy?

    Stims, when they still worked on you, gave you a energy boost that lasted a few hours at a maximum - an ephemeral bliss that soon faded and left you feeling even more depleted - mentally and physically - than what you were to begin with - a mood rollercoaster that ultimately would tire you out and only serve to deteriorate your health.

    Could this be that Reset A.D. really makes you feel healthier? Healthier - in a healthy way? Hmmm...

    Any way, I did end up going to the gym - a quick leg work-out - did not notice anything out of the ordinary except that my mood was far more upbeat than usually.

    *End'o story for day one*

  2. Will be cool to read a non-sponsored log...nothing but honesty is what I wanna hear Good luck with this one man.

  3. Took my second dose of Reset A.D at around 1:00 a.m. (about an hour ago) this time on empty stomach and did not eat anything afterwards.

    Also did not eat much after my above-mentioned late night work-out.

    This time I don't feel tired at all - it's more like an adrenaline rush kind of feeling, but not really in a good kind of sense - I feel a little bit nauseous and/or anxious and WAY too restless to go to bed.

    The anxiety might be due to the fact that I've got an early morning meeting with my boss first thing tomorrow (or today actually, it's 2:00 a.m. now), the first one after my vacation. Makes you a little antsy.

    But definitely I'd say at this point that this stuff is really doing something that affects your adrenaline levels because haven't felt so jittery in a looong while. Hard to say, if this feeling I've got currently will ultimately contribute to the healing of my prolonged stress symptoms/adrenal fatigue.

    I'm no longer a huge stim junkie, but have been suffering from several prolonged bouts of continuous stress and sleeplessness along with a feeling of "always lacking energy", which make me suspect adrenal fatigue of some sort.

    I used to drink a LOT of energy drinks, coffee plus consume caffeine/guarana supps daily for a period of abound two years, but for the past around 6 months have been drinking only coffee (in moderation) and using some caffeinated fat-burning products.

    So, my results so far - very inconclusive. After first dose felt very drowsy, after the second, VERY jittery. Not very consistent so far. :-)

    BUT something's DEF going on. I'll keep you posted.

  4. A little back ground info, at this juncture - I'm 31 years old, 6 ft. tall, little bit over 240 lbs. with a BF% to almost match my age.

    I've been into lifting weights for about 5 years now and for the last 3 years I have been using all kinds of supplements extensively.

    Currently I've got around 35 supps in my supps cabinet - of those I'm taking about 20 daily.

    Mostly vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, amino acids, fat-burners/stims, pre-workout/post-workout formulas, the whole nine yards.

    I try to do cardio with regularity. My diet is not completely in check, though, as after I gave up on the stims I have succumbed to the lure of junk food way too many times trying to alleviate the stress with a little binge-eating, but I'm working on getting that in line.

    Other than the occasional binge-eating my diet is relatively salutary.

    I have high hopes for Reset A.D. as I hope that by being able to cope with the stress better and feeling less fatigued, I will have more energy to exercise, to be able to sleep longer and simply put - to feel better and healthier overall.

  5. Oh yeah, almost forgot - my training regimen.

    Currently training one body part per day basically 2 days on, 1 off, but I've been going back and forth with this regimen and the other "extreme end" of training every body part several times per week (with only a few sets per body part per workout).

    Next probably will go "in-between" the two and try a good old "day 1 chest-tris, day 2 off, day 3 back and bis, day 4 off, day 5 quads-calves, day 6 off, day 7 hams-delts etc." split. Haven't tried this one since I started going to gym.

    I alternate my reps between using 6-8 reps, 8-10 and 12-15 i.e. will try to go for less reps one week, then more reps the following etc.

    Keep the body guessing.

  6. Great detail.
    I am very interested in seeing a non sponsored log. thanks for taking the time to do this, All of us at Palo Alto Labs appreciate it.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by john123131 View Post
    Great detail.
    I am very interested in seeing a non sponsored log. thanks for taking the time to do this, All of us at Palo Alto Labs appreciate it.
    You are welcome!

    Okay, it's 3:36 a.m. in Finland, sleepy time for me.

    Hmmm, if Reset A.D. keeps you going like this all night long, what you do recommend, John - is there a cure for me?

    Alright, all kidding aside, Reset A.D. dose numero tres heading down my gullet in 3 hours, stay tuned.

    Will the jitters cease or increase! Oh, this is way too exciting, now I can't DEF sleep!

  8. Day 2

    Talk about a crash and burn...

    Today I woke up 7.30 a.m. after a 3 hours of sleep - I had taken 1 Reset-A.D. LATE last night (at around 1:00 a.m.) - surprisingly I got up feeling pretty good and even refreshed.

