Ragnorak by Millennuim... lets do this

  1. Thumbs up Ragnorak by Millennuim... lets do this

    Hello ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, .. and freaks. I have finally gotten the time to log Millenium's Ragnorak Warrior Melon; my schedule has been packed lately and I apologize for the delay.

    First off I want to thank Millenium and Spaceclown for selecting me to log their product. Although I hate to start a brand new log in the middle of the week... I just don't think I can have it in my posession any longer without using it.

    So without further delay.. lets get the ball rollin.

    My training currently is consisting of more compound exercises. Rep range changes weekly.. along with exercises, tempo and the use of shock methods off and on.

    My diet is very well balanced currently and logged from day to day. Also very shortly I believe I am starting up with FLA nutrition so everything will be flawless. Currently I am trying to cut very slowly. Starting next week with my new diet, cutting will begin hard.

    I am hoping Ragnorak can aid in some focus, maintain lean body mass, and help give energy with times get rough.

    Upon opening the bottle I could immediately smell a rather melon like scent. The directions recommend 30-60 minutes pre workout on an empty stomach. So this is exactly what I did. I never thought the whole empty stomach thing was a big deal until I started using some of the latest stims out and I realized right away how important it really is.
    The scooper... well I really dont know why more companies do not make them like this. The extended handle; I know it seems like a minor issue, but who likes digging through have their jug and pooring it all over the floor just trying to find the damn scoop. With the extended handle (see pic), it practically smacks ya in the face.
    I poor one scoop into my shaker and shake away... seemed to mix very well.

    Taste test:
    Well folks I have read some comments already about how good the melon flavor is... and I figured I would just wait and see for myself. I have tried a lot of different supplements in my day.. and I gotta tell ya.. this ranks up there easily with one of the best i have ever tasted... amazing flavor for sure!

    The tried and true test is coming up though.. lemme go hit the gym and I will get back with you guys on if the taste ranks up their with performance!

  2. nice

    very nice. i like. can't wait to see how rag stacks up! i'm using storm right now but was thinking of switching to rpm/rag pre w/o and maybe torrent post. thatd be a sweet stack imo. gl man!

  3. Nice intro! I'm in!
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  4. workout 1

    Well I just got back from blasting arms... I hit them with some high reps this week. Before I even got to the gym I definitely noticed a lot of energy and focus.Started with several warm up exercises for both tri's and bi's and right away I noticed a major pump.
    Strength was way up on my first two exercises. Did not increase in weight too much for these but the reps seemed to just fly by. Definitley increased in reps on some very heavy weight I was using. Ill be really anxious to try it when my reps are a bit lower to see if I can get some strength increases there also. Finished my workout with lots of energy , no more increases to note but this is only day one.

    I still have yet to carb up p.w. yet I am still very full and vascular.

    Day one started off with a bang for sure... Im really anxious to get this kind of focus on a leg day. I'll decide what Im training for tomorrow, tomorrow morning... keep checkin back guys this seems to be a very promising supplement.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by simpleton View Post
    very nice. i like. can't wait to see how rag stacks up! i'm using storm right now but was thinking of switching to rpm/rag pre w/o and maybe torrent post. thatd be a sweet stack imo. gl man!

    oh boy... the focus and pump would be insane with rag and rpm.. if you can swing it i think it would def be a good stack!

  6. Sounds like a great start! I'm in

  7. Quote Originally Posted by tops2heavy View Post
    oh boy... the focus and pump would be insane with rag and rpm.. if you can swing it i think it would def be a good stack!
    Stimulant free RPM, of course.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by ncangey0513 View Post
    Stimulant free RPM, of course.
    i would hope so.. unless you want your pants knocked off

  9. Quote Originally Posted by tops2heavy View Post
    i would hope so.. unless you want your pants knocked off
    It would make my head light and my jeans tight.

    That didn't make sense. Oh well.
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  10. workout 2

    Well folks.. after much consideration... and trying to rub out my upper body all day ( Im very sore currently) I opted to hit the wheels. Unfortunately I didnt make my final decision till late afternoon, and my workouts at night rarely measure up to my mid day ones.

    Although I did not see any major increases in strength this time around, I still notice a nice amount of endurance, and an absolutely unreal pump in the wheels (which I rarely get). The pump was definitely a welcomed change... went very nice along some good focus also.
    I definitley noticed myself being more in the zone today, almost rude at times ; and even as I sit here and type I still have the mental want and need to lift... its just my body is definitely shot for the night hehe.

    So overall no major strength increases, but a very noticable focus, energy, and endurance, during and after my workout.

    Can't wait to hit up another serving of Ragnorak tomorrow... by the way... taste hasnt change, still unbelievable hehe

    check back soon bros

  11. Nice update. When you said "hit the wheels," I thought you meant bike riding at first. Meh
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by ncangey0513 View Post
    Nice update. When you said "hit the wheels," I thought you meant bike riding at first. Meh
    lol maybe ill post a pic... cant really picture myself on a bike currently hehehe

  13. Quote Originally Posted by tops2heavy View Post
    lol maybe ill post a pic... cant really picture myself on a bike currently hehehe
    LOL. I haven't done cardio since Medieval times.
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  14. Day 3

    Sorry I did not get a chance to update yesterday... I had to study my ass off for a final. Yuck. I did take my serving before I began studying though.. and ill tell ya what it was nothing short of amazing focus wise. The energy might have been a tiny bit to sit around and study though hehe.

