NHA/cissus/Powerful stack

  1. NHA/cissus/Powerful stack

    I am starting this log mainly to keep track of progress on this stack dosing will be as follows

    activate 4x a day (Will progress to 6)
    RR 3x a day (will tapper off toward end of cycle)
    cissus 3-4x a day
    P-ful 2-3 pills 3x a day (old stuff)

    Other core supplements taken
    Anabolic pump 3x a day
    cee pre & post wo (soon switching back to mono)
    multi vit 2x a day

    will be eating 450-650 calories below maintenance

    Meal/dosing schedule on workout days
    a.m pre wo- p-ful,ap,cissus--10 min--meal 1,activate,rr--20 min--6 serv xtend cee
    Pwo-1 serv xtend,cee,ap--10 min--meal 2
    noon-cissus--10min--meal 3,rr,activate
    2:30-meal 4,p-ful
    4:30-meal 5,activate
    6-7 P.M-ap,cissus--10 min--meal 6,activate,rr
    1 hour before bed P-ful,1 serv xtend
    ****************************** ****************
    Meal/dosing schedule non workout days (cardio)[/I]
    a.m pre p-ful,animal pak,cee,6 servs xtend split pre/during wo
    Post wo-1 serv xtend,cee,ap,cissus--10 min--meal 1,activate,rr
    meal 2
    noon-ap,cissus--10 min-- meal 3,activate,rr
    meal 4-p-ful
    meal 5-activate
    6-7 p.m-ap,cissus--10 min--meal 6,activate,rr

    1 hour before bed p-ful,1 serv xtend

    I will be running this for 6-8 weeks
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  2. Todays workout was upper body most exercises done in 5x5 method

    flat barbell bench-100x10,135x5,185x5,205x5,230x5
    Wide grip 145x10 Close grip 145x10


    Weighted dips-55x8,55x8,55x8

    Hammer grip pullups-20x5,20x5,20x5,20x5,20x5


    Side latterals-25x8,25x8,25x8

    Wide grip Hammer strength-180x12,230x10,270x8

    Dumbell concentration curls-40x6,40x6,40x6

    Shoulder shrugs-200x10,320x8,360x8 (smith machine)

    nothing to report yet have carido sat and sun will hit legs mon

  3. I hit cardio this morn 30 min HIIT style felt like I had more energy but problably due to the xtend as I have not used this before but here its a must during recomp/cut with cardio especialy

  4. I have ran this stack and if nothing else felt like a million dollars while on.

    Hows the sleep so far?
    Recent log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/213350-lean-efx-refined.html

  5. last night the sleep was awesome usualy if my girlfriend goes out with her friends she wakes me up when she gets home not last night I was OUT!!!...and I do feel realy good just happy and upbeat even my boss said somthing the past two days about me being in a good mood

  6. day 3 30 min HIIT style cardio first thing on empty stomach
    weight: 196

    BF% 13

    overall mood is good libido is still strong like bull sleep with P-full is awesome

  7. day 4 mon didnt do legs wasnt feeling that well and it has been 3 weeks without a day off from the gym so take a rest day and hit upperbody tues

    p.s recieved my bottles of p-slin today thinking of adding to my stack but will probably wait untill sept for my bulk

  8. tuesday I did upper body felt a little tired think I got a little sick for a day or two but did what I could

    flat BB bench-100x10,135x5,185x5,205x5,230x5

    weighted dips-60x8,60x8,60x8

    weighted chinups-25x5,25x5,25x5,25x5,25x5

    pull downs-175x5,175x5,175x5,175x5,175x5

    side latterals-25x8,25x8

  9. thursday lower body/core

    Box squats-barx15,95x10,135x5,185x5,205x5 ,235x5

    Stiff legged deadlift-barx10,135x5,155x5,175x5,195x5 ,205x5

    Seated calf raises-70x5,95x5,115x5,135x5,145x5

    Incline leg raises w/ thrust-4 sets of 12

    Weighted crunches-70x15,80x12,90x10

    Hammy curls-60x5,60x5,60x5

    felt pretty good but I think my allergies were messin with me the past few days better today except slight headache

    mood has been good libido is still normal

  10. Friday Upperbody

    Incline BB bench-95x10,135x5,185x5,205x4,185x6, 155x6,135x6

    Flat BB Bench-3x225,

    Close Grip BB Bench-155x12,155x12,155x12

    Pullups-BWx6,BWX6,BWX6,BWX6,BWX6 (very slow)

