Erik’s Millennium Sport Technologies: Kreaceps-XS/Carnage/Cordygen5 Stack test

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  1. Ncangey and Poinson, thanks for the input.

    Took Kreaceps-XS/Carnage/Cordygen5 as directed.

    Tuesday PM, I got to go to the gym after all, and worked a standard dynamic chest routine. On flat bench, I lowered the weights to 135 and 185 and focused on speed movements. Also pulled out the black and red JumpStretch bands for range of motion resistance. (If you have not tried using these, go to the JumpStretch website and look into them. They are not that expensive and really help aid the workout. I also find they are very convenient to use on Hammer Strength equipment. Just buy the smaller ones until you are confortable using them.) I also did several sets of dips with body weight only.

    Wednesday - AM:

    Cardio - oliptical (sp?) trainer - 20 minutes. Interesting.

    Hammer Strength Lat pull downs: 3 x10 at 90 pounds per side.

    Dmbl Curls:
    30 x8, 40 x8 45 x8.

    Other misc. exercises.

    Wednesday notes: I really wanted to test these products against cardio. First, I hate cardio, and I am not good at it - just cannot seem to run for 30 minutes on the tread - also my iPod was out of battery power (yep I am whining). Second, Kreaceps-XS/Carnage/Cordygen5 are the enegizer batteries of weightlifting. So I gave cardio a shot. Throughout the 20 minutes, I was doing fine. I continued to increase the resistance and kept the revolutions within the fat burning range. Only after jacking up the resistance did my heart rate creap into the cardio range. As expected, 20 minutes was easy. Normally, I am very very bored with cardio and do not find it enjoyable - I'd rather be lifting. However, as expected with this stack, I left the cardio routine sweaty but definately not exhausted.

    For the past couple of days I have deviated from the routine, somewhat due to work, but primarily just to explore what Kreaceps-XS/Carnage/Cordygen5 can do for me. I am thinking about planning another cardio session to explore the benefits of these products. However, I am lookng at coming up with something to test this stuff out against. We shall see...

    Thanks for the time and enjoy the day.

  2. Expanding your horizons, eh? I like it!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  3. Monday July 23, 2007

    Past several days consumed with wedding planning and studying for the ACSM person training cert test.

    Hit chest, shoulders and did 20 minutes of cardio. Will not post numbers as nothing improved and primary focus was on cardio. As for cardio, I did the stationary bike. Now I remember why I hate cardio. The bike is so booring. While I could have done more time, I had to get off the bike as my mind just could not tollerate the boredom.


    Worked Stiff Leg deadlifts.

    SLD: 135 x8, 225 x8, 250 x6, 315 x1

    I wanted to focus on teh lower back in order to held build my Deadlift. I really feel that I have the necessary leg strength but lack the low back safety net to hit 405.

    Abs: Cable row situps, decline situp and others.

    Friday: off - yep I was bad.


    Cardio 20 minutes - on bike

    Dmbl Shrugs: 60 x12, 70 x12, 80x 12, 90 x12 - also added 8 reps leaned formward to hit the back traps. I need to add more thickness in order to rest the bar on for squats.

    Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 135 x8 x2, 225 x6 x2, 250 x5, 315 x failed

    Decline weighted abs: BW x 20, BW + 40 x 15 x3

    Workouts continue to be good. Time is a problem with work and such. but everyone faces this issue. Everything else presents as normal. No sideeffects noted ever for this product.

  4. Sounds like everything's going well, Erik!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review
  5. Monday July 23, 2007 8:00 PM

    Returned to gym to refocus and to work some missed lifts.

    135 x8
    225 x8
    315 x1
    335 x1
    355 x1 -- a new PR - while not alot, it will do for now. 405 on the rise though.

    Leg Press, Incline:
    2 pps x10
    4 pps x8
    6 pps x6
    7 pps 4 or 6 (forgot)

    Went today and did not feel 100%. I think this is when you lift the most and force a good workout. For some reason, I forgot to wear my spandex under my sweats. I think they help out in movement. Instead I wore a pair of semi-tight shrunken boxers.

    Anyways, I squatted down on 315 and heard and felt a pop. It kind of reminded me of the photo of the squatter that belw out his sphinxter (sp?). It caused me to pause at parallel. I mean I was in full squat and this happended. So I rose up, and realized I just blew out the butt of my shorts. Yep, first think I checked was the sweats, 'cause I though those ripped. Nope, all fine there, so I continued. Squatted down with 335 and felt the whole butt portion of the boxers tear out. Well it did not restrict me so I continued to workout. (true story)

    Not bad, this product is so bada$$ it will cause you to blow your a$$ right out your shorts, lol!

    Overall not a bad workout. Normally I do not do the one body part per week, but alot of the community here does and I have been thinking of trying it out. I think it aided in full recovery.

    What ever I decide, when I go back to the gym, I am surely going to wear the stretchy pants...

  6. LOL @ the shorts incident. I had the same exact thing happen to me about a year ago, except it was only my boxers that ripped. That is a scary noise. I had no idea what had happened at first.
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review
  7. Wednesday: July 25, 2007 6:30 AM

    Felt good today and headed to the gym for a Chest workout.

    Flat bench:
    135 x8, x8, x8 also worked the three grips, narrow, normal and wide
    185 x 6, x6, x6
    235 x 2 normal grip only - this is about the 1RM and hitting 2 was pretty good.
    255 x failed. Had done this once last week but failed today.

    Hammer Strength Bench:
    180 x 8
    230 x 3 - this never seems the same as stright barbell

    Hammer Strength Wide bench:
    180 x6
    220 x 4

    Cable rope pull downs (Triceps)
    80 x 10
    100 x8
    110 x8

    Overhead Dmbl Ticept Extens
    45 x10
    55 x8
    65 x4

    did some other tricep exercises like dips but not significant enough for reporting.

