Ugab's Cordygen5/Ragnorak SOLO********er bridged into Epidrol

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  1. Ugab's Cordygen5/Ragnorak SOLO********er bridged into Epidrol

    Height: 6'2
    Age: 24
    BF%: 9.97%
    Max Bench: 410 (about 3 years ago, raw, and at 205lbs) I had a complete tear of my left pectoral so heavy bar bench presses are done for me.
    Max Squat: 565 (I havent done them in a while, because I train in a garage and we havent purchased another rack yet.)
    Max Deadlift: 545

    My training style changes a lot. I train off of instinct mostly. Im very aware of how my body reacts to different styles. I've done DC, HIT, High-Volume and currently, its a mix of high intensity and high volume. I wont be listing my planned workouts as they change so frequently, but I will be listing each workout I have and feelings on each exercise.

    (This will change to a slightly higher carb on July 22, which is the first day after my beach trip. I will list an updated diet then.
    Training Days
    9AM: 10liquid whites, 1scoop WPI, 2 cups water, 1 serving of P.Wrath
    10:50AM: (Preworkout) 2scoops WPI, .5cup slow oats, 2cups water
    11AM-130PM: drinking 1gallon of water with flavored BCAAS)
    1:45PM: (Postworkout) 2scoops Vitargo, 2scoopsWPI, 2cups water
    4PM: 10oz grilled chicken, .5cup blackbeans
    6PM: 1/2lb 93/7 lean beef
    8PM: 10oz grilled chicken, handful of lowsalt cashews
    10PM: 3scoops MuscleMilk, 1 serving (5gsFiber) Pysilliumseedhusks, 2cups of Carbcountdown FF Dairy Beverage

    Nontraining Days
    9AM: 10liquid whites, 1scoop WPI, 2cups water
    11AM: 10oz grilled chicken,
    2PM: 2scoops WPI with water
    4PM: 1/2lb 93/7 lean beef
    6PM: 2scoops WPI with water
    8PM: 10oz grilled chicken, handful of lowsalt cashews
    10PM: 3scoops MuscleMilk, 1 serving (5gsFiber) Pysilliumseedhusks, 2cups of Carbcountdown FF Dairy Beverage

    So, this will be very low carb on workout days and basically no carbs on nonworkout days. Again, my approach will change following my beach trip.

    Obviously, it will be to ********. I also will be concentrating on strength increases. Im hoping to get my bench and deadlift up as well. I cannot wait to have some freaking carbs. My body should respond great to the higher carb intake. This should be good.

    9 caps of fish oils
    800ius of VitE
    2000mg of VitC
    Wild Oil of Oregano(immune system and so much more)
    wholefood Multi
    fruit/vegetable powder
    Purple Wrath(3 servings per day)

    Cordygen5: 3 pills preworkout(3 spread out on non/wo day)
    Ragnorak: 1 serving preworkout(1 serving on non/wo day)

  2. DAY 1
    Standing Alternates- 35sx20, 50sx15, 50sx15
    OneArm Spider Curls- 2 sets til failure with 35s
    BarCurls(buddystyle)- 85lbs with reps 20/18/16/14/12/10/18
    CableBarCurls- drop of reps 10/15/31
    ReverseLyingCableCurls- 3 sets of 20
    Crossbody Hammer- 50sx20

    Incline Dumbell Tricep Extension-85x20, 120x23, 50s til failure
    Lying Cable Brainbusters- warmup, drop of reps 10/20/40
    Rope Cable Extensions- warmup, 2 sets til failure

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Well, I had a lot of endurance. The cordygen5 seems to kick in with the first dose. Pumps were ok, but nothing out of the ordinary. Obviously, this is day 1, so I wasnt expecting much, but I was definately breathing better. Im looking forward to the weekend when I watch the fights and do some grappling. Hopefully this stack will provide me with the strength and endurance to be choked out a few extra times. I may not be the best BJJ technician in the world, but I dont tap on chokes. Im really trying to get toughen my mind even more than my body. My trainer is about 12 thousand times better than me. Im already way stronger, so with some decent tools and more increases in strength, I might have a small shot at tapping him out a few times. Enough of that. Back to the log

