punksurfer transforms with EVO stack......from alri

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  1. punksurfer transforms with EVO stack......from alri


    The new EVO stack

  2. as many may know im a contestant in the 3 month transformation contest. I will be using these products to hopefully take a first place finish.

    dose protocol will be:
    wk 1-2: JW
    wk 3-4: JW + BAM + Pro-A
    wk 5-6: BAM + Pro-A + Restore
    wk 7-8: Restore

    start weight for this log is 184. start pics are:


    all other info will be in my transform log, exercises, diet, etc. i will update this log daily as well as my contest log and my final pics will be in here as well as the contest log.

    contest log:

  3. Day 1

    got the products in mail this morning! went ahead and took first JW with breakfast, had shoulders traps and abs workout......very solid workout and even mowed the lawn afterward

    notes on JW: nothing yet of course
  4. Day 2

    no workout today, had phtls all day and have to go back to work at 7, tomorow is phtls as well and im at the PICU saturday so next workout will be sunday!

    notes on product: nothing yet, did have some crazy dreams last night not from JW though
  5. Day 3

    no lifting today....just learned ill need to replumb the whole house.....so problem just got bigger!

    notes on product: nothing new..

  6. Day 4

    no lifts today, diet is good so far......

    notes on product: JW is kickin in as hunger is going through the roof!!!!!
  7. Day 5

    great back and bi workout! even through in 30 minute jog on treadmill.

    notes on product: feeling stronger during lifts!!!

  8. weigh in today was 184.5
  9. Day 6

    chest and tris today, a little lagging and dissapointing. oh well gotta better them.

    notes on JW: anger increasing and hunger as well.
  10. Day 7

    no workout today, was in school....and now enjoying some margaritas with the wife....

    notes on product: nothing new to report
  11. Day 8

    leg day today was great, finished up with 20 minutes on treadmill at 15 grade incline.

    notes on JW: workout felt really strong.
  12. Day 9

    rest day today.

    notes on JW: nothing new other then very tired and hungry
  13. Day 10

    shoulders traps and abs day today, solid workout!

    notes on JW: nothing new woke up tired as hell again, but no biggie...had late night working at ER last night. cant wait to start really pill popping in 4 days!
  14. Day 11

    back and bis day, had to fight through some severe lethargy though....still able to jump on treadmill for 20 minutes at 15 grade incline though.

    notes on JW: noticing a lot of lethargy lately. other then that going good!
  15. Day 12

    chest and tris today, back in a real gym so on my off days i will be at station now and will do cardio those days........so stoked!

    notes on JW: great workout today no sides loving life......
  16. Day 13

    great leg workout today!!!!! need the rest tomorow! cant wait today is day 13 so day 15 i will start taking 3 products instead of just the one. was really strong in the gym today!

    notes on JW: seems im very lethargic during the day except when im in the gym!

  17. ok i think the log is up to speed......sorry i had to copy and paste everything up to this point from my log on another site. as of now everything will be up to date!

  18. where are you from surfer?

  19. Quote Originally Posted by hman85 View Post
    where are you from surfer?
    melbourne florida

  20. No sh1t i just moved from there i lived right by the bcc campus in melbourne. what a small world
  21. Day 14

    rest day today, did 10 minutes on treadmill before my legs hurt to bad....legs are extremely sore from yesterday.

    notes on JW: starting to notice some acne coming on...its ok though as i experienced this last time i used the product.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by hman85 View Post
    No sh1t i just moved from there i lived right by the bcc campus in melbourne. what a small world
    right on! i live off of sarno.

  23. Do you go to hawks gym?

  24. Quote Originally Posted by hman85 View Post
    Do you go to hawks gym?
    i used to, for about a year.....now i go to "our club" in indian harbour beach. alot cheaper and no contract
  25. Day 15

    shoulders traps and abs! great workout really strong, feeling extremely pumped up! threw in a quick 15 on the stationary bike before i left......

    notes on JW, PA, BAM: nothing new other then a great mood...feel great today!


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