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    Gaspari Thyrotabs
    "are unique among thyrogenic fat loss supplements in that it is both an active fat loss agent as well as a prohormone to the two most important fat loss biomolecules in the human body -T3 (liothyronone) and T4 (levothyroxine)."

    Gaspari Halodrol 50
    "is the best size and strength gaining supplement currently sold that is not outright illegal or overly toxic. Most people using Halodrol-50 will notice an immediate and positive change in size, strength, and workout recover time within 72 hours of initiating use and the vast majority of user will notice that they are gaining size and strength which each and every workout while using Gaspari Halodrol 50. You can expect muscle belly size gains that are qualitatively visibly harder and denser than similar products on the market. Thus, the overall effects from Gaspari Halodrol-50 are usually quite dramatic and quickly noticeable to the user and observers. With Gaspari Halodrol 50 you can expect that your poundages with the weights at the gym and size of your muscle bellies when checked on the tape measure will go increase quite fast and quite steadily

    Retain 2
    "17b-triol™ designed by Anabolic Xtreme is a next generation leaning agent. It was developed to fight negative cortisol levels, keeping your body in a pro-anabolic state, to get you completely shredded. Stack with Hyperdrol™ and Mass FX™ for the most effective Xtreme muscle building stack available today."

    "• Scientifically proven to increase natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production by at least 221% in just one dose!
    • Significantly increase natural Testosterone production by at least 53%!
    • Dramatically increase quality of sleep.
    • Significantly increase endurance -
    • Improves skin tone through regeneration – Unlike ProHormones and Steroids that destroy your skin, PowerFULL will improve complexion – Another clear reason you’re naturally producing large amounts of HGH!
    • Helps restore natural hormonal production after a cycle of steroids or pro-hormones."

    This will be my first PH cycle and my main goal is to lose as much body fat as possible while also gaining a decent amount of muscle. I know you should usually stick to cutting or bulking but I would like to start by cutting for the first two weeks and then go into a clean bulk. I was told to take the Thyrotabs during the whole cycle since T3 and PH's create better effect when taking them together but want to see how this works out. I might only take the Thyrotabs for half of the Halo cycle. Depending on how things go and if the sides are not that bad. And if I start to have any bad sides while taking any of these supplements I will end the cycle. I wont be able to update this log everyday but a few times a week. I will be working out 4-5 times a week

    I am 5'11
    182 lbs. as of today. Lost 15 lbs. of muscle over the past year from being injured and trying to make a nice come back.
    Body fat is 16-18% I think, been a while since I last had it checked and will get it checked asap. Its weird I only gain fat around my stomach and chest with barely any fat on my legs so I am not exactly sure my body type.

    Heres how I plan to take everything. I will start taking Cycle support a week before I start Halodrol-50 and since I have 2 bottle of CS I will also take it during pct.

    Week 1 Thyrotabs 2 tabs a day
    Week 2 Thyrotabs 3 tabs a day
    Week 3 Thyrotabs 3 tabs a day
    Week 4 Halodrol-50 1 tab a day
    Week 5 Halodrol-50 1 tab a day
    Week 6 Halodrol-50 1 tab a day
    Week 7 Halodrol-50 1 tab a day
    PCT Begins Tamoxifen Citrate / Retain 2 / Powerfull
    Week 8 Nolva 40mg / Retain 3 caps a day / Powerfull 6 caps a day
    Week 9 Nolva 40mg / Retain 3 caps a day / Powerfull 6 caps a day
    Week 10 Nolva 20mg / Retain 3 caps a day / Powerfull 6 caps a day
    Week 11 Nolva 20mg / Retain 3 caps a day / Powerfull 6 caps a day

  2. I'll be watching ya. Im was looking at running somthing similar to this last spring for a cutter but had some prolactin problems I had to adress from an earlier mis hap w/ M1T. Best of luck.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  3. Forgot to mention I'm also taking ON Whey and Xtend.

    Thanks Distilled for stopping by

    Wow that doesnt sound too good, if you dont mind me asking what went wrong?

    Day 3
    I have already noticed the effects of the Thyrotabs. So far it has been making me feel pretty hot, a little tired and sweating some. I went to the gym earlier today worked out chest, arms and calves. Also weighted myself today and I am now
    184 lbs. I would of thought I would still be at 182 or maybe 181 but went up 2 lbs? I was also looking over the directions and it says to take 3 tabs a day and thinking about trying 3 a day next week maybe. Just not sure if it will be too much? I respond pretty well to anything I take and it could be because I dont drink alcohol, caffeine, do drugs. I dont even like taking any kind of medication for being sick, headaches or allergies.


  4. Elevated prolactin levels, and i stil felt like garbage 6 weeks after P.C.T.

    What time of day did you weigh yourself? In the morning I only weigh between 184~185, but by 8 o clock im up to almost 190. Its a big difference. Heck after I work out I gain about 2lbs because of the 16oz of water and 20oz of Excell/water
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  5. Thats crazy, well at least your better now.