    Overall though I definitely noticed some major focus during my study time.. and it definitely seemed to pay off when I took the test... sorry guys not a real interesting day .. but I thought it would be nice to see how this stuff worked out of the gym.. and i was definitely not disappointed

    Ill be back shortly to log a shoulder workout!

  15. I used Stizm once before I wrote a paper. It was a terrible choice. I was all over the place. I couldn't think clear at all. I felt like ripping my paper apart and setting it on fire.
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by ncangey0513 View Post
    I used Stizm once before I wrote a paper. It was a terrible choice. I was all over the place. I couldn't think clear at all. I felt like ripping my paper apart and setting it on fire.

    lol ya... it sounded like a good idea... but it was definitely hard to sit in my chair hehe

  17. Workout / day 4

    Alright folks... lets get some more updates goin!

    After recieving my plan from FLA and looking it over carefully I decided the best thing to train today would be bi's and shoulders that way i would have plenty of rest for the beginning of my program on sunday (today).

    After being on Ragnorak for a good couple days I could definitely tell why they suggested to continue to take it even on non training days. Before I even set foot into the gym I felt very full and very vascular. I focused more on form this workout, and planned to do so during the weeks into the future, focusing more on stimulating and less on building since I am cutting anyways.
    Today was absolutlely amazing. I did several different exercises for bi's , barbell preacher being the one most noteworthy. During my second set of these I was shooting for 10-12 reps...got to about the 7th or 8th and literally felt like my bi's were going to tear! No bull**** here.. I am hear to give an honest review of this product... and that is totally how they felt! Thats how intense the pump was! I paused for a good couple seconds wondering if I should even finish the set ; finally deciding to and blasted off about 3 more. INSANE!

    shoulders went very well also... felt very full in all three heads and hardly touched em.

    Overall felt very strong in the gym today... intensity was totally there... and pump well , i really dont know what to say about it lol

    hoping next workout is just as good!! all get back to ya guys very soon with my full FLA diet and training in full effect!! what a treat!

    So far RAG is nothing short of amazing as far as pumps go.. hopefully the intensity and strength keep a comin..

    later bros

  18. Sounds awesome, man! Glad to hear you're liking it thus far!! Hopefully things keep going good for you. I match your headbanger with a little headbanger of my own.
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  19. You're kicking some ass!:clean:

  20. hey folks... sorry for the long delay.. ive had a very busy last couple days with the 4th and a wedding

    let me do some recapping..

    Workout 5 legs

    Have been lookin forward to hitting legs with this stuff and finally got a chance to. Took the rag a good 45 minutes before workout and I started feeling it within 20 minutes. Felt super pumped and very very energized.. almost angry hehe.
    Workout went great.. crazy pump in my quads and pretty much my entire legs. had some really good gains... especially on the hack squat.. increased in weight by a nice amount.

    got finished with the legs and felt like going through another entire workout !

    also ran into a friend in the gym and he could have sworn that I was bulking up and not cutting... which felt great.. he said i looked super thick.. definitely attribute some of that to Rag... has me so damn pumped in the gym!

  21. Sounds awesome, man! Gotta love the pump!
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  22. hey brothers.. after a day or two off im at it again... the weight is coming off real well so far.. energy and strength on the rag has been very pleasing so far..

    workout 6 went very well! hit some tri's and chest .. tris were very strong and i increased in weight on several exercises for them.

    after i finished I definitely wanted to keep going.. energy was through the roof. I also noticed some major hardness in both my tris, not to mention the rest of me... even quads and hams were hard as rocks, not sure if diet has more to do with this than anything, but I definitely think RAG has something to do with this.

    So far this is definitely a dieters dream, with rag having no cals and no carbs and a slight thermo effect, you cant find too many other supplements out right now that can compete and pump and fullness throughout the day.. not to mention a very nice increase in energy around workouts

  23. workout 7

    having a couple workouts to update, i was kind of worried that I would not be able to recall how everything went.. but after hitting my bis and shoulders this time.. well its defiintely a workout a wont forget for awile! My gym currently has pretty crap hours, but on fridays they go absolutely overboard and close at the earliest and dumbest hour ever .. so I was pissed.. sat around and debated for awhile, trying to decide whether to bag the days workout (which i was super pumped for) or drive a couple miles down the road and pay a fee to lift for the day. Well i just couldnt just throw in the towel, i decided to drive and distance and pay a few extra bucks to get my lift on.

    i began hitting bi's and ended with bi's also.. strength was through the roof today from start to finish! but more than anything else I was shocked my the way I looked. Super super full, very vascular and looked hard as a damn rock. Workout went great but more than anything it was great to see some changes in how I looked! like I said before so far this stuff is amazing for anyone trying to cut, doesnt just give you a added physical edge, but totally makes you feel better mentally

  24. someone sounds satisfied....glad your loving it.

  25. def loving it! perfect for cutting!

  26. workout 8

    Taste is still absolutely amazing... very refreshing... especially when ice is added to it!

    I hit legs for my 8th workout and just like before it was nothing but amazing. The combo of my new diet and rag really seem to take training to the next level. Everything seems to be falling in place. Diet is in check, rag gives awesome energy levels and keeps me looking forward to the next day... easily the best time i have ever had while cutting.

    Anyways.. leg workout was insane!!!!!!!!!!!!! Strength was great and intensity through the roof, and my form was straight on. Things worth mentioning the most, well practically the whole workout hehe. Calves are definitley getting stronger. Leg extensions went great, made my legs extremely full and hard. And of course, squats were out of control, went up in reps big time and finished with a very heavy number.
    lovin it!

  27. nice work

  28. Quote Originally Posted by spaceclown View Post
    nice work
    x2. :bb:
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