Personal Observations: Amped did a pretty good job as an all purpose supp. The energy was pretty good on most days and while the pumps were not all that intense, on most days it felt pretty good. I did come to realize that it is quite useful on cardio days too for helping with endurance. I am assuming this is the caffeine and maybe NAC

Mixability: 9/10 No problems with mixing here, sometimes I need to give the mix an extra shake, but amped mixed pretty well

Taste: 8/10 I liked the taste, but it was a little sweet at the prescribed level of water, but with some extra water, it tasted fine

Body reaction: 8/10 Muscles were pretty hard most of the time and the energy and strength were pretty good. Pumps could have been a little better.

Product Claims: "support strength, power and recovery, and [focus]". As said before, for these points, Amped performed pretty well, I will give it a 8/10

Overall Rating: 8/10 Amped is a pretty good all-in-one product. I always like products like this because it can be a hassle to constantly be mixing bulk powders and working to get timing perfect; it is just easier to go for a product like this. Personally, I do not like the caffeine element to it; while I have a pretty high tolerance to stims, I know a lot of people who may have problems with this. Further, a lot of the other ingredients can be useful by increasing dosages, but the overall increase may need to be limited due to the caffeine. Anyway, my two-cents on that; I think caffeine is better left as an additional supp, not included as part of the package.

Comparison: Ok, just some thoughts here. First, I liked Amped better than pure creatine products (mono, cee, etc.) As for creatine-plus products, I liked it a little better than Dymatize Xpand, but not as much as MAN Clout. That said, this observation is very subjective; remember different people respond differently to supps. In reading a lot of the other logs, it seems like everyone had different levels of reactions.