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  1. MST Kreaceps-XS - Log By BigT -


    A Sponsored Log By BigT

    Keaceps-XS Write-Up/FAQ


    MST @ Nutra Planet

    Kreaceps-XS is not your ordinary Kre-Alkalyn product. Kreaceps-XS takes Kre-Alkalyn to a whole new level of performance in the realm of strength, endurance and oxygen utilization.
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  2. I would of course like to start things off by thanking Matt from MST, along with SpaceClown, and MST's newest rep ncangey0513 for selecting me to test and log Kreaceps-XS!

    I have high expectations as for the results from using the new Kreaceps-XS.
    The main things I will be judging as my Log progresses include:

    • Strength:
    • Energy Levels:
    • Aerobic Recovery Time:
    • Anaerobic Recovery Time:
    • Aerobic Endurance:
    • Anaerobic Endurance:
    • Effect on Cardio Workout:
    • Effect Comparison:
    • Pump:
    • Lactic Acid + Ammonia Neutralizing:
    • Side Effects:

    I will be using the rating scale from 1-10. 1 being the worst 10 being the best.
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  3. - Age: 28

    - Sex - M

    - Height: 6'5

    - Weight: 215

    - Body type: Meso

    - Training Experience: I started out playing basketball in high school and only did what i needed to stay in basketball shape. Since then I have messed around with lifting on and off with no real goals in mind, just to stay in shape. About 8 months ago I dedicated myself a lot more to transforming my body and achieve the look I've been talking about for the past 10 years. So far I am achieving all goals I set for myself. Its time to step it up and maybe begin a real bulk.

    - Current Training Schedule / Protocol:
    • Sun: Chest/Abs
    • Mon: Off
    • Tues: Back
    • Wed: Core
    • Thurs: Shoulders/Chest
    • Fri: Legs/Arms
    • Sat: Off

    - Cardio Schedule/Protocol:
    My job itself is like doing 5 hours of cardio a day. (UPS Pre-loader) So I limit myself to 1 or 2 days a week of walkin/jogging on the treadmill.

    - Current Supplements:
    • MST Kreaceps-XS
    • MST Carnage
    • AST Multi Pro 32X
    • EAS Myoplex 100% Whey
    • ON Instantized BCAA 5000
    • CL Purple Wraath
    • Kwik Karb

    - Current Diet & Macros:
    • I usually write down what I eat daily, but sometimes I can not keep up with it. I have a pretty bland diet of the same things daily.
      If you have any questions dealing with a little more detail here feel free to ask. Otherwise I will just be posting my daily totals.
    • I am usually falling somewhere between 3500-4000 cals/310-370g. carbs/60-80g. fat/350-400g Protein a day.

    - Current Daily Water Intake: At least 2 Gallons a day. I wouldn't survive work without it.

    - Links to Past Logs & Reviews:
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  4. Measurement's

    • Weight: 213 lbs.
    • BiCeps: 17"
    • ForeArms: 13"
    • Calves: 16"
    • Thighs: 24"
    • Waist: 35"

    Measurements are taken while flexed..

    Before Photos:

    *COMING SOON* (Wife's asleep and we just got back from camping.)

    Here are a few pictures from about 3 weeks ago. Not much change since then.

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  5. First Workout

    Tuesday ~ 6/19/2007

    The Work Out

    Incline BB Bench:
    • 1x8x155, 1x8x175, 2x5x185, 1x8x155(3 sec. Hold @ Bottom)

    Behind Neck BB Press:
    • 1x10x95, 1x8x115, 1x8x125 (I just started doin these.)

