OK IBE send me a couple samples of Matrix so that I could compare them to Clear Shot.

Very good burst of energy had a great chest workout. OK the energy bust was not as intense as Clear Shot, but I did drink two servings of Clear Shot and only one serving of Matrix. I'm sure that if I had consumed two bottles of matrix then the feeling would have been similar.

Lasting Energy-10
The energy from this stuff lasted about 8 hours and I was still able to go to sleep. Do not consume this stuff before bed or you WILL NOT sleep.

Sexual Sides 5 (Lower the number the better)
Got a little shrinkage, went away after about five hours

Awesome focus and I was very talkative. Well being was also high on this.

Clear Shot
insane energy

Lasting Energy-5
Only lasted about 3 hours

Sexual Sides-8
A lot of shrinkage to go along with the energy, but not as bad as ECA

A little to much energy to focus, but very talkative on this as well.

Clear shot gave me a pump in the gym probably due to the C malate. Since this is not designed for a pump I will not use it to compare the two.

It all depends on what you are after.
Extreme energy-Clear Shot
Long lasting energy-Matrix