    My usual good night's sleep is 5-6 hours, so 3 hours isn't exactly catasthrophical, but I still don't wake up feeling REFRESHED after three hours of sleep!

    So, can't tell if it was the late-night shot of Reset-A.D. that caused, but once again interesting observation comparing to the drowsiness I had felt with my first cap of Reset-A.D.

    So at 7:30 a.m. I took my 3 dose of Reset, with a little bit yoghurt, pine seeds and protein. And yes, the liquid L-Carnitine - I'm a firm believer that if you can afford to take L-Carnitine like 10g a day, it really can help you burn fat, usually I just find L-Carnitine way too pricey for that. They don't seem sell any bulk L-Carnitine in Finland, only capped and liquid which both cost a fortune if you want to go for the 5-10g a day. (I usually try to take 5-6g a day whenever I can afford it.)

    Any how - WOW - I actually felt great. Despite the only 3+ hours of sleep. Despite the fact I hate early-morning meetings and I just was about to have one with my boss. Despite the fact that my summer vacation had just ended and the hectic office life of a multi-national corporate giant does not feel appealing to me - not during the hottest days of summer.

    So, off to work I was, one happy camper, no negative to report except I seemed to have very strong feeliing of having "butterflies in my stomach" all morning. Might have that I was just nervous because of the meeting, first one after my vacation, but the way I felt it felt unusually accentuated. I usually don't fret just because of a meeting.

    6:00 p.m.

    Got home from work. Crash and burn. I felt REALLY tired, took my Reset-A.D. with some other basic supps (5-6 different supps), no stims. Hoping that this would get me going and get to the gym, NOPE. Did not happen.

    I had to lay down on my bed. So talk about CRASH AND BURN, BABY. Big time. Lights out.

    Woke up 10.30 p.m. missing my work-out for the day. I feel lousy. I usually work-out quite late, but never later than 9:00 p.m. at the latest.

    Thinking about not continueing this log.

    When I started I KNEW that to alleviate a condition - of continuous stress, severe sleeplessness and LOTS of stim use (at least in the past) - that has been going on and developing for several years now - no matter how magical the product would be - I probably should NOT have even expected to notice anything any time soon.

    So, not blaming Reset-A.D. I think that I must be patient and start to record my feelings/findings perhaps one week at a time instead of running a day-by-day commentary because this is going to a battle of not just days, but probably weeks, if not months.

    If you have suffered from any condition for years, no matter what the condition is, you will NOT see a change in overnight.

    I was thinking that next week I will start taking the 3 a day dosage - like I said I'm a 240+ lbs and I usually do not respond to any supps well, stims or other, but, PAL, any chance for me to up the dosage to 2 caps at a time? 2 x 2 per day? Or should I first try the alternative dosage of 3 x 1 cap a day?

    Any comments?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bLacKjAck. View Post
    Will be cool to read a non-sponsored log...nothing but honesty is what I wanna hear Good luck with this one man.
    BlackJack, keeping it honest enough for you?

  10. This might little off topic, but some of the other products I have tried during the last three months or so include Jungle Warfare, BAM, Anabolic Pump, PowerFULL, BSN Axis-HT (yeah, I know ), LG Product-X Transdermal, LG Formadrol Extreme and USBLabs C2.

    Those along with my staples of proteins, BCAAs, EAAs, fish oils, vitamins, antioxidants (I'm currently taking ALA, resveratrol, quercetin, green tea extract, and some carotenoids and bioflavonoids daily), ZMA, plus some glucosamine, chondroitin acid and MSM for joint repair.

    I did not experience anything remarkable with any of these - except dizziness with AP and perhaps a little better sleep with PowerFULL - although I have to say that in my mind both of the products by LG helped me to cut down my BF% quite a bit, but I think it all came right back after I had finished using them.

    I think AP might have also contributed to that, but generally I have noticed that anything that blocks cortisol and/or estrogen helps me to drop fat, but unfortunately it always seems to come right back when I'm done with using them.

  11. hey man.. sorry i didnt get into this earlier... i will also answer your other post within the day.

    But as you know, reset ad will not provide results withing the first dose, or even in some cases, the first week. While some people have noticed results in the first 3 days, most of these people have been able to reduce the amount of stimulants required to be effective.

    Keep your head up and be patient...

    How many mg's of caffeine do you consume a day? Other stimulants?

    You could bump up to 1x1x1x, but i think 4x a day is overkill.

  12. Day 3

    Day 3. Took my morning dose around 8:00 a.m. and I have to say my morning was uncannily similar to what it has been almost every day for a last year or two - felt drowsy and like not waking up at all till around noon.

