Xtreme Formulations Vendetta
Vendetta (2 lb) By Xtreme Formulations

Taste and Mixability: 9.9/10. It is a cherry flavored drink and I usually am not a cherry fan... in fact up until now, I hated cherry flavoring. But this is so smooth and refreshing. It mixes up 100% in about 12-16oz of water and with the exception of a slight amino aftertaste, it pretty much tastes like a gatorade drink.

Effectiveness: ~9/10. This is hard to tell, but what I like about XF is the scientific backing that they have behind their products. Nothing is hidden here, they tell you straight up what is in the product and why they put it there. Changing no more in my workout than adding a scoop of Vendetta immediately preworkout, I've noticed that I don't get as tired as easily. Workouts tend to be very good. "Growth" is hard to gauge over the short run, but I have a nice full look to my muscles, which is always a plus.

This is a tastey, well thought out and time tested EAA product. More props to XF![/QUOTE]