Another GL Sponsored Cissus-Drol Log

  1. Another GL Sponsored Cissus-Drol Log

    In appreciation to Generic Labz for selecting me as a tester for their new product, Cissus-Drol, I will provide a log of my usage and relevant results.

    Background on me is that I have been a cage fighter for the past 4 years and am a personal trainer. Current stats put me at 10% bodyfat and 185 Lbs.

    I will be looking to this product to aide as I am at the end of a post cycle for some anabolic supps. Hopefully it will help with recovery and allow me to make some relevant gains in size. I am currently in the process of weight gain--trying to reach a lean 205 Lbs. for an upcoming fight.

    Diet consists of about 4000 calories/day--appx. 180 grams protein, 400 grams of carbohydrates and 100 grams of fat.

    I will post my usage of the product at 3 caps/day for 30 days of product use. Expect me to post every other day or so.

    Thanks and I hope you like the log.
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  2. I started my cycle yesterday. Having reviewed my knowledge about Hyperdrol, I dosed my first day at 4 caps/day. One in the morning when I woke up, one at around two in the afternoon, and two in the evening around 8.

    I worked back and triceps yesterday and felt that although I was tired from the day, the workout was strong. I didn't notice anything difference in my strength other than that I have been able to maintain almost three weeks on post cycle, all of the strength from my last cycle.

    For today, I plan on jumping out of the gates and bumping my dosage to 6 pills/day. I am already through my morning and afternoon doses--feeling good and actually a little pumped.

    Here is what I have noticed so far:

    Anger/aggression: none


    Strength:the same

    Weight:the same



  3. today is Day 3...after finishing Day 2 yesterday at 6 caps/day, I noticed that my muscle hardness increased--I feel like I dried out a little bit. My bodyfat is already at 10%, but amazingly, I feel like it dropped, but my muscles look equally as full--so that's a plus.

    I also noticed that I have been sleeping great and my energy levels throughout the day have been great. That is definitely good news for me because my last anabolic cycle gave me serious lethargy that borderline felt like depression. Most of that appears to be gone since I've started the Cissus.

    I am on the last 4 days of my SERM, so once I finish that, I will be running Cissus-Drol solo at 6 caps per day.

    Today, I am working chest and bicpes so I will report later how the workout went in reference to strength and endurance.

    Anger/aggression: none


    Strength:the same so far

    Weight:the same

    Acne:a little but nothing noticeable


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