    So, nothing new this morning, BUT coming back from home around 6:00 p.m. I did notice something - a feeling that I had not felt in a LONG LOOOONG time - walking back home I couldn't help paying attention to the fact that my muscles felt fuller - that I actually felt my muscles just walking on the street the way.

    I FELT my pecs, my arms, heck, I could even feel some parts of my delts like I had been doing some isolation exercises on them all day long. :-)

    The real uncanny part is that usually between the workouts, during the days (I usually work out in the evenings after work), my muscles FEEL REALLY DEPLETED. REALLY depleted. When in the gym, I can get a decent pump pretty easy, but during the days for the last year or two I have noticed that VERY RARELY do I get that kind of sense of fullness.

    On the contrary, my muscles usually feel really depleted irregardless of how much I have been eating, or what I have been eating or what supps I've been taking.

    Not saying that this feeling of "heightened sensitivity" and extra fullness in my muscle is solely attributable to Reset-A.D. as I have been working out pretty hard lately plus taking a LOT of supps e.g. I MEGA-dosed (and I don't use the word mega loosely! ) on BCAAs for about month plus experimented with stuff like JW etc.

    But some how I got a feeling that what I felt could just well be attributable to Reset-A.D.

    Any how, rest of the evening I was busy and quickly visited gym for only some light cardio. Basically an off-day today training-wise.

    I was thinking that I take my second dose after I get back home, well I'm back, but now it's already 10 p.m., so I think I'm gonna skip my evening dose today, so the next dose is going to be tomorrow morning. Sorry guys.

  13. Thanks for the update!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Palo Alto Labs View Post
    hey man.. sorry i didnt get into this earlier... i will also answer your other post within the day.

    But as you know, reset ad will not provide results withing the first dose, or even in some cases, the first week. While some people have noticed results in the first 3 days, most of these people have been able to reduce the amount of stimulants required to be effective.

    Keep your head up and be patient...

    How many mg's of caffeine do you consume a day? Other stimulants?

    You could bump up to 1x1x1x, but i think 4x a day is overkill.
    Thanks for the encouraging words, Dave.

    Like I have mentioned I have tapered down my stim use over the last two years from something like "5-6 cups of coffee, 5-6 energy drinks, plus 2-3 other caffeinated soft drinks a day" to basically cutting the energy drinks completely and lately cutting down heavily on the coffee consumption, too.

    Plus I used to take a lot of fat-burner supps, usually several at a time, which usually always contained high doses of caffeine (or guarana), but nowadays I try to stick to only one such supp at a time, and sometimes even opt for stim-free fat-burners. Or like currently I'm mega-dosing on L-Carnitine.

    Also noticed that most of the pre-work supps I used to take contained a lot of caffein, nowadays I have cut down on them, too.

    So, I'd say I'm down from some 1000-1200 mg of caffeine daily to some 300mg-400mg a day or to even not consuming any caffeine on some days.

    So, like I said I'm more of an ex-stim junkie than a current stim-junkie.

    Nonetheless, I know that I still suffer from some degree of adrenal fatigue as I do not react to stims at all even when not taking any for a few days and because of the feelings of constant fatigue and stress (well, not sure if the stress is more a cause than a symptom) I have been feeling for several months now.

    So that's why I said I should not expect the change to come in a day or two, but rather after a month or two.

    Does sound much more reasonable, doesn't it.

    Btw, thanks for keeping it real on the dosing question - I think I will stick to the 1 x 1 for now, and maybe bump up to 1 x 1 x 1 next week or so.

  15. Day 4

    Took Reset-A.D as directed one in the morning and one in the evening although I was thinking about bumping the dosage up to either 1 cap 3 times a day or even trying 2 caps 2 times a day.

    Well, Dave and the guys at PAL spoke me out of trying the 2 x 2 dosing, so decided to stick with the 1 x 1 dosing for the time being.

    I had been experiencing some extreme - "out of this world" - mood swings during days 1-3 and day 4 did not turn out to be any different.

    Also no signs of noticeable increases energy-wise despite the fact that I took the morning dose with some caffeinated fat-burners and even drank a cup of coffee at work - my first cup of coffee this week - but STILL did not "feel" either - the coffee or the Reset-A.D. - kicking in ANY noticeable way.

    Came home around 7 p.m. - took the evening dose - did not feel super tired, but some how did not feel like hitting the gym either, which was kind of a bummer as usually even though I might feel a little under the weather, hitting the gym has usually been the highlight of my day especially on work days.

