Erik’s Millennium Sport Technologies: Kreaceps-XS/Carnage/Cordygen5 Stack test

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  1. Erik’s Millennium Sport Technologies: Kreaceps-XS/Carnage/Cordygen5 Stack test

    Erik’s Millennium Sport Technologies: Kreaceps-XS/Carnage/Cordygen5 Stack test

    Product Sponsor: Muscle Supplements - Millennium Sport Technologies
    I have been awarded an opportunity to test the claims and limits of the above products. This is my first supplement review and log for, a site which I have learned quite a lot from. I hope to add to the base of knowledge with this log. As an independent tester, I invite you on my journey, and welcome your input, criticism and suggestions that will place these products to the test.

    This test will subjectively test the claims and benefits of stacking Kreaceps-XS/Carnage/Cordygen5 and test my ability to rise above my physical limitations and push myself to my limits. I am 38 years old. I am 5'10" tall and presently weight in at 213. I usually lift with more powerlifting influence. However, on this stack, I will be increasing the volume intensity and testing the strength, endurance and recovery claims

    Kreaceps-XS: is a strength, endurance and ATP/VO2 max supplement and creatine supplement aiding in maximizing workout intensity, endurance, and oxygen utilization, aiding the athlete with physically maximizing their workout potential. Dosage: capsule form - 3 pre-workout and 3 post workout.

    Carnage: is an endurance, power and strength beta-alanine supplement that boosts intermuscular carnosine levels, buffers fatigue, and supports maximum intensity in the user’s physical endeavors. Dosage: capsule form - 3 pre-workout and 3 post-workout.

    Cordygen5: is an ATP, oxygen, and endurance supplement supporting the athlete’s physical workouts thereby hindering physical exhaustion from high intensity physically demanding activities. Dosage form: 3 pre-workout.

    The above stack is enough for thirty (30) days supply (40 days with Carnage). Clearly enough before a routine needs to be changed.

    Previously, I took a few weeks off of lifting due to work obligations. Now, back on the big City I strive to surpass all of my limits. My primary goal is to lift more each day than the previous. Either weight or reps, but with the help of the MST I want to test the limits of my endurance and physical capabilities.

    My routine is as follows:
    Monday: Deadlift (5-8 sets x 5 reps); Squats (5-8x5). My goal is to reach 405 on both. Upper Back (exercises vary); Biceps; Abs
    Tuesday: Bench (6-8x6); Triceps; Shoulders; Abs.
    Wednesday: Stiff leg Deadlifts (I am adapting a new volume intense routine.); [either incline leg press or front squats]; Upper Back (various); Biceps; Abs
    Thursday: Bench (6-8x6); Triceps; Shoulders; Abs.
    Friday: Deadlift (5-5x5); Squats (5-8x5) goal is 405 on both. Upper Back (exercises vary); Biceps; Abs
    Saturday and Sunday: rest
    Cardio will also done in the PM, with the possible exception of an early A.M. run.

    Limitations: I lift in the A.M. The gym opens at 6:30 A.M., and I have to leave at 7:30 to prepare for work. Mental: it is too easy to quit a set early after pushing the weights hard - this will have to change. The only other supplements that will be taken are: protein powder (presently Iso Pure) and Animal Pak vitamins. I usually include more, but this is a product test.

    First Day: Monday June 25, 2007

    5:30 A.M. - up and prep coffee. Need the coffee to get me going.
    5:45 A.M. - took 3 Cordygen5's 45 minutes prior to workout as recommended; no tingling or side effects noticed.
    6:00 A.M. - took 3 of Kreaceps and 3 of Carnage as recommended - 30 minutes prior to workout.
    6:30 A.M. Gym:
    Deadlifts: 5-8 sets x 5reps (I love doing deadlifts. You never see anyone doing them. Also they are a loud exercise (a nice loud clang when they touch the floor) and you can use a lot more weight.)
    135 x8 reps x2sets
    225 x8 x2 with belt
    315 x7
    315 x3 – I did not push it further since I had not lifted for past two weeks and did not want to push it. Normally, this is the upper region of where I left.

    Squats: 5-8x5
    135 x8
    225 x6
    225 x7 with belt
    265 x5 – also stopped here due to two week layoff. I have done and can go to 315x3 however, this is when I work squats first.

