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  1. 1 Month Update

    Greetings Everyone-

    Back, biceps & light legs yesterday with some cardio. Going into the gym I was sore from the previous workout two days before and I'm sore this morning as I write this. Both workouts were very good, maybe too good? That said, here is my 1 month update.

    Weight: 238lbs +4lbs from start
    Diet: Good, in check.
    Waist: -1/2"
    Belly: -1" inch
    Strength: Up Bench: 275x5 @ start. 275x8 this past week.
    Aggression/Irritability: Slightly up
    Acne: slightly up
    Libido: no change
    Sleep: Good
    Joints: Were very good until the past 2 days

    Thoughts: I've leaned out a bit while adding muscle. For me, at 238lbs, 5-6 caps seems to do more then the 3 caps per day did. I've gotten stronger, my muscles are fuller and a look in the mirror shows good improvement!

    I'm going to lift tomorrow, likely a higher rep, lighter weight workout and then I'll be off to Vegas for a vacation, so my next workout won't be until next Thursday. I've pushed my body pretty hard the last 5-6 weeks so maybe a break for a few days won't be so bad. I have about 10 days worth of pills left then I'm done.

    Have a good weekend everyone

  2. Final Review

    Hello Everyone-

    Time to wrap this up and give you my review.

    I took the pills for a little over 5 1/2 weeks, starting at 3 working up to 6. I even tried 8 a couple of days, but didn't notice any difference from 6. 3 pills didn't do much for me, but 6 certainly did give me results. Here are the numbers:

    Weight: start: 234lbs. end: 238.5lbs (+4.5lbs)
    waist: lost 1/2"
    belly: lost 1"
    Strength test: bench: from 275x5 to 275x8
    mood: pretty good with an exception of a few days
    acne: never a concern
    libido: no change
    sleep: good
    joints: good

    In 5 1/2 weeks, it appears I lost some fat and added muscle. The "mirror" test is positive and I look leaner in my mid-section.
    I think this is one of the best supplements I've ever taken. The results were great, especially for only 5 1/2 weeks and there were no negative side-effects for me! I think 3 pills is not enough, especially for someone my weight. I think 4-6 pills per day is a better dosage for most people. A 6 week cycle at 6 pills per day could get a little pricey, but you will see results!

    This is a supplement I likely will use in the future!



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