    I usually go to the gym almost 6 days a week as even on "off-days" I like to do a little light cardio - and, of course, to go to the sauna - hey, I'm a Finn - we need to get to a sauna (or steam room) at least every 24 hours - I think it's actually required by law in some of the more rural parts of the country - so, not going to the gym is actually very unusal for me.

    Still have high hopes for Reset-A.D, though.

  16. Day 5

    Nothing new today, so I'm going to keep this short and cut to the chase quick this time.

    I took 1 Reset-A.D. in the morning and one in the evening - because of the HUGE mood swings I have been feeling I did not take any caffeinated supps nor drink coffee today to see if that would affect the situation, but did not notice anything.

    I still feel very tired most of the day and have trouble waking up in the morning. Today once again crashed after work and did NOT go to the gym - second day in a row that I missed my workout because I did not FEEL like hitting the gym. Very, very UNUSUAL of me.

    Considering not taking Reset-A.D tomorrow to find out if Reset-A.D. is really giving me these mood swings etc. or is this still the effect of the stress of the "first week back at work" after a vacation that was too short and totally unrelaxing? Hmmm...

    Also wrote today in a thread that I seem to react negatively to any supp that is even slightly hormonal - e.g. I took Jungle Warfare a couple of weeks ago - had to stop taking it because of my joint pain flared up like crazy.

    Today I'm noticing my knee pain flaring up again despite I got it in check last week by taking high dosages of glucosamine and some celecoxib caps daily - so, if I wasn't convinced of how hormonal Reset-A.D is before buying it, I'd DEF dare to say now that Reset-A.D is affecting my hormone levels as the flare up of my knee pain is well up to par with the pain I felt taking JW.

    So, I really need to think about discontinueing taking Reset-A.D. as it seems that all I'm experiencing is negatives.

    But, mostly thanks to the very encouraging words from Dave, I'm not throwing in the towel although I may need to take a day or two off to concentrate on getting my knees "back on track".

    PS. As you can see by the dates of my latest posts, I'm a little behind on writing these posts (for days 4 and 5) - my apologies for this. Usually will try to post at the end of the day every day, but I have had a lot on my mind so haven't bothered with the log for a couple of days really. Trying hard to catch up on my backlog, though.

    Btw: I'm really glad that I will have my blood work done next week - hopefully the results will shed some light on the problems I'm facing.

    All comments appreciated, thanks guys!

  17. man dude i thought the reset_ad was awsome but i did it different then you, i didnt try and consume any stims with it, that makes things confusing whats doing what..

    i gave stims a break before using it, started 2 pills a day, one in the morning 1 before working out ,cause i work out in the afternoon around 3:00. this also gives you plenty of space before you go to bed to let energy slow down. 3rd day i felt refreshed, energy lasted that way all the way threw the month. in the beginneng it was hard to get to sleep, but then i was going to bed and falling asleep,.Ide wake up before the alarm and still felt good. 2cnd week into it i drank a stim drink and while i was at the gym i about got sick i was so hyped up and stopped my work out early. i didnt even bother using a stim product the rest of the cycle didnt need it. strenght was good, focus was good. im 230lbs, 5'10", i guesse its in how you use it, but i wouldnt try and over load it with stims , and surely nobody feels anything in a first dose.i felt mine 3rd dose, but i was clean of stims, and any lathargic feeling went away. if this product doesnt work, i wouldnt care to speak up about it. PEACE bro

  18. Day 6

    Today - or actually, yesterday, as its already 2:15 a.m. as I'm writing this - was Saturday and the day 6 of my Reset-A.D. experiment.

    And today I actually have something to report to you guys!

    First off, due to the problems I have encountered (see the posts above) I decided to not take Reset-A.D. today and - lo and behold - today I did not experience the mood swings that I have been experiencing during this week, at least that strongly IMO.

    Secondly - the BIG NEWS - today I got on a scale for the first time for a week (I think my last weigh-in was around Thursday last week) - I have had this feeling of definitely GAINING some weight all week - well, GUESS what - I HAVE LOST over 5 lbs (almost 6 lbs.) in a week!

    I had a feeling that Reset-A.D. could play a part in getting my cortisol levels in check that if this weight lose is attributable to Reset-A.D's cortisol regulating ability, I am very impressed!!

    I think even taking a strong cortisol suppressor (like 11-OXO or the like), 5-6 lbs. in a week would be truly an awesome result!

    On the other hand, I have been contemplating that perhaps this weight lose is due to the fact that I have been feeling so tired that I haven't had much of an appetite this week and also that because I have missed so many workouts this week, it could - to some extent - be muscle tissue that I have managed to lose. Hope not, though.