    DAY 2
    (I only had 25 minutes, so I did all machines. I know what you're saying, but my training partners garage is full of crap. It would take that long just to set up for the workout)
    OneArmMachineRows- warmup, 2sets of 20
    WideMachinePulldowns- warmup, 2 sets of 20
    Supersets of WidePulldowns(sitting on floor, again my real gym is a garage, but this gym has garbage machines)/StraightArmPulldowns- 3 sets w/20 reps each

    Overall Impessions So Far
    Well, I woke up at 5AM with 3hrs of sleep for this one. Also, no carbs at all the previous day, so needless to say, my strength was a little lower than normal. Pumps were actually really good though.

    DAY 3
    off day

    DAY 4
    Flat Bar BenchPress- 135x20, 185x6, 225x6, 275x15(tiedPR), 225x26
    HighInclineFlyes- 40sx30, 50sx25, 50sx25(followed by presses til failure)
    LoInclineFlyes- 50sx20, 50sx20
    LoInclinePresses(just for stretch)(hands in)- 50sx60

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Goodnight, I felt great today. I just cannot believe how good 275 felt. I went super slow with each rep to ensure that I didnt tear my pec again. The set of 225 afterwards and all my flyes shows how quick your endurance can rise on this stack. Its only day 4, but I am definately breathing much better. The Rag. seems to help with focus a great deal. I feel motivated, but not jittery at all. Thats what any pre-workout formula should shoot for. By the way, the Ragnorak tastes like freaking kool-aid. Im talking like awesome!!! MST did it right with this flavoring system. Well, next update will probably be sunday following my workout.

  3. Awesome start/intro! Subscribed!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  4. DAYS 5/6
    off days

    DAY 7
    Buddy Barbell Curls(weight is always moving)- 85x20/27/14/11/8/failure(34)
    Incline Dumbell Curls(VictorMartinezStyle)- basically, holding your off arm at the top position while doing the rep with the other. 2 sets of 40x10
    Incline Dumbell Curls(both arms 2gether)- warmup, drop of 40sx10, 30sx20, 20sx30
    1 Arm Preacher Curls- Drop set w/10 reps each on weights 40/30s/20s/ w/partials til failure
    Rope Cable Curls- 2 sets of 20
    Lying Reverse Cable Curls(again, I love these for the peak)- 2 sets of 25

    Incline Dumbell Extensions- warmup(85x30),(with no rest til I finish with 20s) crazy drop set of: 120x5, 100x10, 85x15, 65x20, 50x25, 45x30, 40x35, 35x40, 30x45, 25x50, 20x201(Holy mother of Jehova!! I needed nothing else for my tris. Thats about the most intense pump that is humanly possible.)

    Overall Impressions So Far
    My strength has remained steady which is really nice since Im cut way down. The pumps have been outstanding and have been of the top 2 benefits I've seen so far from this stack. My energy and mental drive are really good and it feels clean with no jitters. The biggest benefit so far is, without question, the stamina. I just have so much more wind. You'd think I was a marathon runner or somehthing. The cordygen is really taking my MMA game up a notch just my making so much harder for me to gas. Cordygen5 is looking like its about to make my list of staple supps. Oh yeah, and its great for the immune system too. Man, cheap, effective, cardio in a bottle, thats a winner for sure.

    DAYS 8/9
    off days

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ugab37 View Post
    The biggest benefit so far is, without question, the stamina. I just have so much more wind. You'd think I was a marathon runner or somehthing. The cordygen is really taking my MMA game up a notch just my making so much harder for me to gas. Cordygen5 is looking like its about to make my list of staple supps. Oh yeah, and its great for the immune system too. Man, cheap, effective, cardio in a bottle, thats a winner for sure.
    Look's like you're reaping the exact benefits C5 was designed to promote.
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  6. DAY 10
    Side Note: My triceps are probably the most sore they have ever been. Its now been 3 days since my last workout, and it still hurts to even extend my arms a small amount. That being said, I opted to do a 'pull' workout, because thats all I was physically capable of. Hopefully, I will be able to do chest or shoulders tommorrow, but if not, Ill do deads/legs/traps and wait til friday for chest and shoulders.

