Controlled Lab's White Flood & Purple Wrath Review

  1. Controlled Lab's White Flood & Purple Wrath Review

    So I got the 3 pack of samples a while ago, but was logging IntraXCell so I didn't have a chance to use these products. Product details can be found at their site, Controlled Labs .

    White Flood:
    Taste: 4/10 It didn't make me want to not drink it, but it definitely didn't seem refined. I read somewhere that it reminded them of a detergent, and that's probably a decent description. Sorry guys, but the lemonade tastes like a lemon dish detergent lol.

    Mixability: 3/10 Mine was all clumped in the package (Perhaps water got in) but then even after mixing, there was a small chunk that was like a mini-jolly rancher. I had to refill the cup and stir again just to get some of the originial powder to mix, then ate the chunk like a candy. Definitely didn't mix too well.

    Pump: 10/10 I have to say I was honestly surprised. After reading some reviews about the taste being poor, I really wasn't expecting a great pump so when I started feeling the pump I was quitre surprised. I've taken lots of diff Pre-WO , and none of them have hit me like White Flood did. Perhaps it was being off caffeine for a while, but all of a sudden my heart rate just jumped and I felt so energized I was actually breathing faster and feeling almost out of breath. Crazy feeling, loved it.
    Unfortunately in the gym, the effect only lasted for about the first 30 minutes of my workout I'd say, but was still awesome.

    Purple Wrath (v3? Supposedly, looked just like the v2 sample pack)

    Taste: 3/10 Just wasn't there, not that enjoyable at all. Whoever described it like candy must be crazy lol, or I somehow didn't get a v3 sample.
    Mixability: 5/10 Had white chunks no matter how much I stirred it, which gave it a gritty taste.

    Effects: Hard to say how the EAA works, but it sort of felt the same as taking my BCAA's. Had very little DOMS , which is what usually happens if I take my BCAA's and good post-WO nutrition.

    I didn't taken the Green Mag sample because I'm off creatine for a while. Anyways awesome pump from the White Flood, might pick it up despite the flavouring; the pump was amazing!

  2. Thanks for the feedback ! :bb2:
    Email: pt [at]

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