Quick Thought and Review on JW by ALRI..

  1. Quick Thought and Review on JW by ALRI..

    So I implemented Jungle warfare as part of my Post Cycle Therapy along side with BAM, Lean Xtreme, Tamoxifin, and just the basic health supps like Digestive enzymes, Pro biotics, Reg Vitamins, and Cycle Support...

    There has been much controversy as to the contents of JW. When I first heard about JW it sounded like a great PCT addition to everything else. According to the forums everyone was keeping their gains, loosing BF, and yet gaining mass all in some way or another. Few months pass by and there is some speculation into if JW is another designer steroid or at higher doses it has diff effects then it should regularly be taken..

    So okay..
    I followed the directions on the bottle and took 3 caps throughout the day..Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Mind you I wasn't really too shut down after my 12 or so week cycle. First few days I really start to like JW and the pumps I get from it. Could of also been the test still in my system though decreasing slowly but producing better pumps. I was shedding a little bit of fat while my strength has stayed the same. My diet was alright as I am currently trying to cut a little bit of BF..

    but oh boy after a few days I start to notice a little more pronounced puffy nips...I think to myself wow how did I mess this one up now..Not only did my nipples poof out a little more after my cycle but I continued to get this really annoying pain in my crotch area. Almost felt like Blue balls for an hour. This happened several times and usually after I took the JW and worked out. Ive ran a few cycles before and never had such a pronounced feeling of pain in that area. I honestly feel more hurt down in the balls then I did when I was on cycle. Not to mention I've never really had a problem with acne EVEN on cycle until I started JW! Ive never had so many weird pimples and acne in my life. shoulders, back, arms, forehead....its just ridiculous...

    THis is more of a rant then anything but this is my experience with JW and I can't wait to end it.

    With all the controversy over JW I would totally not recommend taking it all. I'm even skeptical taking this stuff over Test/Deca or anything related to that. I felt much safer and better on cycle then I do in my PCT and with this product. Just to give you an idea of all the hormonal stuff I've used Test/Deca/Havoc/Superdrol/Dbol/Winstrol/Clen...and Never have I ever had such bad effects then with JW...

    I'm honestly thinking of extending my PCT another 2 weeks just to recover from the JW...

    Anyone else have similar problems?

  2. I took JW, Mass fx and retain 2 for 10 weeks. I loved the results i got from the stack. I just wish i knew what caused my gains. The only problems i had while on the stack was lethargy sucked and i felt very very hot while taking it. I completly recomped and was scared to get off the stack... but when i did i only lost about 1 pound. 2 months later i am still at the exact same strength level. I have no complaints about JW, Mass FX or Retain2.

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