    I dont have a scale here at home so I weight myself when I goto the gym at night.

    Just finished Day 5
    and as of yesterday I have been taking 3 tabs a day. Still feeling the effects but it seems like it was not as strong as the first couple days. Well it says that it takes 5-7 days to see the full effects so maybe I am not quite there yet.

  6. I'm on day 20 of using Thyrotabs and they still haven't "kicked in" yet. Good Luck!

  7. So do you mean you havent felt any of the effects like being tired, sometimes shortness of breath or you havent noticed any loss in body fat?

    Man I'm feeling pretty damn out of it today, I have only taken 2 tabs today. I dont even feel like going to the gym tonight but I am going to make myself. I am hoping this tired feeling will go away.

    Does anyone else know if this is normal to feel like this? I have felt tired most of the day and at times I feel like I need to take a deep breath.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by San Quinn View Post
    So do you mean you havent felt any of the effects like being tired, sometimes shortness of breath or you havent noticed any loss in body fat?
    Fat loss yes but at the usual slow rate since I started up cardio. For sides however nothing to report.

  9. Beginning of day 12

    Just got through working out and I am back to 182lbs. I have lost a slight amount of fat, nothing major but I look a little more defined. So the thyrotabs seem to be working but at a slow pace like Rivet also mentioned.

  10. Which version of H-50 are you using ? The original batch with the dmt or a later one ?

  11. Day 16

    I am going to be taking the later batch without dmt. I think its one of the last batches. Todays a off day but still might work out later, still not sure.

    I just got my Tamoxifen Citrate yesterday and now have everything needed for pct. Man I almost want to start the Halo today!! Maybe I should wait 5 more days like planned? I have a feeling I wont want to keep taking the thyrotabs once I start the halo, dont like the shortness of breath I have been getting once in a while with the thyrotabs.

  12. Day 18

    Still 182 lbs.

    I also decided to stop the Thyrotabs at the end of day 16. Didnt like the shortness of breath feeling I was getting. So I am starting Halodrol tomorrow.

    need some advice on calorie intake, 182lbs and want to do a lean bulk so maybe 3000 calories? Hoping to put on a nice amount of muscle and lose a little fat.

  13. Since I decided to stop the Thyrotabs and started Halodrol-50 this morning today will be

    Day 1 of Halodrol-50

    Got a nice work out today, weight is 182.5lbs. Whats weird is I dont know if its in my head but a little while after breakfast I was really hungry. I was doing 30 minutes of cardio 4 times a week but decided to lower it to 15-20 minutes 4 times a week. I am also drinking more water along with eating 2 more meals a day which should be about 1000 more calories. Total of 3000+ calories.

  14. Day 4

    Weight 184lbs. up 1.5 lbs
    So far I have been feeling pretty good. Been sweating a lot especially when I sleep. I wake up feeling like someone dumped a bottle of water on me lol.

  15. Day 8

    Weight is now 186lbs. up 3.5 lbs
    Only problem is I think the scale might not be accurate? The day before I went to weight myself and was moving the lever over, it went to 189lbs and I was like ALL RIGHT this stuff is working great!!! But then I noticed the thing wouldnt move at all. I told the guy that works there and he said they fixed it, still not sure if its accurate though. So far everything seems to be going pretty good.

  16. Day 11
    Weight is now 188lbs. up 5.5lbs

    At first I noticed I was also losing some body fat now I dont think I am. Waist seems to be still the same size but my boxers fit just a little loser.

  17. Day 19

    Still at 188 lbs, just checked this morning. Scale still might be messed up but last night I was 189 lbs. It seems that I was gaining weight pretty fast and then slowed down or stopped?
    I ordered a Halo clone and decided to up the dosage to 75mg 3 days ago to see what happens. At 75mg I am sweating like crazy and getting irritated pretty easy. Its the little things like sitting in traffic lol. I know more isnt always better but was searching on Halodrol and found that people have been getting great gains by going with 75mg-100mg in the 3rd and 4th week. If I dont see any progress in the next 4 days I might just go back to 50mg. I am hoping its just in my head but to me it looks like my nipples might be a little puffy? I really dont know for sure if its just fat or gyno? They dont really itch and theres no lumps either but I will keep a very close eye on it. If it is gyno I will start the Nolva at 10-20mg and see what happens.

  18. That may just be from a little extra water weight (bloating). I get that sometimes. The other day my nipples looked a little puffy but I then relized I had ate 2 cans of tuna that day along with 2 chicken and rice dishes with extra hot sauce and had only drank about 60oz of water. Give it a few days and cut back on the sodium and it should sub side the problem, always works for me.

    Also remember you about 3 weeks into the H-50 gains usually start to slow down. Almost everyone puts on 6-8lbs in the first weeks of an oral and then only put on 2-4 more lbs for the cycle. Your food intake may also play a role. Remember you have to eat more calories to keep gaining weight.

    plus 2lbs a week is stil real soild bro...dont forget
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  19. Day 22

    Weight 189lbs
    Got a pretty good workout today. My damn muscles feel like they are on a constant flex after my workout lol.

