Cordygen 5 Log! (Sponsored)

  1. Cordygen 5 Log! (Sponsored)

    Hey guys, just started my Cordygen 5/diet program today.

    Height 6'0
    Weight 165

    I'm not strictly using the cut diet 2.0, but im incorporating a lot of the ideas from it and will be using these additional supplements.

    Orange Triad
    Maca root (150g)
    2 bottles grapeseed extract
    Glutaform (digestion/maintaining level stomach acid ph)
    2nd bottle cordygen 5
    Fish Oil
    Prim ZMA

    Breakfast today was Salmon Fillet with 6 almonds and about 8 pieces asparagus. Had 3 caps OT, 1 Cap GSE and 1 Cap Fish oil with breakfast and two cups of water. I have a 4pm training session with my trainer dan to begin the next phase of a push/pull program im doing 3 days a week but it might bump up to 4. slept from a little after midnight to 10am today so I'm feeling pretty good.

    On off days i'll be doing cardio, running down to the sound and back from my house, as well as some biking, depending on my endurance. I stopped taking medicine about 3 years ago for a very mild form of asthma, so any endurance boost is welcome! For during workouts i'll be using up the rest of some Anabolic Innovations Excell i have (4 scoops or so with some Splenda)

    When i'm on the go or can't pack my food in time for work, which starts july 5th on a hiking trail, I'll be brining Designer Nutrition Sustain Bars which taste awesome and i used a ton while i was in japan recently when we didn't have time to stop for food.

    I'll update after my first workout with cordygen 5 with 3 caps dosed pre workout with a light meal or protein shake that i'll throw some maca in.

    Additional Note: Yesterday just for curiosity i requested some additional blood work from my GP and got full metabolic panel test including glucose, kidney function, uric acid, liver health, total testosterone, free testosterone and estrogen. I'll probably know the results when i go to see my doc for my yearly checkup july 25th.

    Previous injuries: Just recovered from impact induced bursitis in my right knee. One of my friends and i were fighting and he decided to be serious about it so i landed on my kneecap on concrete. No cartilage, bone damage, the bursa sac was drained and has now completely receded back into my knee. Orange triad has a join complex so i'll comment on if i feel any different as well in this log.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your results.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  3. Thanks!

    Just had my second meal

    AI WPI Mocha Mud Slide W/ Natty Peanut Butter and finished off the asparagus-threw in some Maca would tasted pretty good.

    Took the dog for a 30min walk and just have my dentist appointment in about 15min. I'll update after my workout at 5-5:30pm Est.

  4. Why the maca?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Why the maca?
    It's an adaptogen and some peeps said it was good for endurance in terms of running, etc. Thought it was cheap and nice to throw in with my BCAA Cit. Mallate, and cordyceps. It can't hurt

    Besides, it tastes pretty damn good imo.

  6. Had last meal before my workout

    took my cordygen 5 caps (3)
    2 Fish oil caps

    Meal was:

    handful almonds
    small cup brown rice
    egg whites with omega-3's
    1 serving anabolic innovations Whey Protein Isolate

    Family's cooking up skinless chicken breast and some top sirloin steaks for me to use throughout the week for those wondering why i don't have more meat in the diet today.

  7. endurance changed a tiny bit not much.

    started new phase in the program after not having deadlifted for a while w/ bursitis.

    Did 2 sets of 135lbs for 10 reps, as well as 185lb squats for 8 reps. Did some other leg stuff and went out to wild wings for a quick meal just got a salad while my friends got irresistable wings lol. Mixed splenda and maca into my cottage cheese and had that 45min ago. Once i reach the hour mark i'll take my ZMA and doze off. Good day overall and no GI issues or anything from any supplements i started today .

  8. slept well but woke up kind early at 9am because i got a call on the cell. Really hot today but had a great breakfast.

    Top cut sirloin steak with an egg over easy on top along with some spinach. Took my orange triad, fish oil and grapeseed extract with breakfast. Meal two was two hours later and was another cup of spinach and one serving of WPI with maca and glutamine. I'll do a run later today but the doms from last workout are pretty bad so i have to loosen up the legs with a foam roller and some other stretches.

  9. What kind of runs do you do? Are they performance or aesthetic based? I am always looking for supplements to help me in the endurance and recovery department.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    What kind of runs do you do? Are they performance or aesthetic based? I am always looking for supplements to help me in the endurance and recovery department.
    Since of my mild asthma that i've had, i usually try and do high intensity but my endurance is pretty bunk. So i'll usually run a mile and a half or so, but at the gym on the elipitical i can usually get ~500cal burn in about 35min. I tried and keep it around 130-150 strides per minute with high resistance (60 on a scale of 1-100). I'll have to see today once i take a really hot shower to loosen up along with some stretching. I'll probably take some BCAA before hand or during as well.

  11. thunderstorm/lightning like crazy and had a few flashes where we lost power for a bit so i did the stationary bike at home. 30minte ~330 calories and it was intense since its in my attic with no AC so it was ~85-90 degrees in there

    Felt great and had cottage cheese for my last meal with one scoop WPI and gettting ready to doze off. I've got another training session scheduled tomorrow for another phase of the program at 3pm, so i'll be warming up/stretching and doing ab-work at 2:30. :dl:

    Also no chest tightness or discomfort, and breathing was pretty easy. I'll try and really push myself jogging or something in the hot weather on my next cardio day (friday) to see how it is. I had about 4 cups of spniach/green beans today and after my run had a banana with whey and a tiny bit of milk with ice thrown in the blender. Pretty good tasting

  12. Had my training session yesterday doing the push pull with bench, lat row, dumbell standing lat row (one hand on bench) Did pretty good and got a sick pump. Did 50lbs in each hand for the dumbell row for 12 reps for each arm and two sets of it. :bruce3:

    So far feeling good, lungs are feeling nice. Today i'm hoping to ramp up to a 40min intense cardio session, but i'll have to see considering DOMS in my legs/glutes are still very apparent.

  13. ran 4 miles yesterday and felt great! No wheezing at all.

    Today was good in the gym, endurnace was nice and was able to get out more chinups than usual.

    Dinner was tuna burger on a kaiser roll w/ grilled sweet potato on the new grill me and my dad assembled from scratch today

  14. ran again felt great. Was supposed to do legs today but knee cap felt tender yesterday. Upon closer look, bursitis is back somewhat. I'm laying off legs till i see a doctor which would be friday or monday. gonna go ahead and do arms/back today. If the bursa keeps getting inflamed (its the dead bursa, new one is already regrowing) then i'm probably gonna have the dead sac cut out once and for all so it doesn't recur anymore.

  15. doing alright. Still dosing at 6 a day but with this bursitis flare up the knee hurts to the touch so i'll only be doing light-impact cardio for now.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Aoba View Post
    doing alright. Still dosing at 6 a day but with this bursitis flare up the knee hurts to the touch so i'll only be doing light-impact cardio for now.
    So you are taking 6 caps (2 doses) a day? Right on, C5 is some good ish so I'll be followin' this one.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by mattikus View Post
    So you are taking 6 caps (2 doses) a day? Right on, C5 is some good ish so I'll be followin' this one.
    IMO the supplement works great. Almost finished first bottle but i got some pretty damn bad stomach virus and couldnt hold anything down for more than an hour. Discontinued everything other than a multi for now and added RPN gut health. I might continue but i have to say i definitely enjoyed using the product.


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