    But even those two factors factored in, I'd say this weight lose is unprecedented for me! I haven't been below 240 lbs for months even though I have been training like crazy and watching my diet!

    Also, I now think that the feeling that I reported a couple of days - that my muscles felt much fuller - probably wasn't just some placebo effect, but it could just have been the fact that I had lost excess poundage (without realizing it) and that's why my muscles felt "tighter".

    Any way, I remember reading in the Reset-A.D. write-up that Reset-A.D can help one to lose weight - WOW, if my weight lose was all because of Reset-A.D. I really have to take back my earlier comment that "I only seem to be responding to negatives" as this is a tremendous POSITIVE and an AWESOME RESULT!

    But, as Reset-A.D is mainly marketed as a stress regulator and for adrenal support, I probably really need to get some lab tests or something done to try to decipher this!

    Summa summarum, I feel good that finally I have experienced a POSITIVE, BUT honestly still worried about as to why I'm experiencing so MANY NEGATIVES as from what I have been reading no one else has ever reported anything negative about Reset-A.D.?

    Hmmm... So, could it be that the negatives are just placebos? That I'm perhaps "over-scrutinizing" my feelings and sensations currently for doing this log which leads me to recognize even the slightest of changes in mood with abnormal sensitivity?


    To be continued...

  19. Quote Originally Posted by jef2007 View Post
    man dude i thought the reset_ad was awsome but i did it different then you, i didnt try and consume any stims with it, that makes things confusing whats doing what..

    i gave stims a break before using it, started 2 pills a day, one in the morning 1 before working out ,cause i work out in the afternoon around 3:00. this also gives you plenty of space before you go to bed to let energy slow down. 3rd day i felt refreshed, energy lasted that way all the way threw the month. in the beginneng it was hard to get to sleep, but then i was going to bed and falling asleep,.Ide wake up before the alarm and still felt good. 2cnd week into it i drank a stim drink and while i was at the gym i about got sick i was so hyped up and stopped my work out early. i didnt even bother using a stim product the rest of the cycle didnt need it. strenght was good, focus was good. im 230lbs, 5'10", i guesse its in how you use it, but i wouldnt try and over load it with stims , and surely nobody feels anything in a first dose.i felt mine 3rd dose, but i was clean of stims, and any lathargic feeling went away. if this product doesnt work, i wouldnt care to speak up about it. PEACE bro
    Thanks for the comment, Jeff , and thanks for the encourament/advice - I will try to get this going for me from now on, too, but like it has been stated so many times on this forum, it's unbelievable how different people react so different to stuff.

    So, I just hope my response to Reset-A.D. could some day be more similar to your experience which sure seems like a one fun ride so far!

  20. Day 7

    Today I was contemplating real HARD should I take another day off as yesterday I did not take Reset-A.D. as I felt the mood swings were becoming a little too heavy and felt much better all day, but after contemplating I decided to take one at around 12 a.m. and actually followed it up with another cap of Reset-A.D. only two hours later at around 2.30 p.m. and I have to say that today I felt copacetic - did not notice any significant increase in energy levels etc, but on the other hand did not experience any noticeable mood swings either.

    So over all, I'd say, this was probably my first good day while on Reset-A.D.

    I remember when starting out on Powerfull - the first doses I took made me feel so drowsy - the first time I took 2 caps at a time, almost fell asleep standing up, but after a week or so, stopped feeling the negatives completely. Also same thing with Anabolic Pump - first days nothing but dizziness, but after a couple of days took habitually 2 caps on an empty stomach and did not notice any dizziness (or anything) any more.

    So, I'm kind of now expecting the same thing to happen with Reset-A.D i.e. that I will stop feeling the negatives (jitters, mood swings, the occasional feelings of drowsiness etc.) and finally start to feel the positives kicking in now that I'm almost into week 2 with my log.

    Also today had a pretty good workout after 3 or 4 days of not really feeling like hitting the gym at all. Unfortunately it was leg day and due to my knee problem flare-up that coincided with my starting to take Reset-A.D. - but that was probably due to my running out of celecoxib and glucosamine - on Monday this week, I didn't enjoy my workout that much, though, but energy levels wise, it was satisfactory.

    On the OTHER hand, yesterday - I skipped Reset-A.D altogether and I felt really good ALL DAY, but probably that was due to the fact that I had had an exhausting week at work, but yesterday I was able to sleep late and did not have to go to work, so probably that cheered me up more than any pill could have done!

    Will keep you posted as we enter week 2 tomorrow! Stay tuned!

  21. I'm once again behind on my log posts (sorry), but below is a short recap of day 8 (Monday).

    Day 8

    I have often noticed that when taking supplements I tend to stick to some sort of consistency, but also to avoid too much consistency, irregardless of whether a supp is working for me or not.