    One Arm Dumbell Rows- warmup(100x15), 120x31
    One Arm Machine Rows- 2 sets of 25(mainly for the good stretch I get on these)
    Wide Machine Pulldowns- stackx15, immediate drop for 25
    Wide Lat Pulldowns(sitting on floor, again, my gym SUCKS!)- 2 sets of 20 w/10 second holds at top on last 4 reps
    CloseGrip Pulldowns(again on floor)- 2 sets of 10
    One Arm Cable Rows(on floor using a folded metal chair to increase distance from weight stack and get a better stretch)- 2 sets of 12
    StraightArmPulldowns- 3 sets of 20

    Alternating Incline Dumbell Curls(Victor-Style, holding my off arm in top position while performing rep with other. I also keep these straight, no supinating here)- 30x20, 40x10, 45x12
    Rope Cable Curl(I keep my arms together throughout the entire motion as I feel it hits the brach. better.) 2 sets of 20
    Lying Reverse Cable Curls- 1 set of 51(failure w/ rest pause)
    Machine Preacher Curls- 1 set til failure(basically, it starts as full reps and then goes to halves, then partials, and the set concludes when I cant move it one inch. Well, actually, I hold it for at least 10 seconds at that point and then the set ends)

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Well, Im now 3 days out from my beach trip, so my carb intake is really low and Im using a mild diuretic to get that final bit of vascularity. My weight is now at 221(the lowest Ive been in a LONG time), but my strength hasnt dropped one bit. Thats really suprising. Also, my mood during the workout is usually really bad at this point, but the Ragnorak seems to really be helping with the mental drive and focus part. As far as pumps go, they havent been outstanding, but they have been much better than they normally are when my carbs are cut so low. Now lets talk STAMINA. Man, I cannot even begin to descibe how amazing the cordygen5 is when it comes to stamina. This stuff is the best endurance and oxygen increaser on the market- handsdown. I've also noticed a slight increase in libido. I dont remember seeing that cordy products can do this, but it seems to be. Update coming tommorrow after my workout concludes. So far, so good...

    Note To My Fellow MMA Guys
    If you train in MMA even casually, you need Cordygen5. As you all know, cardio is the name of the game when it comes to MMA and nothing is on the level of cordygen5.

  7. glad to see you're enjoying everything. about the libido increase; I know that cnidium monnier has been shown to increase blood flow to the penis, but i'm not exactly sure if any one thing in either product can contribute to the actual rise of libido or not.
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  8. DAY 11

    (I only had an hour for todays workout, but with a few good intensity techniques, the workout was a success)
    Flat Bar Presses- 135x15, 185x8, 235x16(at this point, I realize that my tri's will never heal from Sundays workout, so I go down instead of up), 205x31
    LowIncline Flyes- 40sx15, 50sx20, 65sx12
    Triset of HighInlclineFlyes/FlatFlye/FlatDumbellPress- 40sx12/12/12, 2nd set = 40sx12/12/12 immediately followed by another round with 30s x 15/15/20

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Well, I had pretty much zero rest between sets and it didnt phase me at all. Normally Id be huffing and puffing, but the cordygen5 has completely eliminated that aspect. Again, my focus and strength were really good considering that Im only at like 40gs of carbs a day. The pumps were amazing today. I feel that can be attributed to a combination of the decreased rest time allowed by cord5 and overall pump promoting effects of ragnorak. Tommorrow will be my workout before my vacation. I will be carrying a couple very small sets of dumbells with me to the beach and hitting at least 5 workouts out of the 7 days Im down there. Those workouts will consist of very high rep giant sets and some good ol' fashioned cardio on the beach. My girl will be bringing her laptop, so Ill update as much as possible. My next update will be tommorrow following shoulders/legs....