    Overall this was a tough Squat set due to working deadlifts first. I was very tired, but I attribute that to the layoff. While I was puffing during the break between sets, breathing was slightly easier.

    7:30 A.M. - Post workout dossage - 3 of each Kreaceps and 3 of Carnage. Wait 30 minutes, after shower - Animal Pak and IsoPure with BCAA and EAA aminos.

    Review: Workout was far more intense than usual. Previously, I usually lift Squats prior to Deads. This usually wipes me out for Deads. Here squats were very intense, but I was able to push through the pre-exhaustion created from the deadlifting. Was this the product or not? While Kreaceps-XS/Carnage/Cordygen5 all claim to increase lifting endurance, I cannot at this time attribute the increased inlifting intensity to the first dose of testing. Rather, I think it was from mentally not wanting to wimp out when trusted with testing and log presentations. However, I did notice less exhaustion around 30 minutes after workout and lasting throughout the morning. After shower felt great (better than normal), there is definitely a recovery support in this stack.

  2. Awesome intro! Looks like you could be feeling the effects already!! :clean:
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  3. Evening workout: 6:40 PM June 25, 2007

    Returned to gym for upper back and abs workout. Did not take supplements, and there is a post workout exhaustion difference. More tired here.

    Shrugs - dmbl: 60 lbs x12 reps; 80x12; 95x12; 100x12

    Cable rows: 120x10; 160x10; 180x6

    Weighted Sit-ups (on cable row): 30x15; 40x8; 40 x4 (I have not done ther=se for some time, and they sure produce payback for absent time)

    Lat Pull downs (palms facing): 120x10; 140x6; 140 x4 [noit happy with this performance.]

    Decline sit-ups: Body weight x15; BW+25x12

    Review: I use the evening workout to clean up any unfinished exercises and to double up where needed. I forgot to do biceps and will hit them Tuesday.

    Food: I skipped breakfast due to work. Lunch: Roast beef sandwich on wheat, and a guart of milk. I try to drink two quarts of milk throughout the day for the protein intake. You can get 64 grams of protein in a quart which helps in the total protein intake issue - add some protein powder to that and your mid day intake is huge. Dinner will be hamburger meat and vegies.

    I am looking forward to increasing the intensity and upping the weights.

  4. Tuesday 6:30 AM Workout

    Today was chest/triceps/shoulders day.

    Flat Bench: 6-8 sets x6 reps
    135 x6, x6
    185 x6
    205 x6
    225 x3, x2 -- I have gone as high as 250 and will have to push it back up there. I have always has a weaker bech.

    T-Extension (skull Crushers):
    70 x6
    90 x6, x4, x3, x2

    V-bar Tricep push down: Used on Cable cross over.
    7.5 x8 (I think the plates are 10 pounds each)
    10.5 x8
    13.5 x8
    15.5 x3 (the stack - this felt good moving the pin to the bottom plate)

    Dmbl Arnold Press:
    30 x6
    40 x8
    50 x8
    60 - failed
    50 x6, failed on 7

    Tomorrow I will be working on Stiff Leg Deadlifts and cardio. I want to try this out with cardio (which I really hate doing) and see the effect of the endurance aide.

    Presently, this stack is very nice on recovery and post workout effects. I am not as exhausted returning home from the gym, even though I am drenched in sweat. I think with the aid of a good stimulant or mental aid booster to get you psyched up for the gym, this stack would be killer. Presently, the strenth effects of the stack may not be as noticable as the endurance effect. I am far more resistant to getting tired in the gym and therefore I feel like I can do one or two more sets. However, this is only day two and the effects really have not taken hold yet. I think they say after five days you should be totally in the zone. Tomorrow I really want to test cardio and see what the endurance limits are. Overall, very nice products.

    I also think the MMA guys should look at this stack. This may very well be something to take in prep of a fight, or any endurance sporting event (rowing, cycling, running, etc.) especially, if you have a few events like in a meet. The recovery bounceback is noticeable.

  5. Glad to see you're enjoying everything thus far.
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  6. Thursday June 28, 2007

    Due to work I took Wednesday off.

    Today (Thursday) I had to go to another gym as mine shut down for periodic maintenance. Thank god today was Chest/Triceps/Shoulders day. The sister gym I went to did not have a squat rack in it. I mean what the hell...

