Alri tri lean system, this is a log you all want!

  1. Alri tri lean system, this is a log you all want!

    Ok! my import discount tri lean stacks came today $215!! so i thought since theres no proper logs on this that id make one!

    Just popped my lean dreams to start the whole thing, ill be following the guidelines which say 4 weeks with

    venom hyperdrive 3
    venom special tactics and
    venom lean dreams

    then 3 weeks with venom hyperdrive and Thyrogen x thrown in Current stats are 23% BF 16st10 6' 2" so im prolly exactly where you lot thinking about the tri lean system are at.

    Tomorrow find pics (ugly fatty before pics) and first impressions right here.

  2. Right here goes with the pics

    My God! Its a good job im pretty (not )! As you can see i have midsection fat issues, too many years of beer drinking right there!

    Main shape-killer are the love handles, i have a kinda girly hip arrangment anyway which makes it worse. If this stack works, thats where you'll see the change.

    Other vitals


    max bench 210lbs
    Max Squat 400lbs
    Max Dead 380lbs
    Focus - Mass


    Dymatize elite/ON 100%GS whey
    Standard multivit/mineral
    ZMA (nightly)
    Cod liver oil gels
    Glucosamine sulphate and Chondroitin

    Alri Tri Lean

    Week 1-4
    1 hyperdrive in the AM
    2 Special Tactics in the AM
    2 Special Tactics in the PM
    2 Lean Dreams before bed with the ZMA

    Week 5-8
    1 hyperdrive in the AM
    1 Thyrogen X In the middle of the day

    Week 9-12
    1 Hyperdive in the AM (i may choose to augment this with something else later)

    ~3000 Cals pd
    ~ 300+g Protein
    ~100g carbs
    ~50g fats

    Whey 6x daily with no fat milk
    Eggs at lunch with light carbs
    Meat at dinner with vegetables

    Excercise program

    Monday chest + Triceps
    Wednesday Legs, abs, cardio
    Friday Shoulders, biceps, forearms
    Sunday Back, traps, compound.

    Rep Range 8-12 (legs 15-20)

  3. Right first day on it today, first impressions are .... OMG! ive steamed up every room ive been in today, but its been a comfortable warm feeling, like when you've had a day in the sun.

    Periodic sweats are manageable and ive felt switched on all day, and been talking the ears of people, on guy thought i was pilling my head off which made me laugh.

    No real negatives to report, ive got a crap appetite anyway so cont report on that but ive not been any more hungry. Have felt VERY clear headed all day, very strong stuff, dont know how people do 2 a day!

    Food today has consisted thus

    Shake with creatine EE and 10g maltodextrin (45g protein)
    2 slices brown toast with sunflower spread and marmite
    beef Chilli with flour tortilla
    22oz Rump steak with mixed veg

    Training was (set numbers only, no weights)
    Front delt bar raises 4x12
    bar curls 12,10,10,8
    Lying Double arm rows 4x12
    Shoulder Presses (DB) 12 12 10 8
    Upright Rows 12 12 10 8
    Preacher DB Curls 12 10 8 6
    Wristies (various to failure)

    PWO shake 2 scoops whey (65g protein including milk) 15g maltodextrin, teaspoon olive oil.

    WO felt good but weaker toward s the end, having said which i wasnt gonna train today so messed up my lunch composition.

    Roll on the lean dreams later

  4. last nights sleep was amazing! Didnt hit the sack till 2 because had some m8's round. Took the lean dreams at 1. Didnt knock me out like i thought it would, in fact the Thermo was kicking in before i fell asleep. Was asleep by about 2.30am. Woke up instantly at 8.30am, more awake than ive been since i was a kid!

    I hit snooze a few times outta habit but i feel seriously refreshed today and my brain feels 200% engaged. Loving it so far!

