FINAL REVIEW: ALR Industries’ Pro-Anabol & Jungle Warfare Log PLUS Blood Tests

  1. FINAL REVIEW: ALR Industries’ Pro-Anabol & Jungle Warfare Log PLUS Blood Tests

    FINAL REVIEW: ALR Industries’ Pro-Anabol & Jungle Warfare Log PLUS Blood Tests

    Let me first start by thanking ALRI for giving me the opportunity to log Pro-Anabol and Jungle Warfare. It goes without saying that there has been a lot of talk about Jungle Warfare, and Pro-Anabol, being that it is ALRI’s newest product. I hope I did a good job in logging my results and providing a comprehensive final review.

    Also, I’d also like to give thanks to everyone who took the time to follow along with my log. I appreciate all your comments and questions.

    Now……on with the show….

    The whole log can be found here:

    Physical Stats & Before/After Photos

    • Weight as of 06/01/2007: 174-175 lbs.
    • Weight as of 07/04/2007: 182 lbs.
    • Body fat as of 06/01/2007: sub-10%
    • Body fat as of 07/04/2007: sub-10%

    Start of log: 06/01/2007

    Middle of log: 06/17/2007

    After end of log: 07/04/2007 ( The last 2 pics didn’t come out quite too well. Sorry. I think you still get the picture, hehe)

    Strength: 7/10

    Having looked through my previous log entries I can see that my strength has definitely gone up. But, let me also say that I measure my strength by not just the highest weight but also by the volume of my workouts. Not only did my lifts get heavier but so did the cumulative volume. However, I am hesitant to give it higher than an 7 due to the fact that I’m not quite sure how much more I could have improved. This is not a testament to the products’ inability to increase strength; but more so related to my physical handicap at testing their potential. Upper body-wise, I had a shoulder strain that kept me from pushing it to the limit. Yet, lower body wise, I definitely believe I made solid gains. Having been accustomed to running and lower volume, high rep workouts, I’m very happy with my progress this past month.

    Endurance: 8/10

    I think my endurance really increased during this stack; a “different” endurance than what I was used to. What I guess I’m trying to say is that while my cardiovascular endurance was already pretty good, by the end of this month my anaerobic endurance jumped to a different level. Even after some amazing workouts which left me extremely fatigued, there was usually the urge to just keep going; to just bang out just one more set; to go until I just could go anymore. This was a very good thing, but I think, if not knowingly acknowledge, could lead to overtraining. I hope that makes sense.

    Recovery: 8/10

    I hadn’t really thought about it until recently, but I never really had to deal with any particular issues of sore muscles or DOMS. Having shifted to a program that emphasized shorter reps and higher weight, I had expected a bit more. This was not the case for me, or the soreness that I might have felt was not enough of a noticeable issue to bother me. Considering my rest time was less than usual this past month and my workouts more intense, I can only assume that either JW, PA or a combo of the two contributed to his welcomed benefit.

    Vascularity: 9/10

    At the time I began this log, I had already gotten pretty lean, and therefore, was fairly vascular, but I must say that a noticeable difference was seen and felt by myself and from others. To put it plainly, one day a good friend commented to me, “Man, you’re so ‘veiny.’ Even your calves…..” I couldn’t help by laugh. This was noticeable in and out of the gym, but especially in my workouts.

    Muscle Hardness/Pumps: 9/10

    I feel this goes a bit hand in hand with vascularity. In and out of the gym, and again especially in the gym, I felt like a tank. This along with the added strength and endurance made riseboi someone to not **** with during his workouts. It wasn’t to a point where it prevented me from getting full range of motion, though. I can’t help but add another quote that the concierge at the hotel my gym is located at said after a workout, “You look like you’re gonna bust out of your skin. Keep it up.” Again, I just laughed and thank him.

    Internal Feelings: 7/10

    Aggression was definitely noted. Normally, I’m a pretty laid back guy that lets most things roll off my back. That was not the case this past month. I didn’t get into any “all-out brawls” over petty issues or anything like that, but my “fuse” was definitely shorter. I think I made a previous post as to this not being too big of an issue, but I can honestly say, in retrospect, is that it’s not something I want on a consistent basis. I’ll rate this as a 7 not so much because it wasn’t there, but because it’s not something I care for. But, hey, I guess I shouldn’t expect any thing less from a product of this type of nature.

    Side Effects: 7/10

    Besides the slight bouts of lethargy and the aforementioned extra aggression, I can only point to only one or two pimples and some oily skin. However, there were some times when it seems as if my skin was extra dry too. Not too sure what to make of this or if it has a relatedness to PA or JW. I don’t recall sleep being a problem too. Also, no noteable issues with gyno, but I did note that my libido was decreased. That’s all I can think of right now.

