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  1. 3 week update

    Greetings everyone-

    Just over three weeks into this and I'm on my second bottle. Did a little traveling the past two days with the family, so no working out, which I think was good for the body (last workout was 3 days ago and I was tired/sore). I'll work back/legs/biceps today.

    Weight is up slightly, right around 235-236. Since starting the second bottle, I'm doing 4 pills on non-workout days and 6 on workout days.

    -I continue to get stronger
    -I'm leaning out in the mid-section
    -Sleep continues to be good
    -Good focus in the gym.
    -Mood still good
    -Slight change (positive) in Libido
    -Acne is starting to appear
    -Joints have felt good

  2. Getting Interesting

    Well, things are starting to change. Weight is up to 237.5 lbs (3.5+) but my waist (1/2 inch) & belly (1 inch) measurements are actually down from the start. My eating has been good, not over eating or eating bad (there has been a cheat meal or two) and I'm not taking creatine (which blows me up).

    I seem to be more irritable this week and my family agrees. I still think I'm in a good mood, but I'm just quick to snap if something pisses me off, which is happening a lot more this week. My face looks thinner, my neck is a little smaller and I have more vascularity in my arms.

    I've never taken any type of steriod, PH or anything along those lines. The "strongest" supplement has either been creatine or ZMA, so that gives you an idea of where I"m coming from. That said, this combo, 6 pills per day, has me growing pretty good while leaning out at the same time and I'm making some very impressive gains. I have about 2 weeks left and I'm really looking forward to more gains!

    -I'm stronger
    -I'm leaning out in the mid-section
    -Sleep continues to be good
    -Good focus in the gym.
    -Mood=Irritable this week
    -No change in Libido the past few days
    -slight increase in Acne
    -Joints have felt good

  3. looking good!!

  4. Hello Everyone-

    I had a very good workout last night. It was "pushing" night, so I did chest, Triceps and shoulders. Last time I worked chest, I didn't bench. Yesterday I got back on the bench. I worked my way up to 275lbs and did 8 reps. That's up 3 reps from the start, so I'm very happy! I hope to hit 10 reps by end of July. I felt very strong all night and it was a very good workout.

    Overall, I feel "tight" all over (slight pump?).

    Good sleep last night, anger in check, all is good!

  5. a little late but still sub'd

  6. 1 Month Update

    Greetings Everyone-

    Back, biceps & light legs yesterday with some cardio. Going into the gym I was sore from the previous workout two days before and I'm sore this morning as I write this. Both workouts were very good, maybe too good? That said, here is my 1 month update.

    Weight: 238lbs +4lbs from start
    Diet: Good, in check.
    Waist: -1/2"
    Belly: -1" inch
    Strength: Up Bench: 275x5 @ start. 275x8 this past week.
    Aggression/Irritability: Slightly up
    Acne: slightly up
    Libido: no change
    Sleep: Good
    Joints: Were very good until the past 2 days

    Thoughts: I've leaned out a bit while adding muscle. For me, at 238lbs, 5-6 caps seems to do more then the 3 caps per day did. I've gotten stronger, my muscles are fuller and a look in the mirror shows good improvement!

    I'm going to lift tomorrow, likely a higher rep, lighter weight workout and then I'll be off to Vegas for a vacation, so my next workout won't be until next Thursday. I've pushed my body pretty hard the last 5-6 weeks so maybe a break for a few days won't be so bad. I have about 10 days worth of pills left then I'm done.

    Have a good weekend everyone
  7. Final Review

    Hello Everyone-

    Time to wrap this up and give you my review.

    I took the pills for a little over 5 1/2 weeks, starting at 3 working up to 6. I even tried 8 a couple of days, but didn't notice any difference from 6. 3 pills didn't do much for me, but 6 certainly did give me results. Here are the numbers:

    Weight: start: 234lbs. end: 238.5lbs (+4.5lbs)
    waist: lost 1/2"
    belly: lost 1"
    Strength test: bench: from 275x5 to 275x8
    mood: pretty good with an exception of a few days
    acne: never a concern
    libido: no change
    sleep: good
    joints: good

    In 5 1/2 weeks, it appears I lost some fat and added muscle. The "mirror" test is positive and I look leaner in my mid-section.
    I think this is one of the best supplements I've ever taken. The results were great, especially for only 5 1/2 weeks and there were no negative side-effects for me! I think 3 pills is not enough, especially for someone my weight. I think 4-6 pills per day is a better dosage for most people. A 6 week cycle at 6 pills per day could get a little pricey, but you will see results!

    This is a supplement I likely will use in the future!


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