  5. Well Today has been much the same as yesterday, slow gentle heat all day, like having the flu but without the horrible feeling, feel great and focused. Got a party to go to tonight so im trying to work out how to justify 2000 cals+ in beer, not good, maybe i can call it a 'carb up' lol definately the only binge i can have this week as i really dont wanna mess up the results, cant turn down an all night beach rave tho!

  6. Man as a hangover cure these things are an utter TREAT! popped my lean dreams in my drunken state along with ZMA and another beer hour later passed out in my car (a picture of male health ladies and gentlemen). Woke up with dry mouth and a headache but came prepared. Glugged a litre of water and took my morning supps and headed home.

    Feeling like bum-brownies i decide to have a sleep but take my hyperdrive and special tactics first with some brown dry toast.

    Get some sleep (HD3 takes like an hour+ to kick in) but its light and dreamy. Wake up when my mate returns looking shagged. Truth be told i could actually FEEL the hangover release. Blood rushed to my face and i felt like a million bucks no joke! The hangover did resurface this afternoon however only mildly, suggesting that it was being covered for by the HD3.

    Weight loss is already noticable, this is some powerful stuff, no lie!

    Train this afternoon was a bit random (i experiment on sundays)

    Bent rows 100lbsx12 140x12 160x10 180x8
    Preacher DB curls 50x10 40x12 30x12 30x10 30x8
    Crunches 50, 50+20lbs, 25+40lbs, 25+60lbs, 50.

    Strange train, was primarily a bicep train with some bits and bobs thrown in. Im working out a full program for the next few months so im messing about a bit.

    Felt strong and really think my bi's are coming on, in shape more than mass, but then thats not the aim of this log. Gonna do the EVO stack after this, tune in for my log there

  7. Is it okay to stack Dhea with M-Drol?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by One and Only View Post
    Is it okay to stack Dhea with M-Drol?
    errr not meaning to sound all grumpy or whatever but what does that have to do with this log and why on earth would i know? I think maybe you should make a thread on it to find out.

  9. Right well didnt post yesterday as was too busy, so heres how it went.

    Felt ok in the morning, same old same old really these lean dreams keep getting me up at 7.30 which is a bloody miracle for me! I still snooze it till 8.30 as i have no real need to be up before.

    Feeling tighter now on the stomach, genuinely noticable change in composition which isnt bad for under a week! Lets not forget that i've been cutting via my diet for almost 2 months prior to this log, so this is not initial losses but an increase in steady loss rate.

    I dont find that the hyperdrives are suppressing my apetite, in fact im a little MORE hungry since taking them. This is probably due to my crap appetite to begin with, the increase in metabolic rate is showing through. Its still pretty easy to keep to my calories but i now get real hungry before bed and toward the end of longer workouts.

    Im starting to feel more tired in the late afternoons now (then again my business is busier atm) i think im gonna have to up the HD dose soon, im looking at maybe going 1 first thing then another mid morning to carry me over into the evening. They say the special Tactics aren't thermogenic but im finding that when i take my second dose of the day at about 4pm that i warm up again and sweat some. I've taken to having my top off around the house most of the day as the sweat makes my tops smell which isnt good when i get a callout!

    Work out today (yesterday) was chest and triceps.
    Had great endurance and although my training partner outlifted me (as usual) on the first few excercises (bench/incline flyes) i was able to continue lifting throughout the ~24-30 set train.

    4sets heavy bar bench
    4sets incline flyes
    4sets close grip
    4sets overhead pulls (DB)
    4sets skull crushers
    4 drop sets flat DB press

    PWO shake was the usual 40g WPI 20g Maltodextrin 5g Creatine EE

  10. I started taking venom 10 days ago, first it lasted all day, but now I take one when I wake up at 5:30 am then another around noon. It hasn't bothered my sleep habits at all either. I also found taking them 15-20 minutes prior to a meal kicks the effect up a notch. Good luck.

  11. on the scales today and found myself sitting at 215lbs.......thats rediculous! I'll be generous and say 2lbs for previous misreads and 2lbs water and food, that still leaves me with over 10lbs clear loss in a week...

