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  1. stack question

    What do you guys thing of taking a fatburner, lipo6, hotrox xtreme, etc. and N-Large2. do you think that will give me the rusults of both, getting big and cut?

  2. NO !!!!!!!! That's an absolutely HORRIBLE way to go about your goals ! Getting cut requires a LACK of calories (which N-large will NOT do for you!) and getting bigger requires an EXCESS of calories WITH HARD WORKOUTS !!! Too many calories and u won't burn fat. Not enough and u can then burn the fat but then your body lacks the necessary calories to build lots of muscles. Pick one goal or the other. Most people bulk, then cut and cycle between the two with periods of maintenance in between where they are neither all out bulking or all out cutting but maintaining the gains or losses thru diet and exercise.

  3. I get fine gains with a loss of fat, so will most newbie's with a little bit of planning.

    I would always try to do slow recomposition where possible, when that fails or if you are in an extreme hurry (contests and what not) fall into the cycle of bulk/cut.

  4. Right, nelix, I agree with your statement, but I believe it's a waste of money to buy fatburners for the purpose of burning fat when you're going to be consuming a weightgainer concurrently. Ideally once the fat has been mobilized, the fat burners upregulatory effect on the metabolism will oxidize the fat for use as energy but when calories are in excess , like using a weightgainer, I believe using a fat burner is just throwing money down the toilet. Fisha, my suggestion is this, if you're overweight, cut the calories back a bit (nothing too drastic just yet) and lose some weight through 2-3 cardio sessions a week plus 3 weight sessions a week. If you are not overweight but have just a tad bit more fat than you care for, go for the weightgainer and 3-5 heavy and hard weight sessions per gradually lose the fat and add more muscle at the same time (more than you would if doing the first suggestion). Hope this helps man ! Also, READ ALL YOU CAN about cardio, burning fat, building muscle, etc., knowledge is power when applied my friend ! And knowing is half the battle !

  5. Muscle burns calories. The more muscle you have the easier to keep fat off and lose fat from my experience. Will you gain 10-15lbs and get ripped at the same Not without some serious gear and I don't suggest that. If you eat pretty clean, diet wise, and eat enough to gain lean body mass (muscle) you're body will dispose of fat slowly. But if you want to get cut, I wouldn't be expecting to put on much muscle. Most, not all, but most people lose some muscle when they cut. So good luck to you, but unless you have the genetics that some of these guys have on here, it'll be hard to do both at the same time.



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