    E.g. sometimes I take a day or two off (on purpose), sometimes I double-dose one day, cut back on the dosage the next, and then perhaps the next day, take an "all out" mega-dose to "force" the body to react to the supp.

    The point being, especially when a supp is not working for me, I try to, by experimenting with different patterns of intake (different dosages at differing times, w/ food or w/out food, pre-meal or post-meal etc.) find a pattern of intake that would work (better) for me, but also - once again - keep the body guessing. :-)

    So, having said that - so far my first daily dose of Reset-A.D, has been around 8:00 a.m. - today (on Monday) I took my first dose at around 1:30 a.m.

    I have read on this forum that roughly around 50% of people who take Reset-AD take their late evening (usually their 3rd) dose right before bed time and have noticed Reset-A.D to aid their falling asleep, while on the other hand, roughly the same amount of people have commented that they avoid taking Reset-A.D late at night.

    So, I couldn't get to sleep, so I decided, why not, I took 1 cap of Reset-A.D. around 1:30 a.m Monday early morning.

    Well, now I can tell that I'm DEF part of the demographic that should NOT take their Reset-A.D before going to bed - hardly was able to fall asleep all night.

    So, got off to work pretty late in the morning (after sleeping a few hours during the early morning), but took my bottle of Reset-A.D to work with me - took my second dose (1 cap) around 12:00 a.m. Did not notice anything out of the ordinary - negative or positive, which was kind of an "okay" result for the time being.

    Got home around my usual time around 6 p.m., did not go to the gym as I still had to work for a couple of hours - end of the month, always busy around the ol' office place!

    That's the wrap-up of day 8.

    PS. Tomorrow ought to be interesting as I will have my blood work finally done! Stay tuned.

  22. Day 9

    Had my blood test done today, so, for that reason, skipped my morning dose of Reset-A.D today and my evening dose yesterday altogether. Also I had to fast for 12 hours, so for that reason, did not take any other supps either this morning or before going to sleep yesterday.

    Took my only dose of Reset-A.D today at around 7:00 p.m. just to see if it would perk me up a little before hitting the gym for my biceps session.

    Well, did not notice anything when I took it, but my mood was pretty good all through my work-out and although - for some reason - usually dislike training biceps, the work-out went well. I don't know why - I have commented on this earlier - but for some weird reason I usually get good solid pumps really easy - like one set and I'm ready to hit the shower pump wise. I have often times felt like my muscles are like inflatable floaties - when working out, my muscles puff out real quick, but after the workout deflate almost as quick and often remain (or that's the feeling that I have) that way - completely deflated and depleted - till the next "pump-up".

    I do not know the theory behind this, but I think I read somewhere that this could be one of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Any how, having been on Reset-A.D for 9 days now, I noticed on several occasions that my muscles feel (and perhaps it could be that they even look) much fuller and not so depleted.

    Especially when not working out - during my workouts, the pumps have always been good, but between the workouts, the difference has been - and in this case, I'd say - literally - tangible.

    So far I'd say I have noticed two DEF positives since starting out on Reset-A.D:

    - Lost almost 6 lbs. of weight (in a week)
    - Increased (sense of) fullness in muscles

    What I have NOT experienced so far is:

    - Sustained better mood
    - Increased (sustained) energy
    - Better sleep
    - Less fatigue
    - Better response to stims like caffeine

    So, for some reason, all the claims made by all other Reset-A.D users, have not realised for me, but everyone is different.

    Still curious about the connection between my weight loss and Reset-A.D. In my other thread where I posted some questions about Reset-A.D, it was concluded that there most likely is a link between Reset-A.D and cortisol levels, but I think it is still undecided whether Reset-A.D could possibly indirectly decrease or increase the cortisol levels through bringing the adrenal glands back to full fighting mode.

    By alleviating stress the impact should def be positive, on the other hand if your adrenal glands have been pronlongedly shut down, bringing them "back up" could in theory cause more cortisol to be produced than during the shutdown, but whether the result is a restored normal healthy level of cortisol secretion or slightly elevated cortisol levels is, I guess, still debatable.

    Well, like mentioned, had my blood works done today, so hopefully getting the results (in about fortnight) will shed some light on this cortisol issue, too.

    Will keep you posted.

  23. hmm...strange about what your not feeling, ill stay tuned for more updates

  24. Looking forward to hearing your results w/ bloodwork

  25. Days 10-15

    I can say right off the bat that I do not have a lot to report, but day 10, Wednesday last week, was the first day I took 3 caps of Reset-A.D. instead of the 2 (or occasionally 1) per day.