    Overall Objective Impressions

    I am very pleased with my results from over this past month as my intentions were to bulk up with minimal fat gain. According to the weights, I increased roughly 7 lbs. I didn’t specifically test my body fat, but I think my before/after pics show that I remained pretty lean with only minimal fat gain. From this I can only assume that a majority of the mass I put on was lean muscle. Although, I wouldn’t be able to venture in saying what specific percentages was muscle and what fat, water weight, etc. was. While I contribute a lot of my gains to a sound higher caloric diet and a disciplined workout plan, I do believe that the ALRI’s Pro-Anabol & Jungle Warfare helped me reach my current physical state. Based on these results, I would not have an issue with taking JW again and certainly have every intention of eventually using my other bottle of Pro-Anabol.

    With that said, here are my blood test results:

    The first set was taken on 06/01/2007 and the second on 06/29/2007. You can see the results to see what levels were measured, but I think most will be interested in the following observations:

    • Liver Values: Stayed within normal ranges. It should be noted that I did supplement with SAMe and various general health/antioxidant supps.
    • Cholesterol Values: TC dropped to more appropriate range. HDL dropped, but stayed within optimal levels. LDL dropped to appropriate levels. It should be noted that increased fiber intake probably contributed to this as well.
    • Free Test: Levels increased.
    • Total Test: Levels decreased.

    Final note with respect to my lab results:

    All the above noted levels were expected, with the exception of the total test as this has me a bit perplexed. I will not rule out Pro-Anabol and/or Jungle Warfare as the contributing factors, but I will also not rule out other possible co-factors like my circadian rhythms, stress, overtraining, etc… My results are personal to me and should be seen as such. It was my intention to reveal these results in order to provide a measurable background to my physical observations over this past month.

    If you have any specific comments as to my log or my personal results, please feel free to post. Also, I am, by no means, an expert at reading these tests, so if you see something that I should also note, please let me know. It would certainly be appreciated.

    This is directed towards all since some of the boards this will be posted on do not have the ability to discuss issues in a civilized fashion. I am well aware of the controversy involving JW. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will I allow the interpretation of these results to turn into another heated debate, so please leave any personal feelings of ARLI out of this thread. Please save any arguments or personal issues for a thread of your own; NOT MINE.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  2. Nice log, results, and posting!!!

  3. What he said ^^^!!!

    Very thorough log and great review. I experienced a lot of the same things on PA, such as the increased endurance, recovery, etc.

    Well done!

    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to riseboi again.

  4. nice bro....looking thick and lean.....congrats bro lots of hard work!

  5. Awesome log and great review. I just put in an order for pro anabol and will probly log it as i am now OFF cycle.. Great log tho bro..

    On a side note, Proanabol will NOT be my only method of PCT so dont think that. lol Dont want yall thinkin mr. GT over here isnt playin his game right!

  6. Thanks a lot guys! I appreciate your comments!

  7. Quality work, thanks for sharing it with us!

  8. looks good bro and although your total serum levels were lower your free test was higher.... why the lower total test levels idk BUT all that matters is your free test since thats whats usable and working for you... notice THAT went from the lower end of the spectrum (within normal range) to the higher end of within normal range.... either way your put on pounds without hurting your liver (and in fact improved your cholesterol levels) and didnt increase BF so your likely to keep all your gains. GJ and GREAT reveiw bro!

  9. im glad i read this thread

    i have sitting right here with me JW BAM and PA, i dont know exactly when ill run it.

    but im glad to see the blood work posted

    i know each person is diff but thank you Deployed blogging

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Outside Backer View Post
    im glad i read this thread

    i have sitting right here with me JW BAM and PA, i dont know exactly when ill run it.

    but im glad to see the blood work posted

    i know each person is diff but thank you
    Thanks OB! I just replied to your pm too.

  11. I know this has been addressed but I still do not understand why your total testosterone went down.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    I know this has been addressed but I still do not understand why your total testosterone went down.
    From what I recall, divanil has been shown to sometimes lower test test; the degree varies person to person. But I think most of the drop came from what was later discovered to be a steroid metabilite from JW. I may be wrong though.

  13. When free test increases, the body reduces DHEA and/or LH to lower total test and therefore free test. Homeostasis, plain and simple.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by machinehead View Post
    When free test increases, the body reduces DHEA and/or LH to lower total test and therefore free test. Homeostasis, plain and simple.
    Bravo, sir.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys



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