    Second after working out, I went to shower, and wanted to stop in the sauna. Damn! they need to post a warning! I opended the door and some old crusty guy was in there. And yep you got it. He was butt-ass naked, beer belly spilling everywhere and his damn balls hanging for all the world to see. Damn near burned my eyes out... (yes had to share that)


    Workout was around 7:00 PM.

    Bench: hit the usual and worked from 135/185 to 215 and 225. Numbers of reps slightly lower as I was more tired after work.

    Tricep rope pull down: as before but noticed that the different pully possition really affects the weight and resistance, nice physics reminder.

    Mil Press/Arnold Press:
    45 x 8, x8, x7
    55 x 5, x5 I really need to get this up some more.

    Flat Dmbl bench:
    60 x8
    65 x6
    70 x5 -- oddly I could have done more. The MST products really seem to allow you to do a few more sets.

    Tri Extensions/Shull Crushers:
    60 x 8, x7
    80 x6, x5

    Other minor exercises not recorded: eg shoulder raises, etc.

    Review: I tend not to trust alot of product claims. I mean pumps are one thing, but here it's different. You can do a few more sets, a few more exercises, and after a grueling workout, I'm not as tired. Now, admittedly I may be an odd tester, but hell I can go back into the gym an do another routine.

    Makes me think I'm not giving it my all, however, I seem to fail on the sets as I did before.

    My last recommendation holds... MMA guys, and endurance guys will love this stack. High rep lifters will love this. Low rep lifters will love this for the recovery aspect.

    I will have to kick up the pressure, but now I have to find a place to squat.... Thanks.
  7. Saturday: June 30, 2007

    I went as a guest to another gym as mine is closed for a week due to maintenance. The other one I went to did not have a squat rack so I had to try this gym.

    Deadlifts: 5-8x5
    135 x 10 warm up
    225 x 8
    315 x 6 with belt from here on out
    385 x failed, x1 --- new records here
    365 x 1
    335 x 4, x3 -- really need to focus here and build the reps.

    Squats: 5-8x5
    135 x 7
    225 x5
    315 x 1 with belt have to start building from here. I can do three reps if I do not do deadlifts first.
    325 x1 stopped as form was starting to fade and hips started to rise to early.

    Incline Leg Press: 270 (3 plates per side) x8
    360 (4pps) x 7
    540 (6pps) x 5
    630 (7 pps) x 4
    720 (8pps) x 2

    Dmbl Shrugs: 60 x12
    70 x10
    80 x10
    90 x10
    100 x 10, x7

    Decline situps with 60# dmbl x10, x8 (failed on 9)

    Cable row sit-ups: 30# x 10
    60 x 5 (total failure on 6)

    I had to call it a day after this as fiancee wanted to go home.

    Went to breakfast right from the gym had: 5 eggs sunny side-up, bacon, and 2 slices of wheat toast, milk and coffee.

    This stack really keeps you going. I could have stayed at the gym for a few more sets and exercises. This stuff is really excellent and really what you need for the gym.

    Today, I really tried to kick up the intensity, and weights. Deadlifting was very nice. The volume went down a bit but I got to a new personal record. Now I need to focus on that for reps. Squats were nice. The rack was different, but I pushed the weight back up. need to hit the 315-325 for reps. My goal on both is 405.

    I think the incline leg press is a pretty good exercise, but is really twice what you could really lift. I think there is a physics formula on it, something like 1/2 force x mass. But I got the press up to the 700's. Not bad. I usually work different foot placements on the press, today I just pushed the weight up.

    Well thats it for today. I am open for comments, good and bad, so please feel invited...

  8. Lookin' good, brutha! LOL at the old guy. Bet you went in the stall and made love to your 5 friends after you saw that!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review
  9. Tuesday July 3, 2007

    Took products as directed.

    Bench: 6-8x6
    135 x6, x6
    185 x6
    205 x4, x4 - for some reason, I was not at my best here. Instead of figthing it, and maybe forcing an injury, i backed off a allowed whatever was wrong to subside. No pain, but a general feeling of lethargy.

