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  1. glad to see your getting results.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by neoborn View Post
    Hello Guys,

    So I went for bloodwork about a month ago now and received the results back. There are a few non normal results that I would love feedback on:

    1. Cholesterol is high
    2. Blood Sugar Upper Limit
    3. Liver Values High or Low?

    My results are below. I don't do any kind of PS / PH, am a non drinker ( two to three breezers every month on a saturday if that ) and am wondering why my liver values are elevated ( I think it's elevated, not sure ).

    Can any of you give me suggestions on my results and how to improve my results into positive healthy results?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback and help!

    Much Love,


    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Diesel View Post
    Ur cortisol is high at 441, should be closer to 250

    ur LH is low at 3 (which is why ur total test is low and ur libido is gone), should be at least a 6 or higher.

    ur total test is low at 11.3, should be around 20 or higher, how old are you?

    ur estrodiol isnt high at 66. Thats average but 40 is better, and 20 is even better than that, under 15 is 2 low.

    prolactin is fine, but FSH is low. Really low at 2.

    Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) in men controlls basically ur sperm production. It should stay around an average number in the range. To high a FSH may mean ur nuts are "broken."

    Are u coming off a cycle?

    ur TSH (tyroid stimulating hormone looks fine, the lower the better....most of the time).

    ur total test and LH is or was low. I would stay on the DT at 8 per day. Its going to take anything longer to kick in for you. With DT increasing ur free test more, ur LH maybe staying down because thats the natural Loopback to more free test, but its hard to tell because u didnt get ur free test taken.

    pm me ur address, I bet if u stack Trib Test with the DTH ur on it would kick in really good because Trib Test is a good LH booster.
    If you would have posted these test results up before the start of ur log, I would have told u 100% to run the log DTH and trib test, ur LH and total test is 2 low. Not that DTH wont help, but DTH will increase ur free test more up front so ur libido will stay low (as it has) till this point. I would have predicted no libido boost on DTH with these test results. When did u have these done? Did u have some type of stress related event or family problems weeks or the week of this test? Was this test done at night or something?

  3. 1. Test performed in morning

    2. Didn't have these results until after log started.( just got results on friday)

    3. Stress = Concerned over potential loss of job.

    Thanks Chuck. I have pm'd you.

  4. what does your doc say, neo?

  5. Well I have to go in and talk to him. The guy who I originally talked to was very knowledgable, when I went back in to get my results he wasn't there and this other dood kind of went through with me but really didn't have much of a clue . I am going back to see my other Dr. soon ( for post DTH results ).

    I also haven't picked up my SBHG and DHT results yet as they weren't back.

  6. Final Day

    Ok so here I am at the end of my current log. I'm going to give some feedback on this run of Diesel Test Hardcore.


    The conclusion to this log is that I am very greatful for being sponsored on this log. I am greatful to Chuck for choosing me. I started this log but didn't have my blood results in from the Dr's. It started out that I felt very shutdown with no libido at the start of this log. I was having various issues with my job and personal life. It turns out that after receiving my blood test results that my LH is very low etc. There are several problem areas I need to address to bring me up to par.

    Chuck is going to help me in a few areas to get me back up and running as normal with some kind of libido.

    Pros / Cons

    Pros: Daily pumps, Sperm volume & Muscle hardness.

    Cons: Price ( well it is guaranteed so not really a con ), did nothing for my libido, large pills to swallow.

    I have another bottle of DTH so when I receive the Trib Test and Ether 2010 I will run all these again in this log. Hopefully this will work better for me then

    I want you to all know that all the other testers had very good results and good libido. I am not the standard here. Overall I am more than happy with Get Diesel and the commitment that Chuck has shown to his testers and customers. I would have no hesitation whatsoever of purchasing more product from this company!

    Log on pause until other products arrive.

    See my Formestane / Leviathan log >>>Here<<<


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