Time to Get Shredded

  1. Time to Get Shredded

    Anabolic Formulations Halo T-400
    Juggernaut Nutrition Win-Ztrol
    Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock

    Other Supps:
    Milk Thistle
    5 Blend Protein
    Might incorporate a pre-workout drink but undecided yet.

    Week 1: 2 Halo/ 3 Win/ 2 D4 /2 Milk Thistle
    Week 2: 3 Halo/ 4 Win/ 2 D4/ 3 Milk Thistle
    Wekk 3: 3 Halo/ 4 Win/ 2 D4/ 3 Milk Thistle
    Week 4: 3 Halo/ 5 Win/ 2-4 D4/ 3 Milk Thistle
    Week 5: 3 Halo/ 5 Win/ 2-4 D4/ 3 Milk Thistle/PCT
    Week 6: 3 Halo/ 5 Win/ 2-4 D4/ 3 Milk Thistle/PCT
    Week 7: Milk Thistle/PCT
    Week 8: Milk Thistle/PCT

    Cellucor P6

    Week 1-2: 40mg/day
    Week 3-4: 20mg/day

    P6 (Natural Test Booster)
    6 a day (2 in the morning, 4 before workout)

    WORKOUT: All sets have a 1.5-2 min. break.

    Monday- Chest
    Flat Bench- 5, 3, 3, 2, 2
    Incline Bench- 4x6
    Low Pulley Flyes- 4x6
    Cable Flyes- 4x6

    Tuesday- Back
    Hang Clean- 4x6
    Lat Pulldowns- 4x6
    Reverse Grip Pulldowns- 4x6
    Rows- 4x6
    Straight-bar Cable Shrugs- 4x6

    Wednesday- Off/Cardio

    Thursday- Legs
    Squat- 4x6
    Front Squat- 4x6
    Leg Extension- 4x6
    Leg Curl- 4x6
    Stiff Legged Dead Lift- 4x6
    Calf Raises- 3x15

    Friday- Shoulders/Arms
    Push Press- 4x6
    Arnold Press- 4x6
    Side Raises- 4x6
    Seated Front Raises- 4x6
    30 Second Break starts now between sets:
    French Bar Curl/Skull Crushers- 4x6
    Hammer Curl/Tricep Extensions- 4x6
    Concentration Curl/Kickback- 4x6
    Lying Cable Bicep Curl/Pushdowns- 4x6
    Forearm Curls- 3x15
    Rev Forearm Curls- 3x15


    3 Cups- Kellogg's Special K
    8 oz- Skim Milk
    1 1/4 cup- Strawberries
    1 1/2 slice- Turkey Bacon

    12 PM
    2 Small Rolls
    3 1/2 oz Buffalo Turkey/ white meat

    2 PM
    1 Cup Brown Rice
    8 oz. Chicken/Turkey/or Fish
    2 Cups Steamed Broccoli
    1 Tablespoon of Mayonnaise or PB

    5 PM
    3 Sheets of Honey Graham Crackers

    7 PM
    1 cup Brown Rice
    8 oz. Tenderloin
    2 Cups Steamed Broccoli
    1 Tablespoon Ranch Sunflower Seeds

    9 PM
    1 Cup Kellogg's Special K
    8oz Super Skim Milk

  2. First day on, felt good today decided to do 5-3-3-2 for back squat did 425-455-475-495.

    Front Squat- 4x6 with 275
    Leg Extension(single leg)- 4x6 with 175 each leg
    Leg Curls- 4x6 with 110, and 130 for the last 3
    Stiff Leg Dead Lift (4 10's on each side, on a step box, touch the floor)
    4x8 with 215
    Standing Calf Raises using T-Row Bar- 3x 15-15-20 with 135

    All in all it was a good day, diet went according to plan didn't feel any difference except that I didn't feel my muscles fatiguing today on calves and squats like i usually do. No side effects yet, wouldn't expect any on the first day. Pros so far can't say any yet from the PH's but time will tell. Arms and Shoulders tomorrow. On the scale was 214.3, I will also most likely be posting pictures tomorrow also. Time for a mocha cappucino protein shake!!!

  3. Well I don't know if anyone is actually lookin at this so far but as for right now i'm just doing this for myself haha. Well how i said my legs didn't burn yesterday, I made up for it today in soreness.... But anyway, today was another good day tough workout today...

    Push Press- 4x6 with 185
    Arnold Press- 4x6 with 65
    Side Raises- 4x6 with 30s
    Seated Front Raises- 4x6 with 55 lbs

    30 sec. Break starts now between sets/2 mins rest b4 start

    French Bar Curl/Hammer Curl/Overhead cable curl/lying cable curl: 4x6 70/60/50/110 respectively

    Skullcrusher/Tricep dips/pushdowns/rev grip pushdowns:
    4x8 90/Body weight & 45/180/80

    This is probably the worst burn i've gotten in my arms from a workout yet. Love to work the hell out of my arms. Felt great working out today. 2 days off now! BUT cardio tomorrow. No side effex yet. No strength increases yet, too soon. Weighed in at 213.8 today.

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