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    How tall are you?

  2. *Update*
    ______________________________ __

    Sorry for the lack of updates. Work has been kicking my butt this last week, and my body needed several days rest. I also had food poisoning, and I ate maybe 3 times these last 2 days. I missed 1 day of supplementation with Act X. I feel great now and am ready to hit legs hard tonight, update later.

  3. *Day 24*
    ______________________________ __


    Calories consumed = ?

    cheat day



    Squat to seat:
    325 x 7
    315 x 5

    Leg Ext superset with Leg Curl:
    3 sets

    Blah, what a crappy workout. Felt weak, tired, and sick. I guess my 2 day sickness took quite a toll on my body.

    Kept calories up today and plan to get back on track tomorrow.

  4. *Day 25*
    ______________________________ __


    Calories consumed = 3,421

    211/478/79 grams
    25 / 54 / 21 %



    DB Bench Press:
    95 x 6
    90 x 5

    Incline DB Press Mach:
    160 x 8
    160 x 8

    Incline DB Press:
    70 x 6
    55 x 10


    Seated Calf Raises:
    90 x 20
    90 x 20
    90 x 20
    135 x 10
    135 x 10

    Workout Notes:
    Went light today and had a quick workout. Long day at work and not much energy left over for lifting.

    I think today was the hottest day this summer. I drank 2 gallons water and 3 32 oz gatorades throughout the day and still felt like I was going to die.

  5. *Day 26*
    ______________________________ __


    Calories consumed = 3,584

    261/432/134 grams
    27 / 42 / 31 %



    90 x 14 *PR*
    90 x 10
    90 x 8

    Cable Pushdown:
    200 x 9
    200 x 7

    Tricep Ext Mach:
    90 x 10
    80 x 8


    Seated DB Curl:
    25 x 14
    30 x 12
    35 x 10

    E-Z Curl:
    60 x 12
    60 x 12
    60 x 12

    Workout Notes:
    Quick, yet very effective workout tonight. Huge pump in my entire arm and upper body and vascularity was great.

    Another long day, hot day at work. It has been so hot lately that I have not been eating like I usually do during work. I am just too hot and sweaty and food does not sound good at the time.

  6. *Day 30*
    ______________________________ __



    Workout Notes:
    Great workout today. I have been using a bit lighter weight this last week and been keeping my workouts to about 30 min with high intensity. It has been going well, and I my body feels much less stressed out. Endurance and rest time between sets has been great!

    I am down a couple lbs since the beginning, but I appear leaner and my vascularity has increased. Unfortunately, my fat tracker broke, so I will not be able to accurately say hpow my BF has changed. I do know it has gone down some.

  7. *UPDATE*
    ______________________________ __



    Workout Notes:
    Strength felt great tonight, and I came close to PR on bench. Endurance was through the roof and I was able to get chest and calves done in about 40 min.

    Well today was my last day of ActX, I will have a full review posted up on Wednesday.

  8. any noticable weight gain?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by poopypants View Post
    any noticable weight gain?
    Unfortunately, none. The combination of extreme labor hours at work, the heat, and my 2 day sickness I am down 3-4 lbs.

  10. bummer.... hopefully with being outta work my body will be able to take avantage of the more anabolic environment.

  11. *DrnkMnky's ActivaTe Extreme Review*

    First off, I would like to thank Uhockey and the rest of the DS crew for giving me the opportunity the test Act X. I have been happy with every DS product have used (Sustain, Melting Point, Basic Cuts, NO Limits, ActivaTe) and ActX is no exception.

    • Increased Hunger - This came on very strong with on the first week, but then seemed to fade.

    • Pumps - Huge pumps on most days. These were achieved the best when taking 2 caps on an empty stomach 45-60 min preworkout. The pumps were not as great as NO Limits, but much better then other supplements I have used.

    • Acne - I noticed a definate increase in back and shoulder acne over the 30 day period.

    • Oily Skin - I also noticed that upon wakinh my chest and shoudlers would have an oiy feeling to them. I mainly noticed this in the morning after sleep.

    • Weight Gains - None. I went from 176 to 171 while eating 3,500 - 4,500 calories daily. This goes to show how much work effects my training. Unfortunately, I had to go through 2 of the hardest week I have ever been through at work in 4 years working there. This, no doubt, had a negative effect on my training. Although, I do appear leaner and my overall body image appears better.

    • Strength Gains - These came on a bit slow the first few week, but really kicked in the last 2. Work plays a huge role in how strong I am when I get to the gym, I am never 100% when I train. This said, I felt my strength was great many days, and I was able to hit several PR's. At this body weight I have never been as strong. I am especially happy about my squat PR, 315 x 11 followed by 225 x 20

    • Endurance - Again, this improved greatly as time went on. At week 3-4 my rest time between sets was minimal and I was able to increase intensity and cut my workouts down 15 minutes.

    • Libido -Throughout the first week and on I noticed a pronounced libido boost. It has been several days since I have taken Act X and I still feel my libido is elevated.

    • Sleep - Sleep was greatly improved after about 1 week on ActX. I did not get the very vivid dreams as some others reported, but the deepness ogf my sleep was amazing. I felt very rested and energized upon waking, even with less hours than normal.

    In the end, I would highly suggest this product. I can't wait to use it again when school starts up and I get some off days at work.

    Ending Pictures: I am disappionted in how these pictures came out. You can't really see much difference at all, but according to the mirror I am a bit leaner and vascularity has improved.
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  12. Good Job man and Good Log, don't be so hard on yourself, as long as you do your best in life and the gym....s'all that counts!

    Much Love,


  13. Quote Originally Posted by neoborn View Post
    Good Job man and Good Log, don't be so hard on yourself, as long as you do your best in life and the gym....s'all that counts!

    Much Love,

    Thank you for the positive words, Neoborn! Much appreciated.


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