Bone bruises on 1AD/4AD

  1. Bone bruises on 1AD/4AD

    I started taking AMS's 1AD/4AD stack. Power, strength and endurance are way up, but I read somewhere that one of the side effects is that one bruises more easily.

    About a week into the cycle I got a bruise on my right heel (from the treadmill), so now I'm back to the stair-stepper and the elliptical (which is kind of a bummer, because I was hoping to ditch some bodyfat, and not being able to run makes it harder).

    Does anyone know of any herbal protection or cures for the bruising? I just started trying an Arnica homeopathic, but so far I still have the bruise.

    Also, I'm taking a ton of herbs for liver/kidney protection, but would appreciate any suggestions and/or feedback. Basically I am just taking straight herb powders from the health food store and then knocking them back with water, because that is the cheapest way to go (by a lot). Here is my mix:

    Milk Thistle powder
    Nettle powder
    Hawthorne powder
    Celery seed
    Red Yeast Rice (actually this one is in v-caps)

    Basically I just knock back a heaping teaspoon (with water) each time I take the 1AD/4AD. It's not too bad.

    Also, I should probably add that I take Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan (Chinese herbal for kidneys) and Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (for liver), even though these work on a totally different system.

    I'd gladly cash in the pro-hormones for trans-dermal if it was legal, but it's not, so that's out for me. I just need to know if anyone knows what to do about the bruising, or if anyone has any suggestions for liver and kidney protection, because I want to be more fit, but longevity is more important to me.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


  2. Red face

    taking n-acetyl-cysteine will allow you to serve Him better, ServeHim. (it's for yer liver)


    good luck with the bruise.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Gokmog View Post
    taking n-acetyl-cysteine will allow you to serve Him better, ServeHim. (it's for yer liver)


    good luck with the bruise.

    Thanks, Gokmog.

    The bruise is getting slowly better.

    Do you know what to do for stinging in the eyes?

    Thank you,

  4. Red face

    OK. You should take some turmeric powder, just for the vitamin-E like effects in the liver cells. But other than that, as for your eyes, given what herbs (unknown to me) and the pro-hormones (somewhate known to me) that you are on... man.. I can't help you. I'm sorry.

    Drink plenty of agua, mi amigo. Other than that, I can't know what your body is going through. I'm sorry.

    You seem to be on a lot of nice herbal supplements. You should know that the chinese systems are not well tested and may not respond well within your individual body. Listen, brother. The blood-type diet is supreme above all other diets, as are its recommendations and reasons. The suggestions given under the blood-type diet are representative of the true rules of physical reality itself. Learn what your herbs are, if known to the research under the ABO genetic angle, if not remember that the chinese system may not be the ultimate authority regarding your particular body's reaction to the substances you are assimilating. I felt bad from a "liver care" formulation", turns out that one of the ingredients was a "metabolic inhibitor" according to the blood-type diet. This is a formidable and extremely fortuitous knowledge base. It is from Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo. I would check out the "Eat Right For (4) Your Type Blood Type Encyclopedia" for more information regarding the Chinese and Indian herbal/medicinal systems in regards to what Western Science has learned of the interaction of nutraceuticals/pharmaceuticals and the human body, according to very important genetic differences.

    I have personally experienced some of these rejuvenative herbal regimens and learned of the truth of the blood-type diet. It is nothing to screw around with. Don't waste years of your life with B.S. Go for the gold, and live what you know you deserve.

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