    Im not gonna document that as official since im sure it cant be right. Although now im gonna do some thorough scale figures. I'll get weighed at the doctors and use that as a baseline, then go and use gym scales straight after to gauge innacuracy. Then ill work out the difference and get some real numbers.

    No question im feeling leaner than ever and the GF says its very obvious change. Was starting to think the thermo effect was fading but its more on and off. Gonna still sneak up to 2 HD3 per day though unless it has adverse effects.

  12. Ok heres a catch-up from over the weekend. Had to go down to the missus' graduation so not training thurs thru sun.


    Same old same old. Still Feeling like its becoming less effective, started thinking about taking 2 hyperdrives.


    Managed to resist sweets at the cinema! Go Me! Die Hard 4 Rocks!


    The party is tonight, take a second HD3 at about 4.30 to help fuel me, seems to work im the last one up, although i did my best to moderate my alcohol intake.


    GF starts the Tri-Lean system herself, she has a poorly functioning thyroid and is on medication to supplement the hormone levels, i tell her to double dose her meds (jokingly) as that would have more effect (probably true). So far its just made her feel sick whenever she eats, not sure if it'll take.

    As for me, all is going well, still feeling good about the stack.


    Come home today so food was on the road and difficult to stay clean. Got home and trained though, chest blast consisting of-

    4x12-10 flat DB press
    4x12-10 Flat Flyes
    4x12-10 Skull Crushers
    4x12-10 Steep inclined Flyes

    Much shorter workout than usual (~1hr) as it was getting really late and i had some flat pack furniture to build. Hit what i needed to though. Felt pretty good.

    Today (Tues)
    Double HD3 this morning, lets give it a go, im hoping that ill feel it more like i did the first few days. Having said which, im more than positive that although im not feeling it as much it is still very effective. none of my damn trousers fit properly now, i intend to invoice ALRi for my new wardrobe

  13. Apologies for the inconsistencies in posting updates, trying to keep up but busy schedule atm.

    Catch up time


    Leg Day/lats/cardio

    10 mins on a stepper, climbed 250m.
    4 sets lat pul downs
    5 sets leg presses
    5 sets leg ext
    4 sets ham curls
    4 sets assisted wide arm pullups

    Good day, im seeing unexpected growth in my quads.


    Due to going away fri thru sun i got a train in.


    Seated Shoulder presses = 4x12 reps
    standing Tri-Bar Curls (i have to use hammer grip or i get bad forearm pain) = 12, 10, 10, 10 (hit a PB of 40kgx10)
    Side delt raises (standing simultaneous) = 12, 10, 10, 8
    Tri-bar front delt raise = 12, 10, 10, 8
    Lying rear delt raise = 12, 10, 10, 8
    Preacher DB curls = 15, 12, 10, 8, 8, 4

    Was another good WO, looks like this will end up being more of a recomp than a cut as im still gaining pretty well. Seeing definition coming through in many areas.

    Reached the mid point of the 4 week section, started taking thyrogenX now 3 pills spread out daily. Got an iffy weekend coming up diet wise, am doing all i can to stay on target and under 3500 cals pd.

    Next train will be monday chest and triceps as usual.

    For the next 2 weeks pill dosing will be:

    AM=2x HD3 2x ST 1xTX
    12= 1xTX
    3pm= 2x ST 1x TX
    PM= 2x LD

    Planning to get figures on weight loss and more pics this coming wednesday.

  14. Good log man keep it up

  15. Thanks man ^^^^

    The weekend went ok, definately getting comments on the weight loss and feel more comfortable. Definition in the arms has had a few mates poking and prodding me lately. I call them homo's but its an ego booster as we all know.

    Back on topic, had some strange pill days, i felt over-hyped on sunday and monday like i was on double doses or something, makes me wonder if there are some pills stronger than others.

