Male enhancement, fact or fiction?

  1. Thumbs down Male enhancement, fact or fiction?

    You are always seeing ads and commercials for thing that can make your dong a few inches larger in months, does anyone know if this is actually possible? Has anyone is here used any of these products. products such as vimax and vig-rx promised like an inch a money of gain in length and girth, and even over a 120 day money back guarantee's

  2. use 11oxo instead

  3. I think i read in a mag once that it was impossible to increase the size of a adult penis but then again it a was a mag so who knows.

  4. don't get scammed.

  5. i believe it can be done with stretching etc. dont think there is a magic supplement out there tho. they have those weights or whatever, the best way is to use what Dr's use for patients.

  6. The popular pills (Extagen, Vigrx, etc.) do definately increase blood flow so they will increase the girth somewhat (yeah, I got suckered into a 30 day supply last year - damn, did they have some good marketing!), that is until you stop taking them. For the most part, they just basically give you a fuller erection, so for that Aspire is alot cheaper and I know it works.

  7. Avant's Hung, which never made it to market due to the steroid ban, could purportedly increase your length. I think there was a (brief) discussion about it not too long ago around here, actually.

  8. Hi,
    From a personal experience I've tried a lot of the pills that are out there for getting it hard. Most of the natural products I tried were crap but one worked for me and I've been using it ever since. It's called Virection.

  9. Yohimbine HCL is a vasodilator and will increase blod flow and fill you to your potential. It will not make you grow beyond your natural size but help you sustain that state.

    PowerFULL does also produce similar results.

    Sustained doses of both over a duration of time with produce a noticeable difference in your flacid as well as erect condition.


  10. Yohimbe/yohimbine HCL
    Muira Puama
    Xanthoparmelia scabrosa
    Cnidium monieri
    Coleus forskohli

    All basically aid in vasodialation of the penis which is the basis for all of those MSM products. Its not true growth by any means, but a little extra circulation down there is not bad per se.
  11. UKStrength
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    I agree with everyone above about Yohimbine, Dopamine Agonists etc. all improve circulation. I'm still a bit dubious about 'jelging' (stretching the corpus cavernosum).


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