    Front Delt raise:
    25 x10,
    30 x8,
    35 x6, x6

    Dmbl Arnold Press:
    25 x10,
    35 x8
    45 x6,
    50 x6,
    55 x failed

    Tricep Dmbl Exten (overhead)
    40 x10,
    45 x8,
    55 x8,
    65 x5,

    Review: Due to a work schedule, I could not stay in the gym past the one hour mark. Additionally, for some reason, I was very lethargic in the morning. I really had to motivate myself to get up. I do not see this as product related because my fiancee had the same issue. Maybe just alot of work related stress. Again, while normal physical exhaustion resulted from doing the exercise, I left the gym feeling like I could keep going. Overall, not a good workout on my part.

    July 4, 2007 - holiday break to rest and relax. Hope everyone in AM had a great fourth.

  10. Sounds good, man. Always listen to your body. You'll be back full throttle in no time!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review
  11. Monday, july 9, 2007: 6:30 AM

    Returned to my gym today, as it opened after a week of maintenance. Cannot really tell what the heck they did, but since the morning crowd is almost non-existant, I really do not mind.

    Today, I worked on back and biceps:

    Lat Pulldown, neutral grip
    120 x10, x8
    140 x7
    160 x3, x3

    Cable Rows
    120 x10
    140 x10
    160 x10, x7 - I know I could have gone to 180 and will next back day.

    Dmbl Shrugs:
    70 x12
    80 x12
    90 x12
    100 x12, x12 - form started to fade slightly on the last set.

    Curl bar curls:
    75 x8, x8
    85 x8
    95 x6

    Dmbl Curls
    30 x6
    35 x6
    40 x4, 4

    Again, I am aware of leaving the gym and not exhausted. However, today's workout, even though it was a back day, does not really tire me out. However, this stack just boosts recovery to no end. Today, proved to me that I need to bump up the weights some more.

    I am returning to the gym tonight for Deadlifts and squats.

    Good week to all...

  12. DL's and squats in a second session?! !! Better bring your A game!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review
  13. Monday July 9, 2007 Evening 7:00 PM

    Returned to gym after taking extra dosages and supplements.

    Did not have the "A" game on, maybe a "B" through...

    Deadlift 5-8 x5
    225 x8
    315 x8
    335 x3
    340 x3 - stopped here as I am pretty conservative with the lower back. While this is the upper are of my weight limits, I did not want to push it another set. Maybe next time.

    Incline Leg Press: plates per side
    2 (180 lbs) x 8
    4 (360) x 10
    6 (540) x 8
    8 (720) x 3 - I could have done more reps but I felt I was straining to much - damn wimpy - new records though. I think I should try 10 pps next time...

    Maching Back Extension
    170 x10
    250 x 8 - not a bad cool down exercise.

    Cable row situps
    2o x 10
    40 x6, x8

    Side Bends
    60 pond dmbls 3 sets x10 each side

    Today I focused more on Deadlifting and Leg Presses. In the upper sets of the Leg Press I started to feel an intense pressure in my face and head. Really forcing the pressure there. Deadlifting was the same, and with the mirror I would sett my face getting red and the veins sticking out. Not bad.

    Again, after using this product, you do get exhausted during the weights, but you recover very fast. I now know I have to focus more on the lower back, in order to increase the deadlift weights. I really should be breaking 405. I guess I will have to start upping the cals some more.

    Well have to go, have a good night all...
  14. Tuesday - July 10, 2007 - Chest and Arms

    6:30 A.M.

    Today's workout changed from what I intended. And I'm glad it did.

    Bench 6-8 x6
    135 x10
    185 x6
    225 x3
    230 x2
    235 x1
    250 x1 - new PR
    225 x1 - revealed I need to focus on speed for the lifts.

    Arnold Press:
    35 x6
    45 x7
    55 x6
    65 x failed
    60 x3 - new PR

    Side Raise:
    25 x8
    30 x8
    35 x5
    30 x7
    30 x6

    Reverse Dmbl Flyes:
    17 x8
    20 x6, x7
    22 x6

    Rope T-Cept Pull dwn
    80 x10
    100 x10
    120 x8
    140 x3
    ---- I have always found it amusing how different this exercise is when using the v-bar. I can actually increase my weights by 30-40 pounds with the v-bar on T-push downs.

    Body Weight is 212. Lost about two pounds.