    Weighted Chinups-25x6,25x6,25x6,25x6,25x6

    Cable Side Latterals-15x10,15x10,15x10

    T-Bar Rows-70x10,90x5,110x5,120x5,125x5

    DB Side Latterals-25x8,25x8,25x8,20x10

    DB Shrugs-100x12,100x12

    DB Concentration Curls-42.5x6,42.5x6

    DB Tri Ext-20x12,30x10,30x10

    Tricep Pulldowns165x10

    Mood-fairly good sleep is great with the P-full, workouts are getting a little harder for what I'm use to because of being in a caloric deficit strength is down a little bit but thurs at work was very labor intensive so problably burned a little more cals then I should have also my lats and upper back were sore from work we'll see how it goes mon for legs

    Libido-still fairly normal no complaints with the GF
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  11. Sunday Cardio HIIT

    30 mins HIIT carido

    Weight-193 down 3 lbs from last week I'll continue to cut calories 450-650 below maintenace for the next week or two depending on how strength feels then might bump it up to -100 or just maintain

    Mood- slightly more aggressive but not to much

  12. Tuesday Upper Body

    Incline BB bench-115x10

    SET A-Decline BB bench-115x5,155x5,185x5,205x5,235x6

    SET B-Pullups-BWX6,BWX6,20X5,20X5,20X5,BWX5

    SET A-T-bar rows-80x6,95x6,110x125x5,135x5

    SET B-Incline DB press-110x6,130x6,150x5,170x5,190x5 (total weight)

    Weighted Chinups-25x6,25x6,25x6,25x6,25x6

    Skull crushers-60x12,90x8,90x8

    DB shoulder side latterals-20x10,25x10,25x10

    DB concentration curls-42.5x6,42.5x6

    DB shoulder shrugs-105x12,75x15 (per DB)

    mood has been good I really feel the extra aggression the last couple days libido is stil high and I am still eating in a caloric deficit of 450-650 cals per day strength is up a little the weights are starting to feel lighter the sleep with the powerfull is still exellent cardio is tommarow I will try to get BF % this week some time.

  13. Thursday Lower Body

    Squats (ass to tha floor)-95x10,135x5,165x5,185x5,205x5, 135x12

    Stiff Legged Deadlift-115x5,145x5,165x5,185x5,205x5

    Leg Press-180x5,230x5,270x5,320x5,360x5

    Seated Calf Raises-90x12,110x10,140x8

    Mood-feel great strength is up and recovery is getting quicker every workout I still cant believe how the powerfull makes me sleep so sound even if I wake up to use the bathroom I fall right back asleep,libido is still normal

  14. Ahhh yeaahhh! The PowerFull sleep is the bomb.
    Recent log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/213350-lean-efx-refined.html

  15. Friday Upper Body

    Incline BB Bench-115x10

    Set A-Decline BB Bench115x6,155x6,185x5,210x5,235x6

    Set B-Wide Grip PullupsBWx6,20x6,20x5,BWx8,BWx8

    Set A-Incline DB Bench-110x6,130x6,150x5,170x5,190x4 (total weight)

    Set B-T-Bar Rows-70x6,90x6,105x5,125x5,135x5

    Weighted Chinups-25x6,25x6,25x6,25x6,25x6

    DB Shoulder Side latterals20x12,25x10,30x8

    DB Shoulder Shrugs140x12 (total weight)

    Well I fell great I'm looking alot leaner now strength is still increasing, libido is still up and once again sleep is great I will bump up the activate to 5 caps a day starting today

  16. well I am feeling some dryness in my joints and just some pain in my bones so I have tappered the RR to 2 caps a day and will drop to one starting friday also I am running out of activate and NP has no more since I want to run the stack for 6- 8 weeks I will start using activate extreme when the activate runs out