    As I'm now a little hesitant about taking a dose of Reset A.D. before bedtime - tried it twice and basically made me stay up all night (hmmm, weird, Reset-A.D. never perks me up during the day when such a response would be desirable, but seems to perk me up when all I want is to fall aspleep.. ) - so when dosing the 3 I basically took them all during the day about 2-3 hours apart, but - once again - did not notice anything out of the ordinary energy-wise or anything else.

    As for my stim usage, I still try to refrain from using basically any, but occasionally have experimented with taking some caffeinated products along with a dose of Reset-A.D. just to check out the response.

    During days 11 through 14 (end of Week 2) I was extremely busy - I decided to start saving me the time it takes me daily to commute (around 2 hours) by working from home the rest of the week - helped me to get through my week work-wise, but obviously wasn't still enough to spare me enough hours or minutes to allow me to write on my log.

    Well, the point being, my using of Reset-A.D. during the end of Week 2 was sporadic to say the least - usually taking the one or two caps a day, one in the morning, one perhaps later, but on day 12 or 13, I think managed to miss both doses of Reset-A.D. making it the second day I skipped/missed taking Reset-A.D completely.

    Today was day 15 - the first day of Week 3 and half way there!

    And that would be the half-way point to full consumption of my FIRST bottle of Reset-A.D, but at this juncture not sure if I will end my log once I finish the first bottle, or will I keep "soldiering on" logging-wise till I finish the second, too.

    Well, taking into account the fact that I have skipped two days and on some days only taken one cap instead of two, NOT exactly the half-way point yet, but on the other, if am to take the 3 caps per dosage the rest of the way, then I think day-wise we're pretty near the half-way-through-the-first-bottle mark, though.

    Any how, very busy again today, although working from home saved me the couple of hours of commute, did not bother with taking no more than one cap Reset-A.D. around the early afternoon and later hitting the gym for a quick pec workout - not a bad day, but not a "spectacular" one either.

    For some reason, have developed a pretty darn sore left shoulder over the last week - probably for spending so many hours hunched over the company laptop with a posture that leaves a lot to desired ergonomics-wise!

    Any how, good news is that I cannot say that I'm still noticing the negatives from taking Reset-A.D., but still cannot honestly say that I would be noticing anything particularly positive either.

    Nothing but keeping it honest for you, guys.

  26. Day 16

    During the last couple of days I have been dosing Reset-A.D only 1 cap a day, but for some weird reason I've been feeling a lot better than during the first week, when I adhered to the recommended 2 caps a day dosage - for example, today I only took 1 Reset-A.D. during the day, and I have to say my energy levels felt like sky-rocketing all day!

    So, a stupid question, but could it have been that actually instead of the 2x1 dose being too low, taking 2 caps a day was actually too MUCH for me? Hmmm...

    If that is the case here, it was a good thing I didn't try the 2x2 dosage I was contemplating at the beginning!

    Any way, today, when I hit the gym, my mood was great and I felt like going at it all night long and not stopping at all!

    Unfortunately, it was my ab day - I would have been eager to have this kind of burst of energy taking place say during a leg workout, but any how I'm content that I'm starting to feel more energetic - at the gym and outside the gym.

    Also noticed sleeping much better last night - my sleep was way more satisfactory than what it has been for months! I woke up much more refreshed even though only sleeping the same amount of hours I usually sleep!

    Last week I also mentioned some serious weight loss - like 5 or 6 lbs. in a week - I think some of it have come back looking at my mid-section, but looking at myself in the mirror I'd DEF say that overall my BF has gone down a notch or two from the first week which is a great news, too!

    Any how, overall things are starting to look up, which is great. It is exciting to see if it is the effects of Reset-A.D that are starting to kick in.

    Will keep you posted.

  27. Days 17-19

    Today is day 19, but as once again I'm a little behind on my logging, so, this post is for days 17-19. Sorry guys!

    I have had - and still have a love-hate thing going on with Reset-AD - I have seen some good things come my way during the last 3 or so weeks, but there has been so many "trials and tribulations" - negative effects that I have experienced - that I haven't enjoyed the ride so far much, I'd say, until during the last couple of days.

    I complained a couple of posts back that other than my weight loss which I'm not sure of what are the exact causes of it - might have been the Reset-AD, but might have been many other things like other supps I've been on, some planned or unplanned changes in my training regimen, or in diet etc - but apart from the weight loss, I have NOT seen any sustained changes taking place until now.

