AnaChasin - Gamma-O and 6-Oxo Stack

  1. AnaChasin - Gamma-O and 6-Oxo Stack

    What's going on? This will be a first time Log for me. Obviously the stack is Gamma-O and 6-Oxo. I'm looking to really lean out while putting on a few solid pounds of muscle. My main goal for this cycle will be destroying all of my personal bests (of course), and hopefully ending up with a six pack (party ball right now). I'll be taking one ounce of the Gamma-O once daily along with 3 capsules of the 6-Oxo with my last meal of the day. This will be along with my everyday supps like Champion Nurtrition Pure Whey Stack and Sci-Fit Krealkalyn powder. Possibly might add Cytosport Fast Twitch to the mix if the pre-workout energy is not there in the first week.
    I'm currently 6'1" at 200 lbs and 26 years old. Not a solid 200, probably about 20% bf. I have been lifting for about a year and a half. I try to stay very natural in the supplements that I choose and feel that this is about the most exteme I'm ever going to try. I will be cycling these products for a total of 8 weeks. I will be doing a push/pull split for my work outs. This will be lifting each bodypart twice a week: Once heavy and once light. I will be adding before pictures on my next post.
    Flat Bench - 275
    Deadlift - 405
    Squat - 315 (Weak, I know, I have bad Knees)

  2. Two days on now with no notable difference yet. Supplier said ten days to start to feel the effects. Two workouts down:

    DAY 1 sets
    Barbell Bench Press 3 4 to 6 2 min
    Incline Dumbell Press 3 6 to 8 2 min
    Smith Machine Decline Press 3 8 to 10 2 min
    Barbell Squat 3 4 to 6 2 min
    Smith Machine Front Squat 3 6 to 8 2 min
    Leg Press 3 8 to10 2 min
    Overhead Barbell Press 4 4 to 6 2 min
    Overhead Dumbell Press 4 6 to 8 2 min
    Close Grip Bench Press 3 6 to 8 2 min
    Dip 3 8 to10 2 min
    Standing Calf Raise 3 8 to 10 1 min

    DAY 2
    Deadlift 3 4 to 6 2 min
    Bent Over Row 3 6 to 8 2 min
    Lat Pulldown 3 8 to 10 2 min
    Chin 3 6 to 8 2 min
    Drag Curl 3 8 to 10 2 min
    Barbell Shrug 3 6 to 8 2 min
    Dumbell Shrug 3 8 to 10 2 min
    Hanging Leg Raise 2 10 to 12 1 min
    Rope Crunch 2 10 to 12 1 min

  3. subd! very interested in gamma-o. I wonder if its use would be acceptable by natural bodybuilding consortiums

  4. Today was the second Heavy push day of the new regimen. Felt very strong today, and felt that way throughout the entrie workout. I am cycling the Gamma-O and 6-Oxo with one of my workout partners, and although we can't see it visually, we somehow put on about 4 pound each last week.

    Todays' workout consisted of primarily compound movements. I wasn't able to really tell if I was stronger, but my muscles felt fuller without feeling tired. I think I'm going to add the Cytosport Fast Twitch in to the mix to try and amp up the pump.

    As I said previously in a post that I was told that the effects would not really be noticable until about 10 days in to the cycle. today was day 8, and I can definetly feel the effects both in the gym, and in the bedroom.

    I will update again on Wednesday which will be day number 10, and the hopeful start of rapid gains in both strength and mass.

  5. Today is day 11 on the stack. Weight today was 208, so I'm up 8 pounds. It's not possible that this is all muscle. My muscles' are way fuller than only a few days ago. My lifting partner is up from 176 to 180. This stack definetly has increased my appetite. I'm eating at least every 2 hours. My diet is all whole grain carbs, and grilled or baked proteins. I have switched to Designer Whey for my additional protein intake.

    Today was a high rep push day, and I was straight swollen when I left the gym this morning. My strength was def up today. Incline flyes for 20 reps with the 40's felt like nothing. The middle part of my chest is starting to fill out. My current workout doesn't include much arm work, and I think I'm going to throw a few more bi exercises in to the mix.

    I've included some before pics from a few weeks before I started the Gamma-O/6-Oxo stack.
    Attached Images Attached Images   

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  7. Today was the third heavy push day, and damn did I feel strong in the gym. I usually always start lifting between 7-8 in the morning, so sometimes mondays are a little groggy. Not today. Pump was good/nothing crazy. I can already see a little more definition between my tri's and shoulders. Upper middle part of my chest is filling in nicely. I gauge my results by the mrror more than anything else. If I feel a certain part of my body is lagging, then I will focus intensely on bringing it up as fast as possible. My weight today was 210. I started this year at 238, and was down to 198.4 for a low. I'm really hoping this cycle leans me out while putting on a few dense pounds of muscle. I have not started to lean out as much as I would've liked, but I do have another 6 weeks on the Gamma-O/6 Ox0.

    I took my blood pressure yesterday on one of those suppermarket machines, and it was 123/60. The only reason that I'm saying this is because I'm usually around 115/75, so I am a little concerned about this. It's more unusual than alarming.

    I have not maxxed out on any lifts and do not plan to until the 8th week of this stack. My goal is to hit 315 on flat bench, 455 on deadlifts, and 375 on squats.

    I have not started taking the Cytosport Fast Twitch. I'm going to wait until week 5 of this current stack to begin its use.

    Here is a sample of my high rep days (Thurs & Fri):
    DAY 3
    Incline Dumbell Flye 3 10 to 12
    Cable Crossover 3 12 to 15
    Pec - Deck Flye 3 15 to 20
    Leg Extension 4 15 to 20
    Lying Leg Curl 4 15 to 20
    Cable Lateral Raise 3 10 to 12
    Barbell Front Raise 2 12 to 15
    Bent Over Lateral Raise 2 15 to 20
    Cable Pressdown 3 10 to 12
    Overhead Dumbell Extension 3 12 to 15

    DAY 4
    Decline Pullover 4 10 to 12
    Straigh Arm Pulldown 4 12 to 15
    Barbell Curl 3 10 to 12
    Incline Dumbell Curl 3 12 to 15
    Barbell Wrist Curl 3 12 to 15
    Reverse Crunch 3 12 to 15
    Crunch 3 20 to 25


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