ALRI Pro-Anabol review with measurments and pics

  1. ALRI Pro-Anabol review with measurments and pics

    I had no idea what to expect from PA. I had never used any product like it before and tend to be skeptical of new, unproven supplements. The bottom line here is that Pro-Anabol works!

    I was surprised how quickly it kicked in. Before the end of the first week I was already experiencing increased muscle fullness and better pumps. Here's a week-by-week breakdown of my log:

    Week 1
    Metallic taste in mouth. Decided it was excess iron from multi, switched to one w/o iron. Taste went away.
    Mind-muscle connection (MMC) with lats improved. Lats feel fuller.
    Muscles feel full all day, much more than normal.

    Week 2
    Increased vascularity on right bicep.
    Delt strength significantly improved.
    Pumps and muscle fullness are excellent, way above normal.
    Seem to need less sleep than normal.
    Increase in body acne.
    Measurable and visible increase in muscle size.

    Week 3
    Decrease diet a little below maintenance.
    Start Jungle Warfare.
    Despite lower carbs and decreased reps, pumps and muscle fullness still excellent.
    MMC continues to improve.

    Week 4
    Increase diet back above maintenance.
    Lethargy for a few days. Gone by the end of the week. Most likely from JW, not PA.
    Strength and hypertrophy continue to increase.

    All measurements were taken upon waking with a MyoTape.

    Weight: +2.8 lbs

    Waist: +0.25"
    Waist (Vacuum): +0.5"
    Hips: +0.5"
    Chest: No change
    Chest Flexed: +1"
    Shoulders: +1"
    Neck: +0.375"
    L Bicep: +0.125"
    L Bicep Flexed: +0.5"
    R Bicep: +0.125"
    R Bicep Flexed: +0.125"
    Forearms: +0.25"
    Thighs: +0.25"
    Thighs Flexed: +0.5"
    Calves: +0.25"

    PA creates rapid excellent muscle fullness and pumps. It also seems to have a strong effect on flexed muscle size. It has more of an impact on hypertrophy than weight. The numbers speak for themselves here, it works quite well for a bulk. With the level of muscle fullness PA provides I think it would also be an excellent cutter, especially for contest prep. I'm already planning on using it next year for my contest prep, possibly double dosed or for 8 weeks.

    Start on left, finish on right. Sorry about the shadows in the pictures, didn't think of it until after I took them.

  2. Good review! Def look fuller! Nice work, DD!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by thewilman View Post
    Good review! Def look fuller! Nice work, DD!
    Thanks. I also look fatter though, I hate that I'm sticking out over my waistband in those pics. Too much food early on.

    Ah well, I can get rid of fat easily enough. It's nice to have more muscle though

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