    Distilled I have a feeling you might be right. They seem to still be the same and will keep watching them just in case. Yeah I am really happy with my gains and been eating like crazy so I wonder how much more weight I can put on in the next week. Got 1 more week to go and to be honest I dont want to stop the halo just yet! lol

    Just curious... when people extend a cycle a week longer then a normal cycle whats the disadvantage, harder post cycle therapy, libido issues?

  20. Day 25

    I really hope the scale isnt messed up because I weighted myself today and I am 192 lbs! :bb3:

    Pretty happy with my results and I really dont want to stop the cycle lol. I know.... I know.. I have to but anyone want to talk me out of doing another week? I am pretty close to saying 1 more week (5 weeks) of 75mg. Not sure if anyone is really looking at this lol but what would happen if I did 1 more week? Harder time getting the boys back to normal? Someone, anyone?

  21. Im loving the log so far. Good progress and im looking forward to see what happens the following days. Going to run my first cycle of halodrol. Hoping to get the gains that your seeing.

    Keep up the hardwork

  22. To be honest I dont think 1 more week will really be that bad on H-50. Its a little more mild than most designers. I wouldnt do it but thats just me. I dont really see a reason too. Its your first PH/PS so i can see how you feel this way. I know I did.

    Plus then you'll have more for next time
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  23. Day 28

    Weight 193 lbs.
    Been in a great mood lately and aggression has kicked in a little more. Libido has been up along with feeling more tired and always hungry!

    Thanks you guys
    I know I could of done a lot better with this log if I had more time to come on here. I also wish I didnt waste my time with the Thyrotabs, it helped some though so I cant really complain. I decided a few days ago I am doing 1 more week. Like you said it is pretty mild but if I feel something is wrong at all I will just start post cycle therapy. I would love to hit 200 lbs lol
    I dont really see that happening and I'm already happy with the results I got.

  24. Day 35 was yesterday
    end of Halodrol cycle

    Weight was 194 lbs

    Very sad day, had to say goodbye to my good friend Halo. I was only able to work out 3 times in week 5. I hurt my neck about a week ago and just now starting to feel a little better. Even if I was able to work out 2 more times in week 5 I dont think I would of really put on more weight. Adding the extra week didnt really do much I guess. Oh well live and learn.

    Day 1 of pct
    Been taking the liquid Tamoxifen Citrate along with Storm creatine and retain 2. Starting Powerfull tomorrow but still looking into if theres something better to take since I only have like half a bottle which isnt going to last long. Also looking into getting some blood work done, they wont let me get blood work to show my test though? Still interested in how the rest of my body is doing though, maybe this week.

  25. When you get your sheet to take to the blood clinic or hospital just check the box that's what I do. Doc gets pissed but then I say "I've been training alot lately and Ive been sluggish and havent been recovering well and my sex drive is down. I know those are signs of low-test"

    But then again my mom works at that office so we may be on a diff. level than you and your Doc?

    You may also want to jump on some Trib+ZMA, Its cheap and works well for boosting natty test levels in combo with a SERM.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  26. I got blood work last Friday and just waiting to hear from them. They printed up the form or else I would of just checked the test levels box. I also picked up some more Powerfull

    Day 9 of pct

    Weight 193.5 lbs
    I just got back from the gym and they had time to check my body fat and I'm not too happy about it
    BF 18% and the guy said it could be off by a little. I have only done cardio a couple times during pct because I was afraid of burning off the muscle I just added. Maybe I have been taking in too many calories lately? I have been eating the same as I was when I was on Halo so maybe I should lower it just a little?

  27. Day 15 of post cycle therapy

    Weight 192.5 lbs

    Whats crazy is that I am lifting a little heavier weight, I would of thought I would of lost some strength but I guess not. Today was back/shoulders and I think I hurt the left side of my neck again

    Got my blood work back. For some reason the doctor didnt even do the lipid profile like they said they were? This was all I got in the mail?

    I might go back and check my Cholesterol. I kinda feel like I wasted my time getting the blood work done since I dont think Halo has any effect on what was tested?

  28. Day 23 of post cycle therapy

    Weight 193 lbs
    So far everything seems to be going ok. Only thing I noticed is my hair line seems like it might be a little thinner? Could the liquid Nolva cause this or maybe its from the Halo?

    And what do you guys recommend I do about it? Or will it get thicker soon?

  29. Quote Originally Posted by San Quinn View Post
    Only thing I noticed is my hair line seems like it might be a little thinner? Could the liquid Nolva cause this or maybe its from the Halo?
    Hey guy, I just finished a hemadrol cycle and noticed thinning of hair as well, didn't quite gain mass anywhere near as much as you did...but yeah, just thought I'd let you know you weren't alone on the hair thing.


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