    This week, I HAVE noticed at least two things that can affect the quality of life tremendously if they are to improve - sleep and overall mood. My sleep is usually really "choppy" - I often wake up several times during the night and rarely wake up feeling fully refreshed. This week, however, during the last 3 or 4 days I have def noticed a change - my sleep is much more continuous and sound and I have woken up on most days feeling much more refreshed than during e.g. the first two weeks.

    Secondly, during the first two weeks, the changes in my overall mood were not by any means sustained improvements, but really odd mood swings and very short bursts of increased feeling of being "full of life".

    The last couple of days, the mood swings have been almost non-existent where as I'd def say my overall mood has improved - perhaps it's just the fact that the mood swings have become less noticeable or the fact that I feel more well and better about myself because of the weight loss I have experienced, but nonetheless my mood has definitely been much better this week.

    Third, today, when hitting the gym for a back workout - although I had had a pretty hectic day at work (well, at work working from home, that is) and felt tired and had my left shoulder aching to begin with, I felt this weird feeling of aggression that drove me through the workout - usually I'm pretty laid-back at the gym between the sets even when during the sets going "full-out" - especially when I don't feel quite like hitting the iron on a particular day - but today at the beginning of my work-out I clearly felt - despite being tired - this aggressive attitude telling me to "go there and get the job done"!

    And it felt good, although the price was that I currently have a pretty damn sore left shoulder.

    Any how, I have to say that I'm surprised to see that there indeed has been some positive changes, and especially in my sleep which has been probably the biggest issue for me for years.

    Btw, as for the dosage, I'm still down to that 1 cap a day, a dosage that I've been adhering to since day 15 now, I think, as I tried both 2 a day and 3 a day (one day), I mostly noticed just negatives during those days - since cutting down to 1 Reset-A.D. a day, I have noticed my mood improving steadily and also now the afore-mentioned improvements in my sleep.

    But I'm still not saying "Thanks Reset-A.D for making my life so much better", though, but what I can say is thank you Reset-A.D for giving me a chance.

    Or should I just thank myself for giving the Reset-A.D a chance.

  28. I couldnt imagine what would be "too much " for you in 2 caps a day... but if you are having the best results with 1 cap /day... then def keep up with that.. bottle will last you longer too!

  29. Days 20-21

    During days 20 and 21 I still took only 1 cap of Reset-A.D. a day - during the last few days I have noticed improved sleep which - oddly enough - seemed to coincide with my cutting back from a 2 caps a day dosing to only 1 cap a day.

    My theory behind this is that when I took the 2 caps a day, I often took one in the early morning and - especially when working late - the second dose relatively late in the evening which for some reason hindered my falling asleep which subsequently caused my sleep to not be so good.

    Later - around day 15 - when I switched to taking only 1 cap a day on most days - I noticed a definite improvement in the quality of my sleep - I still go to bed usually quite late - around 1 a.m. or so on most nights, but the big difference is that now I usually sleep pretty much without waking up till morning where as usually my sleep had been very "patchy".

    So, now I have been sleeping better and waking up somewhat more refreshed even though I still go to bed at around 1 a.m. on most nights.

    But - having said that - I'd say that last two nights, my sleep has been sound, but for some reason I haven't felt that refreshed in the morning waking up. Probably has to do with the stressful situation I had been undergoing at my work as we have been desperately trying to conclude a series of testing on a new software release and everything hasn't been going as planned.

  30. Day 22

    Today I took 2 caps of Reset-A.D. - one in the afternoon and one just before I hit the gym around 8 p.m. despite taking only one for the last 5-6 days.

    Didn't feel so great during the day - slept late (worked from home today, so did not have to wake up that early) and kinda felt sleepy all day. The first dose did not perk me up in any way, shape or form, but after the second dose I actually think I noticed small surge in energy - I was planning to have a delt workout today, but my left shoulder felt so sore that I had to ditch that plan in a hurry when during my warm-up cardio noticed that a delt work-out was going to be a no-go tonight. Felt really bummed out about that, but for some reason decided not to skip working out altogether but "fast forwarded" to my next scheduled work-out - quads.

    Well, the funny thing was that during the last three to four weeks my knees has been hurting way much more than my shoulder, so I was thinking this wasn't going to be a good trade-off, but I was in for a surprise - I actually had a VERY good leg workout - my energy was excellent and once I "got going", I was able to do my leg presses with almost record weights!

    I had been forced to go only 80% of my best results on my squats and leg presses during the last three months, but today I was able to go 95%, almost 100%! FELT GOOD.

    Could have also been the Super Cissus that I have now been taking for added joint support along side my other joint staples - glucosamine, chondroitin acid and some NSAIDs - that alleviated the hurting in my knees, though.


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