    DB Fly:
    • 3x8x40, 1x6x45

    Front DB Raise:*SS with Seated Side DB Raise*:
    • 1x6x45,*1x8x20*, 2x8x35, *2x8x20*

    High CabLe Cross:
    • 3x8x50

    Low CabLe Cross:
    • 3x8x30

    WG Pull-Ups:
    • 5x10xBW

    DB Curl:
    • 3x8x50, 1x6x55

    Tri rope pushdown:
    • 3x8x95

    (All PR's will be marked in Blue)

    Today's Thoughts:

    Today was a decent workout. At the end I had a little extra energy to spare so I threw in a quick superset on Bis and tris.
    I was camping this weekend so my diet was absolute garbage! Sleep was horrible! Then I had to get up this morning at 2am after only 4 hours of sleep. Work is nuts now with it being so damn hot in the building. I have increased my caloric intake up to around 4500 most days and I am still loosing weight. Even though I am far from needing to cut I may have no choice in the matter with my job being physical.
    I feel it's a little too early to rate Kreaceps-XS in all the areas mentioned before, considering I am only on my second day of taking it. One thing I did notice today was a decrease in the lactic acid burn when doing my shoulders. Every time I go heavy or high rep on my shoulder workouts they get crazy pumped, but burn like hell. It was in the middle of my first set on DB Raises when the burn started and in the middle of my 2nd set the subsided. Usually I have to deal with this burn through out my shoulder workouts and sometimes it even hinders progression. So I am excited to see how this plays out. I did also notice a pretty nice pump as my workout progressed. I am not using any NO products at the moment, so this was definitely a welcomed thing. Im an NO "pump" whore. LoL (can't wait to see the reaction to that one..)

    Next WO will be Thursday. Back.
    Oh yeah. Im playing around with my WO split so things might be a little wacky for week or so.
    This is what I'm thinking as of right now.
    Sunday: Chest/Arms
    Monday: Off
    Tuesday: Back
    Wednesday: Off
    Thursday: Chest/Shoulders
    Friday: Legs/Deadlifts
    Saturday: Off
    Like I said though, who knows. LoL Ive been getting bored lately and havent been able to make up my mind on a routine.
    Anyway, thanks for checkin things out and everyone have a great day!!
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  6. Thursday's Thoughts

    Well, I had a back WO today. Strength was WAY down. Energy was also way down as well. Nothing really worth posting to be honest. I did light weight and high reps. On the way to the gym I was trying to pump myself up, but it just wasn't workin. I think all the sleep i missed out on and the messed up diet over the weekend caught up with me today. Oh Well. There's always tomorrow.
    My diet has been good since Ive been back and sleep has been better, but still not great. Sometimes its kinda hard convincing a 3 and 7 year old that 6pm is bed time. "But Dad, the sun is still out!"

    I plan on goin to sleep early tonight. Tomorrow is DL day. Gotta at least match what I did on the last DL day.

    Everyone have a great day!
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  7. Sunday ~ 6/24/2007
    Dead Lifts

    The Work Out

    Dead Lift:

    1x8x385 PR
    1x3x425 PR

    DB Row *SuperSet* WG Pulldown:

    • 1x8x100, *1x15x180*, 1x8x100, *1x12x200* PR, 1x8x100, *1x8x220* PR

    Single Arm Pull Down *SuperSet* Single Arm Cab Row:

    • 3x10x60 *3x10x60*

    BB Curl:
    • 1x8x95, 2x4x135 PR, 1x8x115

    Today's Thoughts:

    • - Strength: Strength was definitely up today

      - Energy Levels: Energy LeveLs were off the charts!

      - Aerobic Recovery Time: This was WAY up. Normally I have to wait 5-7 min to catch my breath and recollect myself between DL sets

      - Anaerobic Recovery Time: Same as above

      - Anaerobic Endurance: I had an increase in reps on DL today and also WG Pulls. Today seemed a lot easier to get more reps on my consistant weight #'s and even when I upped the weight.

      - Aerobic Endurance: I was definitely able to surpass my normal threshold. When it felt like I wanted to stop, I was able to make myself push through a few more reps.

      - Effect on Cardio Workout: No cardio today. I will put this to the test tomorrow. a 4 mile run with it 90 out with high humidity.

      - Effect Comparison: This seems to have taken effect fairly quick compared to my normal creatine mono especially.. The C5 in the kreaceps is FANTASTIC!!

