My gaining weight while looking good log

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  1. I am repeating what the others say. It does NOT matter what exercise you are doing you must ALWAYS:

    1. Breath - In or out on exertion you decide what feels more natural to you.

    2. Form - Lifting weight with the strictest form - See videos etc on for examples of exercise.

    3. Focus - Focus on your lifting and what you are doing when you are in the gym, talk if you want to talk but when you are working out...Work OUT! Read up on mind/ muscle connection.

    4. Compounds - If you are wanting to gain mass, then the first 2 years will be spent with Compound exercises to build a solid foundation that the rest of your bodybuilding house can rest on.

    5. Weakest - As Arnold says "You are ONLY as strong as your weakest muscle" and that ***** from the tv show "you are the weakest link, goodbye" if you have weak links ( we all do ) bring them up with the rest of your body or you will have a link break at the wrong time, which could potentially f'up the rest of the chain ( your body ).

    I hope this helps. Now enough with the questions and get your ass into the gym! You can read when you're recovering

    Much Love,

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  2. drop those bsn products and the isopure, isopure has no carbs and has little calories. You should be consuming 20cal per lb of bodyweight. I would go axis lab's smash pre-workout, buy bulk CEE or creatine monohydrate, also nitrix wont do anything for you there is no evidence that no does anything except give you a temp. pump, it wont make you stronger and help you gain weight. Save your money and spend it on food, truthfully if you wanna get big and bulk up.. then eat. I would also look into weight gainer protein shakes like such as cytogainer it has ur 3g of creatine in it too, you can get it around 35 at a supplement store or on nutraplanet. I wouldnt mess with your hormones till you get older and until you do more research and find out exactly whats going on and the risks involved.


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