    Got some sample leviathan's through, enough for 7 days of use so im gonna lob those in at week 5 to make up for going off the ST and LD. Should be interesting.

    Mondays Train


    Hit personal bests in incline fles and DB press and dumbell pullovers. Tired quickley on skull crushers though and called it a day. Chest felt very well worked though.



    Strong train today hit my best ever lat pulldowns and wide ast. pullups.

    Back and Bi's tomorrow, new addition to the reigime to try and shorten friday to simple shoulders and traps (shrugs). My back gets neglected and on my frame it could be built up nice.

  16. Definitely an improvment, maybe only 10lbs to go

  17. well this week has gone pretty well, adjusted my regime to cut down the training times a little. Short trains are more conducive to muscle gains than fat loss but im still pushing an hour and 20 every session.

    Back and Bi's was an interesting day, had a shot at 21's (7 top range half-reps, 7 bottom range half reps, 7 full reps, no rest) and completely destroyed my biceps! (but in a good hypertrophic type way ) did 4 sets between 30-50% of my 1RM and left myself failing on 20lb preacher curls later on (my 1RM is around 60). Having said which changing up intensity has given me a lot of bicep growth lately, it certainly seems that my arms respond to more sets PW rather than more weight.

    Ive also come to the conclusion that bent rows are hard to keep clean form on when heavy, im pretty sure im working my back well but im gonna maybe go higher in reps on a more moderate weight and develop a cleaner form. In every exercise where i've dropped weight to clean up form ive seen gains and a better control over the bodypart without fail.

    Shoulders got moved to saturday because work was crazy on friday. I work shoulders hard because so many people neglect them and i think they are a major part of both arm and overall development.

    Train consisted of

    Seated shoulder press 4 sets 12-10 42,45,50,55
    Shrugs (dropped weight with these to get form sorted) 4x12x70lbs
    Side laterals 20,22,25,27 x12
    Upright rows 60, 70, 80, 90, 12-10-10-8
    Lying rear delt raise 10, 12, 15, 17 (yes lbs! hardest lifts ever!)

    Was a great train, shoulders are sore today! Glad i get some posterior delt work in because people always ignore the posterior delt and just hope itll grow from is compound movements. the lying rear delt raise is very tough and requires a lot of mental focus to engage the right muscles. Plus after a tough train its nice to get a lie down!

    On the Tri-Lean Front all is as it should be, thermo effect is still felt although mostly only when exerting myself (was somewhat annoying as i was running some network cable above a shop which entailed much stepladder climbing, this led to me inadvertently dripping sweat on passers by.....great!). I still dont get any night sweats from it, no idea of the effectivness of the lean dreams tbh. Start leviathan week next wednesday, should be an interesting addition to the mix, have always wondered if the mass promoting Lev could be mixed with the powerful thermo of HD3. Prolly just end up shaking and feeling sick but we will see.

  18. The other pics posted are very relaxed to try and be as honest as possible about actual BF loss. I took some pre train pics today.

    this is my 5month mark, i started training in feb for the first time ever, so doesn't look too bad

  19. Did chest and tri's today. Good workout although got some tendon pain in my inner left elbow so cut it a lil short (my poor bi's have been getting a beating).

    Incline DB press: 40x12 50x12 55x10 60x6
    Close Grip Bench 80x12 90x10 100x10 110x8
    Flat Flyes 24x12 26x10 28x10 30x8
    DB pullovers 40x12 50x12 55x10 60x8

    I keep flat flyes light so that i can get a deep stretch and keep my arms all but locked out. i find this focuses my chest really well and prevents cheating.

    Updated my avtar as testament to my gains and improvment, its a post workout snap so makes me look a lil bigger than i do naturally.

  20. dude congrats on your progress. thats amazing!

  21. Great log so far - keep it up. In about a month or so I plan to do a Tri-Lean w/ a 6wk dbldose of JW thrown in - should be fun! Great read so far tho m8 and very nice progress as well.


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