    Workouts are going well, still keeping the top numbers going. Without a spotter it is harder to push the higher numbers, but I still enjoy the numbers I am hitting while being semi-conservative. I think I will be able to reach the 315 bench goal pretty soon.


  8. Solid workout today, bro!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review
  9. Thursday July 26, 2007 6:30 AM

    In the gym at 6:30. Took products as directed, loosened up and ready to go. Worked back and biceps today.

    Cardio: bike – 20 minutes.

    Lat Pulldowns,
    120 x10, x10
    140 x8
    160 x5, x4

    Cable Rows
    120 x15
    140 x12
    150 x 10
    160 x10, x7
    170 x8

    Dmbl Shrugs:
    70 x12
    80 x12
    90 x12
    100 x12,
    105 x12

    Curl bar curls:
    75 x8, x8
    85 x8
    95 x8, x5, x4

    Dmbl Curls
    30 x6
    35 x6
    40 x4,
    45 x 4, x3

    After inventory of the remaining product, I have until next Thursday before I run out of the product. Damn! I am actually disappointed. Admittedly, I did not take the products on some of the weekends due to being away from home, so I have a few extra days, even considering the days I doubled the dose for the PM workout. Again, left the gym feeling good and not sapped of energy. Cardio, which I hate, took on a whole new level. Your cardio time will definitely increase, but more noticeably, you walk away from it more energized.

    I am ending my log in the next couple of days. I have a few more caps to take, but because of the new PRs (60 at Arnold Press, 355 Squat, 235 bench, and 385 deadlift (this was the big PR) I have to recalculate my 1RPM percentages and rebuild my routine. I know I will hit my goals at 405 in Deadlift very soon, and in Squats pretty soon, but I may have to focus some for on my core and on stiff leg deadlifts.

    OVERALL REVIEW: Great stack, low price and good support structure for any exercise and supplement routine.

    WHAT WAS MY STACK? I took MST’s Kreaceps-XS/Carnage/Cordygen5 Stack.
    PRICE: Kreaceps – XS = $29.95
    Carnage = $19.95
    Cordygen 5 = $19.95

    How would I rate this stack? Very highly. Good price, no side-effects and great response. Broke a few personal records and received enhance recovery.

    Effects on Strength: Good, during the 30-day trial period I broke several personal records. My deadlift, squats and bench all benefited greatly from MST’s products. Nobody can complain about that.
    Effects on Libido: not an issue, no company claims regarding it.
    Effects on Endurance: Great. This stack is truly the “energizer battery” of workout supplements.
    Effect on Recovery: Great. I often walked out of the gym, sweaty, but not exhausted. If I was not constrained by time, I could have stayed in the gym for hours.
    Effect on Wallet: Excellent. In today’s market, supplements cost allot and deliver little bang for your buck. NOT here, MST’s products deliver as promised and without draining your wallet. You can buy more expensive products with higher toxicity, but why.
    Best effects: reduction in fatigue – as advertised. This was noticeable, yet not in the sense of a stimulant.
    Effect Decay: Not likely. Unlike some of the supplements out there, I do not expect to see strength gains decay or body weight fade away. The PRs I gained, are here to stay.

    SIDE EFFECTS: NONE At no time herein did I experience any cramping, intestinal distress, headaches, dizziness, lethargy (other than after working excessive hours), back pumps, joint aches or anything similar. I also did not experience any alpha male edginess wherein I needed to watch my anger. The products did not over stimulate me or interfere in any way with my regular lifestyle (coffee and beer lover here). There were no cravings or excess hunger issues, nor any hunger suppression.

    WHO SHOULD USE THIS: Everyone. The main benefits advertised here, and throughout the internet (for the prime ingredients of this stack) is enhanced oxygen utilization (body and mind), and fatigue reduction. Strength effects are present, but not as prevalent as the above two. Therefore, as I have stated in the beginning of my log, this would be great for natural athletes, endurance athletes, cyclists, runners, rowers, MMA athletes, etc. This would also be great for weight lifters on heavy days, like legs and back – especially for the recovery benefits. One simply cannot beat the anti-fatigue effects without stimulants. I also think Carnage would benefit college students as it aids oxygen utilization in brain tissue and enhance concentration.

    Overall, my experience with MST’s Kreaceps-XS/Carnage/Cordygen5 Stack was very positive. I began my log very skeptical, but I am ending my log very satisfied with experiencing the promised benefits of the stack. Remember, any company can claim strength gains, after all what does that mean when a person takes the product, goes to the gym, of course I will gain strength. But MST delivers in a very sneaky way: Keep the lifter from getting fatigued, and allow the lifter to lift more, let them increase their sets and reps, and the body will do the rest. Also, with the fatigue fighting effects of the stack, I feel that I was recovering faster. MST never said these were magic pills, You still have to do the work in the gym, but these products do allot you to do MORE work in the gym. Great job MST.

    I would have to say in total, from my experience here, MST is one legitimate company with legitimate products. You will not have to worry if you are taking anything harmful, or detrimental. There is no post cycle therapy needed, and no detoxification needed. Just take it, give it time to build up, hit the gym, eat right, and then enjoy the benefits. After all, you have to lift the weights to gain the muscle; MST helps you lift them longer and more often…

    Thanks to MST for the opportunity to test your products.

  10. Wow; AWESOME final review!! It has been a PLEASURE following along, and I'm very happy that you enjoyed our products. Hopefully you'll watch out for future testing opportunities that we have. Thanks for the amazing log / review, and best of luck in ALL of your future endeavors!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review


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