White Flood, Green Mag and PW Sample Review

  1. White Flood, Green Mag and PW Sample Review

    I want to first thank CL for sending the samples. I got it pretty quick and it actually arrived at the same time as my recent order from BB.com (new Mstak and Cuts).

    After reading the numerous reviews and positive feedback on the trio of samples, I definately had to try it out. Ive used different CL products in the past and have never been disappointed.

    White flood:

    The most common comments about WF are about the bad taste without adequate water but personally I did not mind it. I actually poured a little bit of the powder in my mouth just to try it. I then poured a little about half into the shaker and just a little bit over 8oz of water and drank it. Not too bad.
    It was recommended that I mix GM and WF for a tasty fruity taste so I mixed the rest with the GM.

    I use the FIT mixer I got as a free gift with a previous order so everything I use mixes perfectly!

    Pump and Energy: 10/10!
    I was suprised how quickly it set in. Within 15-20 mins I could feel the welcoming tingle in my back and shoulders. The energy was smooth and controlled. The energy pretty much lasted the duration of my workout. The pumps where suprising good as well. I dont normally experience good pumps when working delts and traps but I definately felt them yesterday. Vascularity was nothing more than normal.

    Green MAG

    Taste: 8/10
    GM has a delightful apple taste. Even though I mixed it with WF, I did also taste just the powder alone. Personally the taste of supplements is not one of my biggest concerns but I definately enjoyed the taste of GM

    I usually do not like to rate the effectiveness of a creatine product after using one sample. One serving is generally not an accurate or efficient measure of effectiveness. However, based on the extensive ingredient profile along with the numerous reviews and feedback, I would not hesitate to say its probably a very effective product over long term use.

    Purple Wraath

    Mixability: 7/10
    I mixed this one in the gym. I just poured it into the water I bought. It reminded me of Glycergrow but mixed a lot better. I took a few minutes and a few shakes for everything to finally dissolve.

    This one was a little different. I didnt read much on the lastest version of PW regarding the taste but I think it has changed. It was supposed to be grape but it didnt really taste like grape to me. Oddly enough, it sort of reminded me of ovaltine, which was weird. I actually liked the taste but it definately didnt taste like grape. I was looking forward to the cough medicine taste that most grape flavored supps tend to taste like but this one caught me off guard!

    Overall, I have to say CL definately has a good thing going with these supps as with the rest of their lineup. In the near future I will more than likely be using some of these supplements namely White Flood which I was really impressed with. I personally think any of the CL products coupled with a great diet and workout routine would yield excellent results. Hats off to you CL!!!

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