  9. Awesome! Have a great time at the beach, brother! Make sure to enjoy yourself.
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  10. DAY 12

    Dumbell Press- 50sx20, 85sx21, 85sx17(I felt suprisingly strong on these, but Im still going for bloodvolume, so I didnt go with the 100s)
    One Arm Side Laterals- 3 sets of 20 with 25s
    Side Lateral Pumps- 3 sets w/45s til failure(and I mean FAILURE)
    Giant set of FrontRaise/ LateralRaise/ DumbellPress/ DumbellHolds above head for 60sec's- 3sets of 15 w/25s

    Overall Impressions So Far
    I feel really good. There's like no need for cardio anymore, because cordygen5 seriously double your aerobic ability instantly. This product is officailly a staple for me. As for the Ragnorak, it has to be helping with strength. I was 219 this morning and I've forgotten what a carb tastes like yet I was still able to get some good reps on shoulder presses. My pumps were really good, which is suprising with no carbs. Well Im headed to the beach tommorrow. My next workout will be on Sunday or Monday and it will consist of some extremely high rep, giant set training. I just cant stand filling my car with dumbells, so I'll take 2 sets and be creative instead.


  11. better fill that trunk! who needs clothes, anyways?? have a blast, brother!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  12. Quote Originally Posted by ncangey0513 View Post
    better fill that trunk! who needs clothes, anyways?? have a blast, brother!
    Good Idea bro! Im leaving in 1 hr and 15 minutes, so Ill talk to you guys soon. Im at 220lbs and by far, the most vascular Ive ever been. Its been a 13 week cut in total, and Im about to do some insane bulking when I get back. Take care guys!!

  13. DAYS 12-14
    off days. I was basically just letting my body do some healing and enjoying the beach.

    Review of 2week SOLO run w/RAG/Cordygen5
    Well, the ragnorak is the best tasting preworkou supplement on the planet. I would put it in my top 2 in the category of preworkout supps with Smash and Rag being very similar for me. The cordygen5 is an amazing supplement and as I stated earlier, it will be a staple of mine from now on. The endurance and cardio benefits are INSTANT. Thats still very hard to believe, but its the truth.

    Update on Supplementation Protocol
    I started dosing epidrol at 3 caps per day and I will continue this for one month. My dosing on cordygen5 and ragnorak will stay the same for the next 2 weeks which will be until my supply runs out.

    DAY 15

    Giant sets of frontraise/lateralraise/bentraise/presses- 5 sets of 20 each with presses to failure

    DAY 16

    Standing Dumbell Curls- 3 sets til failure (51, 47, 52)
    Trisets of StandingAlterntates/Hammers/ConcentrationCurls with reps of 15/20/21's(7/7/7)

    DAY 17
    Supersets of FlatFlyes/Presses/Pushups- 3 sets til failure on every set which was some seriously high reps since all I had were 20s and 40s.

    DAY 18
    Trisets of Kickbacks/Dips/DumbellSkullcrushers- 4 sets of 30/20/failure

    DAYS 19-20
    nothin, basically I got slack and said screw it.

    DAY 21(one week into Epidrol)
    Dumbell Press- 50sx25, 85sx12, 85sx12
    Front Raise- 35x15, 45x10, 45x11
    1arm Side Laterals- 30x20, 40x12, 40x12
    Side Lateral Pumps- 2 sets til failure w/50s

    Supersets of WideMachinePulldowns/1armMachineRows- 2sets of 20/12
    Supersets of WidePulldowns/StraightArmPulldowns- 2sets of 20/20

    Lying Reverse Cable Curls- stack x 20, drop of reps 8/12/100
    (I just threw those in cause I felt good and I try to do as much as possible to help with biceps peak)

