Ok, Im 18 and a half, I have been working out seriously for nearly 2 years. I have been working putting up swiming pools for a summer job, the next closest thing to construction work you can find. I dont really get the chance to workout like i had during high school, and my diet has went to ****. I used to get in really clean meals, like chicken, rice, sweet potatoes, greens, tuna, oats, eggs, cottage cheese, milk, and plenty of juices, all of the ingredients to the recipe of success in muscle growth. I get an amazing workout all day now, but without the calories i need desparately for growth. I have been feeling like **** and missing the energy i received from the perfect diet i had been practicing. I need advice on what i should do about this and how to keep my body in the shape that it is in. I am 6'2, 200 lbs, and low body fat. I am starting to lose the pumped feeling that i enjoyed throughout the day before i started working, i feel so tired after work that its hard to make it to the gym, and on an empty stomach too. I need advice really bad and i am looking into some type of prohormone. Other than the fact of not taking one, i would like recommendations on what will give me the best mass gains along with a low body fat gain. I know it would be retarded to do a cycle now, because of the impossibility of getting the calories that my body needs for growth. So i am planning on doing it in college, and I would like to get everything i need now while i have the money. All advice and constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated.