Ugab's Cordygen5/Ragnorak SOLO********er bridged into Epidrol

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  1. DAY 42
    Curl-Bar Military Press superset w/Dumbell Press- 65x40/ 50sx20, 115x20/50sx25, 165x15/50sx26
    Supersets of SeatedDumbellLaterals/LateralPumps- 2 sets of 25sx20/50s til failure
    BehindtheNeckCableMachinePress es- 2 sets of 40

    Back(width day)
    Machine Wide Pulldowns- stack x sets of 15/15/21
    Wide Pulldowns(sitting on floor)- sets of 30/20/20 and final set was done behindneck for 21 right after fronts.

    Overall Impressions So Far
    First, my weight is at 227 so thats still up 4lbs from the start. My strength is almost back to where it was when I was 250, so thats amazing. No sides to report except an INCREASE in libido which obviously isnt a bad thing. Overall, this compound seems exactly the same as methyl-e and IBE's epistane. My final review will be coming on Wednesday. The 30 day log will be ending on Tuesday, so looks like its PCT time...

    DAY 43/44(final day of Epidrol)
    off days

  2. wow i really liked this log, good freakin job bro. I can see why AN picked you as a rep.

    You really got me thinking that epidrol is the same as epistane and is the real deal. I havent tried any others but im happy to know that this is a legit product. Seems very weak to me nonetheless....

    whats the highest per day dosage you have done with the epi compound in general?

  3. Okay, Im probably gonna get flamed a little for this, but I actually did 80mgs for about 2 weeks. I was doing this transformation contest thing through the mail. I didnt get any sides and my bloodwork was actually the same at 50mgs as it was with 80. I normally get it done every 2 weeks while 'on'. I really think 30-50mgs is the sweet spot.


    Starting Weight:223
    Ending Weight: 228(+5lbs)
    BF%: Well, I had a one week vacation in there that I ate like crap on. Also, I checked it at the beginning of this whole log which was 6 weeks ago, and the epi only consisted of 4 weeks, so it really wouldnt be fair to judge the bf change. Im assuming its pretty close to 10 though.

    Honestly I think this compound is the real deal. I feel that Havoc is a little stronger than the others. Again, its just a different 'feel' for me. I would choose my epi product of choice basically by price, so that puts epidrol at the top.

    It was anything crazy in terms of strength and size, but the gains in vascularity were steady. I really like 'dry' compounds and this one is just that. Also, its a valid point to note that I had NO joint soreness which is normally associcates w/decreased estrogen. Thats all the good with none of the bad. I would reccommend Epidrol as a great recomp or cutter on its on. In a stack, I might add Bold or Ergomax to add a little more power to its bulking potential.

    None, but again, I did have some crazy elevated libido.

    I felt really good the entire time. Its strange to take a ph type of product and feel no sides. Stange and very nice. I really dont feel the least bit shutdown. My vascularity and hardness improved more than anything else. I had nice stamina increases and my strength was elevated slightly. I think the main point of this log was to prove or disprove the authenticity of this product - again, ITS FOR REAL! Its a quality product from a company with great customer service. Ill certainly be using it again in early january for my stack of superdrol/bold bridged into epi/furazadrol, so keep an eye out for that log.

    Thank you very much for the chance to log this one. I recieved nothing but great customer service from you guys. I look forward to doing business with ya in the future.

  5. you have pm



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