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Well, lets see, I gained 8lbs in 8 days on my vacation. To say I was dirty bulking would be an understatement. I did however, enjoy the he** out of it, so it was worth it. My training while on vacation, was not great, but I was able to get some good pumps and some decent bloodvolume training. Today my weight was at 228lbs, so the bulk is ON!! I really think that the cordygen5 is contributing greatly to my lack of stamina loss. Also, the energy from Ragnorak was just what I needed to get me motivated to get back in the gym. Epidrol couldnt have came at a better time. Im assuming that I can attribute my lack of fatness to it. Ive noticed with both my havoc and epistane runs that bulking seems to be cleaner with this compound. Im also praying for some gyno reduction as i have a small amount that just wont go away. To both MilenniumSport and Genera, I do apoligize for my lack of updates. I was unable to use any form of internet on the island. You can expect my normal progress reports from here out. Well, this is gettting good and Im very excited about finally bulking. Update coming soon....

  14. No problem, man! Glad to hear you had a blast on vacation!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  15. DAYS 22/23
    off days

    DAY 24

    Flat Dumbell Press- 50sx40, 85sx20, 85sx25
    LoIncline Dumbell Press- 65sx30, 85sx20, 85sx20
    LoIncline Flye- 50sx20, 50sx20
    HiIncline Flye- 50sx15, 50sx20
    PecDec- 3sets of 10 (hold for 3 secs at peak contraction, and then hold til failure(min60sec's) on last rep)

    Rope Cable(seated, behindhead) Extensions- 2 sets til failure w/stack
    Rope Pressdowns- 2 sets til failure followed by partials
    Dips- BW til failure

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Well, my strength was down today, but after a week layoff and some poor dieting, thats to be expected. My stamina was still awesome. My pumps were phenomenal. My weight was at 223 today. I seem to be starting to lean out again. I am planning on ********ing with an emphasis on LEAN, but things are a little hectic now, so for now, oats/whey will have to be half of my meals. My macro breakdown will not change. I havent noticed much of a difference yet from the epi, but again, Im just getting back into the swing of things so well see. Im expecting some good gains w/ min. fat with epi, so Im really excited about the coming weeks. Update coming following tommorrows workout.

  16. Big dawg are u testing these? lol! Another great log coming. I can't wait to see u get onto the Epi. It will be nice to see these other 2 products esp Ragnorak. I want to try it one day.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by UNCfan1 View Post
    Big dawg are u testing these? lol! Another great log coming. I can't wait to see u get onto the Epi. It will be nice to see these other 2 products esp Ragnorak. I want to try it one day.
    Whats up buddy? Yeah man, Im testing all three actually. 4 weeks on each. The Rag is some good stuff. If you havent already, give MS a call, and Im sure they'll hook ya up with some samples.

  18. DAY 25

    Barbell Buddy Curls- 85x 20/18/16/14/12/27
    Incline OneArm Curls(holding off arm at top position while curling with other arm)- 35x12, 35x16
    Incline Curls(done together)- 1 drop set of 40sx10, 30sx20, 20sx30
    OneArm Dumbell Spider Curls- 2 sets w/35 til failure w/partials
    Standing Alternates- 35sx20, 35sx25
    Rope Cable Curls- 2 sets of 20, 1 drop of 15/15/15 reps
    Lying Reverse Cable Curl- set of 20, set til failure (51) w/rest/pause technique

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Stamina is beyond belief. Pumps are amazing. Im really loving this stack right now. My strength is coming, but Im more for bodybuilding than powerlifting at this point so Id actually prefer stamina over strength. Im sure the epi will have my strength coming up soon. Tommorrow is back and tris.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by ugab37 View Post
    Whats up buddy? Yeah man, Im testing all three actually. 4 weeks on each. The Rag is some good stuff. If you havent already, give MS a call, and Im sure they'll hook ya up with some samples.
    Cool, I figured u were and u called me a testing whore lol.

    I just noticed ur BF% is under 10, awesome. Glad to see all of this cutting is working for u.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by UNCfan1 View Post
    Cool, I figured u were and u called me a testing whore lol.

