Shred XS Hardcore Log

  1. Shred XS Hardcore Log

    I will be testing Shred XS Hardcore by Millennium Sport Technologies over the next move. A normal serving consists of 2 pills and I recieved a 45 day supply but I am looking at taking 3 a day to make this a one month log. I will focus on weight loss, energy level, appetite suppression, crashing, side effects, body fat percentage, etc. Really looking forward to this log and testing a new product.

  2. I started using Shred XS Hardcore on Tuesday. So I have been taking this product for two days. I am looking to take one pill in the morning before work at 6:30, one a noon before lunch and one at 5:00 before I workout. I cant say that I have felt different or lost any weight because it probably has not taken any effect yet with me only using it for two days.

    My starting weight is 180 lbs. I am 21 years and and about 5'9 I lift 5 days a week and run at least 3 days a week for about 20 minutes. I eat a very high protein and carb diet of mostly tuna, eggs, lean turkey, chicken breasts, yogurt, no fat PB, cottage cheese, oatmeal, fruit, etc. I know that I am not over weight but I just finished a bulking stage of lifting in which i added about 15 lbs and I am looking to get cut up a little. My body fat percentage is about 12%

  3. I may experiment with taking 3 pills about 30 minutes before my workout. What are you thoughts on this?

  4. If your looking to jazz up your workouts and want to try the product solely for pre-wo energy purposes... sounds good. Other effects should be pretty promenent as well.
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