Turinabol--Good or Bad??

  1. Turinabol--Good or Bad??

    I just started researching Turinabol and wanted to know if you think it's good for someone my size. I was looking at hemadrol, H-drol, methyl-drol, S-Drol, 1,4 AD Bold, and halodrol liquidgels. But using any combination of these I would think would be more harmful on my liver than if I just used Turinabol by itself. Also I would think I would see faster and more results using Turinabol. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated?

    33 years old, 120lbs., 5-5

    I have been training off and on since 99'. I have used T-Bomb II recently and I have Methyl 1-D(legal gear) that I was going to start this weekend but held off because I really want something that is going to help me gain weight quickly. Perferrably something legal as one of the products I listed in my first post but if you know of something else I would love to know about it. Thanks

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  3. first, this is the supplement section.

    Tbol is a bonafide A.A.S. You should post this in the steroid section.


    I truly do not mean to insult you or offend you. You are 120lbs and 5'5". You are not up to speed on training or diet. You should not consider using any "supplementation" of the hormonal variety until you are at least quasi-dailed in with regards to proper training and diet.

    eat and lift... please.
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