    I just noticed ur BF% is under 10, awesome. Glad to see all of this cutting is working for u.
    Thanks man. The beach certainly put a dent in it though. I cant wait to get the bulking in fullblown mass mode!!

  21. DAY 26

    One Arm Dumbell Rows- 100x30, 120x23
    One Arm Machine Rows- 2 sets of 15 w/3 sec hold at peak contraction
    Wide Pulldowns Machine- stack x sets of 12/17
    Triset of WidePulldowns/CableRows/StraightArmPulldowns- 2 sets with 20/12/failure

    Triceps(left elbow killing me, so I backed off a little)
    Superset of Brainbusters/closegrip presses- 3 sets of 25/30 w/85
    Rope Pressdowns- 2 sets til failure
    Cable Kickbacks- 3 sets of 15
    Rope Cable Extensions(seated, keeping hands 2gether)- 2 sets til failure w/stack

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Well, my freaking joints seem to be dried out right now, so Im throwing some Osteo-C in the mix in the next few days. Its nothing extreme, but just some discomfort. Other than that, things are going really good with the addition of epi. Im at 227lbs today. Not sure if Im holding a lot of water or not, but I doesnt seem to be. Im still really lean, so I dont think much fatgain has occurred. Best thing so far...STAMINA, STAMINA, STAMINA. Update coming Sunday....

  22. Glad to see you're reaping the increased stamina benfits. Looking great, bro!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  23. DAY 27
    Off day, but I have a few things to note. Well, the reason I didnt train legs last week is because I injured my knee while on vacation(nothing extremely serious, just a strain), and I had to get some fluid trained from it. Also, yesterday after work I trained with my MMA coach for 5 hours. Holysh**! I am extremely sore today, but screw it, I learned some things. One of em is that my instructor has a freaking crazy hard highkick. He caught me in the left bicep and it was probably the most intense pain I've ever felt outside of my kidney stones. Anyways, on to the log...

    DAY 28
    Dumbell Press- 50sx25, 85sx14, 85sx14
    Front Raises- 35sx20, 45x12, 25 til failure(not sure of #)
    Superset of Seated Incline Lateral Raises/ Lateral Pumps- 2 sets with 25sx20/45s til failure(usually around 35 or 40)
    Very Weird Exercise- Again 80% of my training is done in a shed with no machines whatsoever. The small amount of machine training I do is done at the most pitiful gym on the planet. Its actually a rec. center. Anyways, I've been asking for a good cable station forever and then they get a mini-version, so I got creative today. I hooked the bar(with a hook on each end) to each side of the cable pulleys. I then lowered it to just below my shoulderblades(when sitting) and I did the following:
    BehindtheNeck MiniCable Machine Presses- 3 sets of 30 ( I actually got a nice pump from these)
    Cable Upright Rows- 2 sets of 15 w/3 sec holds at top.
    Machine Shrugs- 2 sets of 8 w/stack w/3 sec hold at top and held to failure on final rep.

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Lets see, my weight was at 226 today. My diet is officially in full ******** mode. I felt really good today. I didnt feel gassed at all. I also did some one-two combos with 4lbs weights and fullsized boxing gloves both for cardio and handspeed. Its amazing how much cordygen5 helps with oxygen. Thats really all I can say. You seriously dont get out of breath. The Ragnorak is also amazing both in taste, energy production, and pumps. With the low price as well, its hard to beat it. The epi seems to be bringing my strength up nicely as well. It also appears to be keeping me pretty lean so far even with my higher carb intake.

    DAYS 29/30(last days of ragnorak/cordygen5)
    I will try to get in one more workout on these 2 days. I will also be posting my review of the combo on wednesday.

  24. DAYS 29/30
    Ended up being off days after all.


    10 of 10!!! This supplement is a staple for me from now on. Ive never used anything that comes close. From endurox, bcaas(megadosed), oxydrene, etc.., you just dont get the same 'air' you get with this one. You get instantly better cardio. Im not talking just a slight increase, but the type of increase that is noticeable. You're working out and you do a really hard set and the time you normally take to recover is cut in half. You do cardio and its twice as hard to get out of breath. I know cordyceps are known to increase immune function as well, and with the low price, I see know reason that any serious competitor wouldnt throw this in their arsenal. Im really getting serious with my MMA training and my cardio has improved immensely. My standup is much better because now I can practice for much longer with little to no rest. Im very impressed. That one free bottle has earned MST a few customers for life.

