Hemadrol/Orastan A Stack Review

  1. Hemadrol/Orastan A Stack Review

    So, Ive been lurking for a while (like a year plus) and finished my first cycle up in early April.......I used Hemadrol at one cap a day for 28 days and added Orastan A in weeks 2-4....Im not going to go into to great detail but with this cycle the strength gains came on quick and I mean super quick. Weight was up in all excercises noticably in a few days at most. I was a little discouraged with the weight gain at first, however in week 3 it started and by the end of my 28 day cycle I had mananged to gain 10 lbs. Others noticed and still now 8 weeks after post cycle therapy its all stayed!! So........for others interested its a good cycle....There were few side effects such as lethagry at first and of course I got sick as hell the first 3 days (as I hear some people do every cylce) but all in all I have no complaints. In recent blood test (just for liver values) they are up a little and I mean very little. Should be no higher than a 1.00 for my age and Im at 1.30.........Nothing to fret about.........Anyways just throwin in my review for anyone interested..........Hopefully this is the first of many cycles on my way to HUGELOL.......

  2. Cool

    nice review. i did hemadrol/propadrol last winter with similar results.

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