      - Pump: Suprisingly, I have been having pretty sweet pumps. I am not taking any NO products. So this is a welcomed bonus!

      - Lactic Acid + Ammonia Neutralizing: I never really seem to have a problem in this area. Only on shoulder days.

      - Side Effects: Being able to lift more weight, faster all over recovery, and looking swole after high reps.

    Today's was an ok workout. I had to walk to the gym this morning and I couldn't believe I was yawning on the way there.
    Today was RIDICULOUS!! It has been TOO long since I have had that CRAZY INTENSE FOCUS during a workout. Strength was obviously up! I felt unstoppable!! Hence the other random things I did after DL. I didn't get the 405x8 on DL like I wanted, but somehow I managed to get 2 xtra 10 pound plates on there for 425. I thought I was gonna puke trying to get that up. I will not be attempting DL's that heavy for a while. Everything in my body is sore today.. After the DL I was sitting around for a little bit waiting for my ride and found they were gonna be real late. So i was pissed and then I got crazy again and went back to do all the additional lifting. I had attempted BB curlz that heavy before, but was only able to get it x2. So Im pretty happy with the turnout on that as well.
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    Updates Later
    Craze™ is NOW AVAILABLE!

  9. Tuesday ~ 6/26/2007

    The Work Out

    DB Press:
    • 1x10x70, 1x10x80, 1x8x90, 1x5x95, 1x8x80

    DB Fly:
    • 1x8x40, 1x8x45
    (Moved to Pec Dec Due to pain in rib area)
    Pec Dec:
    • 1x10x305, 1x8x305

    Seated Cable Row:
    • 1x12x200, 1x8x220, 1x7x240

    Single Arm DB Row:
    • 1x8x95, 1x8x100, 1x7x110

    Decline BB Press:
    • 2x10x155, 1x8x175, 1x7x185

    Bent BB Row(Rev Grip):
    ~ I only did these because there were so many people I couldnt get my hands on an Incline Bench.~
    • 3x15x135, 1x15x155

    Today's Thoughts:

    Well, for how I have felt lately, this workout was INSANE!! I had huge amounts of energy and that "focus" continues to get closer to what it used to be. Every time I say Im gonna take it easy I end up doing more then planned. LoL My cardio session was great today too. Reading Tim's(spaceclown) log has given me that running itch, so I went for it. Of course instead of easing my way back in, I went full force. I did 15min alternating every 60-90 sec from 4mph-6.5mph-10mph on a 1.0 incline. Then for the last 10 min I ran @ 6.5mph increasing the incline .5 every 30-45 sec. Towards then end it started to get pretty intense, but this is where I think kreaceps definitely helped. No burning and I was barely breathing heavily at all. Another thing to note, I have NO soreness whatsoever in my back from the sunday DL's.. I do not think I have ever been soo lucky. Usually I am pushing thursday and sometimes fri before I feel better. So far so good with the kreaceps. Im sure most have guessed, but with the addition of C5 in the kreaceps I am having farely identical results as when I ran the 2 separately. Until next time, everyone have a great day and thanks to those who took the time to check this thing out!!

    • - Strength: Strength was definitely up today

      - Energy Levels: Energy LeveLs were off the charts again. It seemed as though I could have stayed there forever!

      - Aerobic Recovery Time: My recovery time between sets was great. It seems like I fly through my workout.

      - Anaerobic Recovery Time: Same as above

      - Anaerobic Endurance: I found myself being able to continue pushing out a few more reps mainly on CG Cables. Usually by the 3rd set I tend to get really tired. Mainly because I rush through em.

      - Aerobic Endurance: Like I mention before. It seems like I can just fly right through my workouts..

      - Effect on Cardio Workout:WoW! I did some crazy running on the treadmill today. Never was I feeling like I was out of breath. If my legs wouldnt have started to get so sore I could have even continued..

      - Effect Comparison: I can feel a difference after I take this. Not so much with my regular Monohydrate.