    Ill get a little more detailed with this one.

    Pumps- 8 of 10. I definately could tell if I went without it. Achieving a pump without it was much harder. I played with the dosage and 1.5 scoops was just right for me.

    Energy- 9 of 10. It gives a very 'clean' energy. I would feel very motivated and driven, but even at 2 scoops no jitters at all. It only took about 20-25 minutes after ingestion for me to feel it. I liked to dose it 1 hr preworkout with just some water. That way it would kick in 30 minutes before my workout and I could start to visualize how that day would go.

    Stamina- ? of 10. Thats really hard to say since I was using cordygen5 with it, so I want take a guess on this one.

    Taste- 10 of 10. Holy crap, that junk is amazing. It tastes better than watermelon xtend which is my all time favorite tasting supplement. I could drink this junk like kool-aid. Great job on that aspect for sure.

    Comparisons to other Preworkout Powders Ive used them all. Here's a few: fasttwitch, smash, purplewrath, xtend, xcell, N.O.Shotgun, NanoVapor, N.O.Xplode, SizeOn, Superpump250, Storm, PrimedUltra(caps though), and any others you can think of. Id put Ragnorak in the top spot and probably tied w/Smash. Id probably prefer which ever one happened to be cheaper at the time.

    SideEffects/Negative for Rag- none

    Overall Results For my 1 Month Log
    My performance in MMA has pretty much doulbled. My hardness and size are both up. Im up right at 6lbs since the start and the combo made my beach prep(exteme cut) much much easier than normal. Overall, both supps are great and would be an awesome asset to any nonhormonal athletes, people in post cycle therapy, MMA trainers, or anybody for that matter.

    TO MST
    Thank you guys very much for this chance. You guys have great customer service and products to match.

  25. DAY 31

    Flat Dumbell Press- 50sx30, 85sx20, 100sx14, 50sx41
    Low Incline Dumbell Flyes- 50sx20, 50sx20, 50sx27
    Supersets of MachineInclinePress/PecDecs- 2 sets of 10/20 and then 15/10(w/3sec hold at peak contraction and 60sec hold at biggest stretch)

    Incline Dumbell Extensions- 85x30, 120x24, 50x109
    Rope Pressdowns- Held hands together and did one til failure for burnout
    Cable Rope BehindHead Extensions- warmupx30, stack for 27, stack for 31

    I just had my training partner hold a huge pad, and I went 20 minutes with 1,2 combos including the occasional right low kick. I would do 30 with my strong side and then 40 with my weaker side. I also did one xtra set for my weak side. I like to to 2 full sets for each and then rest for 1 minute and go at it again.

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Well, the epi seems to be bringing my strength back up nicely. I clearly have lost some pretty much going for bloodvolume for my 12 week prebeach prep. It feels good to be going heavy again. Im trying to hit a few heavy sets and then always throw one pump set in at the end to a la BranchWarren. Lets see, its Day17 of my epi run and so far, the most noticeable things Im seeing are strength and vascularity which is exactly what I want. Its good to feel lean on a bulk and I think epi is perfect for that. This version seems to be legit. I feel just as good, if not better than I have on previous epi runs (havoc, methyl-E, Ibe's Epistane). There's still a good bit of time left, so we'll see...

    DAY 32
    off day. I HATE WORK!!


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    Replies: 4
    Last Post: 02-20-2009, 01:11 PM
  3. Just finished epi, bridge into pplex?
    By thehazzle in forum Anabolics
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    Last Post: 02-18-2008, 06:26 PM
  4. Phera bridge into MOHN...
    By z28man in forum Anabolics
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    Last Post: 11-05-2007, 04:45 AM
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