  17. Tuesday Upper Body

    Set A-Flat BB Bench-115x10,145x6,185x5,210x5,240x2 ,225x3,225x3,275x2

    Set B-Pullups-BWx8,BWx10,10x8,20x5,BWx10

    SetA-Hammer Strength Wide Grip Chest-230x10,250x8,270x8,290x6,320x4

    Set B-T-Bar Rows80x6,100x6,115x5,125x5,135x5

    Weighted Pullups-30x5,30x5,30x5,30x5,30x5

    Incline DB Flys/Press Superset-70x10-10,70x10-10,70x10-10 (total weight)

    DB Shrugs-140x12,140x12, (total weight)

    Shoulder DB Side Latterals-20x12,25x10,30x10,30x10 (per DB)

    cable pull down Iso Tri work150x8,150x8

    Mood-pretty good I think I may have cut my cals a little two low sun and mon because I was out of the gym and I think it affected my workout tues

    Weight-195 I look as lean now as I did at 193 so I'm guessing I havent gained any fat maybe just water weight or new muscle also I have been weighing myself on sun before fasted cardio so this explains the weight fluctuation

  18. Thursday Lower Body/Core

    Squats Below Paralell-105x12,135x6,155x5,185x5,205x5 ,205x4

    Stiff Leg Deadlifts-115x10,145x5,185x5,205x5,215x5

    Calf Raises-195x10,210x10,235x10

    Leg Extensions-125x10,125x10,125x10

    Lying Leg Curls-115x10

    ABS-crunch's,leg lifts,torso twists

    Mood Overall good except my damn elbow has been killin me I'll be tappering down the RR to 1 cap ED starting Fri, I've been keeping calories at about 2400-2500 on workout days and if I take a day off wich I am not planning on doing then I'll try and keep them about the same where as last week I was eating around 2000-2100 and felt it when I got back to the gym

  19. Friday upper body

    dont feel like typin that much but workout was good strength was up a little from last week mood is good and that powerfull is givin me some crazy A$$ dreams

    Sat and Sun Carido HIIT 30 mins running as usual

    Weight Sun weighed in at 190 lookin leaner every week I'm about halfway through this stack and the results have been great this is my first true cut so I am very pleased with the results so far.As for the Activate extreme I have about 2 days worth of reg Activate so I will start the extreme when this runs out and will run it until the 8 weeks is up

  20. Monday Legs/Core

    Leg press-180x12,230x8,270x8,320x6,360x6 ,410x5,450x5

    Hack squat-270x8,360x8,410x6,450x63

    Seated calf raises-70x12,90x12,120x10,140x8

    Leg extensions-150x10,150x10,150x10

    Abs-torso twists,crunches,leg raises

    Mood-felt a little tired at first but I managed to suck it up over the weekend felt tired alot but still made it to the gym felt very aggressive monday

  21. Tuesday Upper Body

    Set A-Flat BB Bench-115x10(warm up),155x5,180x5,195x5,215x5,24 0x5

    Set B-Weighted Pullups-BWx10(warm up),10x8,20x8,25x6,25x6,25x6

    Set A-Skull Crushers90x8,90x8,90x8-Tricep Pulldowns-120x8,120x8

    Set B-T-bar Rows-90x5,105x5,120x5,130x5,140x5

    Weighted Chinups-35x5,35x5,35x5,35x5,35x5

    Seated Tricep DB Press-65x8

    DB Hammer Curls-40x10,45x8,50x6

    DB Shrugs-75x12,80x10 (per DB)

    Shoulder side latterals-20x10,25x10,30x8 (per DB)

    Mood-All I can say is WOW!! the last few days I have been a little tired but today I felt like a beast this is by far the best workout I have had in quite a long time I just felt I could go forever I had to make myself leave after about 90 mins of training I decided to watch the first big fight scene from the movie 300 before I went to the gym and I guess it motivated me or somthing but the weights felt like feathers.I have 2 days worth of regular Activate left so starting thurs I will use the Activate Xtreme at 6 caps a day for about 3 weeks

  22. Havent been posting much but I am still doing well my strength is still getting better each week except my leg workouts as those are my weak spot but I plan on hitting them hard when I stop the cut.I weighed in @ 188 lbs on mon 8/13 so still losing about 2 lbs a week I will post workout tomarrow.


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