    Felt great throughout, lots of energy, so I pushed the weights for new records. Got two today. Arnold Press went up by 10 pounds. Bench went up by 5 pounds. Also I noticed that I could get more reps on the other higher weights.

    Well off to work, thanks...

  15. Congrats on the PR's, man!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  16. Thanks, I have to say I am very pleased with this stack. After walking out of the gym, you actually feel as good as new. I think the stack would wreck the person that tried to exercise hard enough to defeat the science behind these products.

    Finally, a real solid support system permitting a person to really push the limits.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Erik2003 View Post
    Thanks, I have to say I am very pleased with this stack. After walking out of the gym, you actually feel as good as new. I think the stack would wreck the person that tried to exercise hard enough to defeat the science behind these products.

    Finally, a real solid support system permitting a person to really push the limits.
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review
  18. Thursday, June 12, 2007 6:30 AM

    This morning's workout was a speed workout.

    Flat bench 6-8 x 6 (narros grip/normal grip/wide grip)
    135 x8/x8/x8
    155 x8/x8/x8
    175 x8/x4/x4

    Front Delt raise w/ dmbl
    20 x8
    22 x8
    25 x8, x8

    Upright Rows, barbell
    60 x8
    70 x8
    80 x8
    90 x8, x8

    Reverse Flyes w/ dmbls
    17 x8
    20x8, x8
    25 x6

    The last few sets of bench got hard, and I could have pushed for more, but I lift alone.

    Today I had to get in and then out. Slightly lethargic but not related to the products. While doing uproight rows I was totally aware that I was not exhausted. Leaving the gym, I was fine, and not tired in the least. Front delts are sore, and I think it was from the wide grip bench.

    I used the speed day because of the last two workouts really pushed the recovey envelope for healing. Today will act as a healing day and assist in speed movements.

    Have to rush to work, so enjoy the day...

  19. Nice WO. The soreness in the front delts could be from a combination of the benches, front raises, and upright rows. WG bench really does give the front delts that extra stretch, though. Almost painful at times.
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  20. Quote Originally Posted by ncangey0513 View Post
    Nice WO. The soreness in the front delts could be from a combination of the benches, front raises, and upright rows. WG bench really does give the front delts that extra stretch, though. Almost painful at times.
    Thanks, I totally agree with the soreness issue. I really think the soreness for the front delts came as a result of doing wide grip bench. I do not usially work the WG. The nice thing about this stack is that it really supported the muscles during the workout. I was still hitting, for me, the higher numbers in the upright rows and the front raises. Although I did tone the front raise down by not pushing the 30's and 35's. I have also been monitoring Reaper's run, which has caused me to try to pick up the intensity some more.

  21. should be deadlifting 405? Drop your reps, and I bet you will within 3 workouts. You're a strong dude, those are high reps at those weights.

    Try this (or a variation therof):

    185 x5
    225 x2
    275 x2
    315 x2
    345 x2
    365 x1
    385 x1
    405 x 1

  22. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    should be deadlifting 405? Drop your reps, and I bet you will within 3 workouts. You're a strong dude, those are high reps at those weights.

    Try this (or a variation therof):
    Thanks, I will give it a shot.

  23. Friday, July 13, 2007

    Standard workout. Did not bring log book. Stuck to standard routine with minor deviations. Slight focus on dynamic effort and reduced effort on max strength.

    Overall good workout.

    Monday, July 15, 2007

    Deadlifts: 6-8 x6
    135 X8
    225 x8
    315 x3
    370 x1
    375 x1 - focused on strength lifting. Tried 405, but stopped and did not force it. Happy with 375.

    Barbell Shrugs:
    135 x8 bar in front, x8 bar in back
    225 x8 bar in front, x8 bar in back -- did these before DLs to warm up neck and shoulders.

    Squats: 6-8 x6
    135 x8
    225 x6
    315 x3, x2, x1, x1

    Barbell curls: 60 x8
    70 x8
    80 x8, x8

    Today's workout was focused on Deadlifting. I tried longer rests between sets. This ate up alot of my time in the morning. Accordingly, the workout was alot shorter and I had to get to work earlier. Overall, I am very satisfied with the limits in the DLs.

    Tuesday, taken off due to work.

  24. Nice workout! Is that 375 on DL's a PR? If so, congrats!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  25. Nice! Drop those reps, man (except for the warmup, of course).


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