EPI + Furaguno log

  1. EPI + Furaguno log

    I am currently on day 18 of an EPI plus Furaguno cycle.
    I did 20 mg epi/66mg fura the first week, and am doing 30 mg epi/100 mg fura the last three.

    The other supplements I am taking are:
    600mg Milk Thistle/day
    1 Multi/day
    Ru 58841 for hair loss
    I also am addicted to muscle milk & oats

    I am eating between 5 and 6 meals a day and about 2300 cal. With the split about 40/30/30 protein/carb/fat

    During workouts:
    1 serving of creadrive(phospogen hp rip off) with 30g of bcaa.
    Post workout:
    1 serving of muscle milk or sometimes Biotest grow

    My PCT will be as follows:
    Week 1 40mg novla/retain
    Week 2 20mg novla/retain
    week 3 20mg novvla/retain
    I also have some Arimidex, but probably wont use it for PCT.
    I will also resume avodart for hair loss once I complete the cycle.

    Results so far:
    Strength: My strength has gone through the roof. I have always had trouble using more then 40 lbs on one arm dumbbell extensions and did a solid set of 10 with 45s today like it was nothing. I also was doing 5 reps of 185 for power cleans, and pulled off a set of 5 with 215 today. I would say most of my compound lifts are up about 20 lbs so far.

    Size: almost no noticeable increase. I am 5'10.5" and started at about 192 and ~10-12% body fat. I am basically the same size and maybe slightly leaner, but not much. I would guess I have lost about 1.5 lbs of fat and replaced it with 1.5lbs of muscle. I am a little disappointed in my lack of mass gains.

    Does anything regarding either my cycle or pct look out of line?

  2. I finished the cycle by upping the dose to 40mg of epi the last week and finished the cycle on friday.

    Results: I am 5'10.5" and started the cycle at 192 and about 12% bodyfat and ended it at 193 and about 10%. all in all decent results. I gained a about 20-30lbs of strength on most of my compound lifts. I think I gained strength to fast and as a result hurt my right lat at week 3.

    Sides: at 40mg I felt like ****, started to loose hair quickly and had an itchy scalp. Lost all libido and had lethargy.

    I am currently in day 2 of PCT with 120 mg of torm, 4 caps of retain per day, and absurd amounts of BCAAs especially during workouts to minimize muscle loss. Also some creatine.

    I have some shutdown for sure and feel horrible, but actually was able to have a decent workout yesterday. I am about to pop two ephedrine in order to try and force myself through a lite workout today.

    I have a question for past users of Epi. How many days into pct did it take for you to start to feel normal again?

    Summary: I will probably stick to halodrol in the future in order to avoid the hair loss. The results were decent, but not worth the sides IMHO. I had done one previous halo cycle about a year ago and had similar gains wo the sides or shutdown. Wont likely do anything else for a year or so.

  3. Thanks for reviewin' bud. Strange you didn't gain more. I'm doing something somewhat similar- Epi-Oxy-Fura=recomp

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