      - Pump: I continue to have big pumps with kreaceps. Like I have mentioned previously, I am not currently taking NO.

      - Lactic Acid + Ammonia Neutralizing: I know this was a factor during the running. Usually my legs start to burn like crazy, but not today. Not even when I was increasing the incline.

      - Side Effects: Being able to lift more weight, faster all over recovery, and looking swole after high reps.
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  10. thursday's WO

    Thursday ~ 6/28/2007

    The Work Out

    BB Behind Neck Press:
    • 1x10x95, 3x10x115

    Rev Pec Dec:
    • 2x15x115

    Seated DB Press:
    • 3x8x45

    BB Upright Row:
    • 3x8x85

    WG Rear Delt PullDown:
    • 3x12x140

    DB Front Raise:
    • 3x10x25, 1x12x20

    Cable Side Raise:
    • 3x7x15

    Todays Thoughts:

    Ouch. That pretty much sums it up. LoL
    It was a long tiresome WO. My head really wasn't in it at all! When we went camping a few weeks ago my son had a tick on him. We didn't think much of it then, but turns out he has Lyme Disease. So my mind was all over the place. The only reason I went to the gym was cause the Doc Appt wasnt till 1. My son is doin good though. He has symptoms of the flu without the stuff comin out. We caught it early enough that he should be able to fight it off with antibiotics(4 weeks). Since we caught it so early we also will likely not have to worry about future complications from the disease. So we thank god for that.. I had just enough time to type this up while hes napping, so this will be the extent of it today.
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  11. Monday ~ 7/9/2007

    The Work Out

    Seated BB Milt. Press:
    • 1x10x95, 1x10x115, 1x8x135, 1x5x145 PR, DropSet - 1x11x95

    Seated CG Cable Row:
    • Set 1: 1x10x220, 1x10x180, 1x10x140, 1x15x120

    • Set 2: 1x10x120, 1x10x140, 1x10x180, 1x5x220

    (No rest during each set. Switch the pin and GO! 3min rest between set1 and set2.)

    WG PullDown(Rear Delt Pull):
    • 4x10x160

    Bent Rear Lateral Raise(cables):
    • 3x10x10

    It has taken me a while to get form down for this one. It has always felt very uncomfortable. I got it now so hopefully I'll get my rear delts to grow..

    Upright Row:
    • 2x8x85, 2x10x65

    My shoulders were on fire!!

    Single Arm DB Row:
    • Set1: 1x10x60, 1x10x70, 1x10x80, 1x7x90

    • Set2: 1x8x90, 1x8x80, 1x8x70, 1x10x60

    Ive seen a few people doin this. I figured I'd give it a try. Maybe shock my back a little..

    Front DB Raise:
    • 3x8x25

    Today's Thoughts:

    Today I tried a few new things. I liked the turn out and will continue to incorporate those Super Drop Sets(or whatever you wanna call em.) in to my routine. At least for the duration of this log.
    One thing I have found is my strength is not taking a dip since I have discontinued supremacy, which is GREAT! This was one of the things I was looking forward to when coming in to testing the Kreaceps.
    Otherwise everything is good.

    • - Strength: Strength was on point today!

      - Energy Levels: My energy, as you can see, was INSANE! Even after a heavy day at work I was ready to keep goin.

      - Aerobic Recovery Time: Same things to report here. I am flying through my WO's with ease.

      - Anaerobic Recovery Time: Same as above

      - Anaerobic Endurance: Today was the first time I did super sets like that. I think I will keep it up for the duration of this log. I will keep the weight the same and try to increase reps each time.

      - Aerobic Endurance: Like I mention before. It seems like I can just fly right through my workouts..

      - Effect on Cardio Workout:No cardio today

      - Pump: Great pumps. This seems to be the trend so far during every WO

      - Lactic Acid + Ammonia Neutralizing: The only time I could really feel the burn was during the Upright Rows. Otherwise this never seems to be an issue.

      - Side Effects: Being able to lift more weight, faster all over recovery, and looking swole after high reps.
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