RPM,Pro-Anabol, and WTF Pumped for a first log. unsponsored

  1. RPM,Pro-Anabol, and WTF Pumped for a first log. unsponsored

    Alright ive been thinking of doing a log for a little while now and figured now is as good as time as any since i have 3 pretty good supps to try out ..

    Me: 205lbs as of this morning and around 13-14%BF at 5'10''
    Last November i had a knee surgery and everything fell apart diet and all , I ended up at 240lbs it was a bad site haha
    now im back and just have a little gut fat to get rid of to get those bottom abs out .

    Split: Mon-Wed-Fri-Sat-Sun Sun used as touch up
    Groups: Chest and Biceps
    Shoulders and Triceps
    Abs and cardio after each workout

    Diet: Lean meats : lots of chicken, turkey burgers, chop meat ,steak and shakes
    Carbs: Oats, Brown rice and Vegies
    Fats: Olive oil, Smart Spread with Flax oil
    eating every 2-3 hrs with carbs in the morning and before workout in the evening

    Now on with the fun .

  2. Day 1
    Pro Anabol taking before a meal 2 times a day
    Pre workout : 3 RPM and serving of WTF pumped.
    Workout:Chest and Biceps
    Incline Dumbells: Warmup 45lbs for 12
    Working sets: 70lbs for 8
    80lbs for 6
    90lbs for 6 last time only got 5
    Smith machine bench press: Warmup 135lbs for 14
    Working sets: 225lbs for 8 x3sets
    Pec-dec 4 sets 140lbs for 12 , last set dropped to 80 till fail

    Biceps: Straight bar curl : Warmup; bar for 15
    Working sets 65 for 10
    85 for 8
    105 for 6
    Hammer curls: 45lbs for 10
    55lbs for 6x2sets
    Preacher curl machine: 100lbs for 8x3sets
    Abs: Hanging leg raises 4 sets
    Crunch machine 35lbs for 4 sets holding at top 15 reps

    Cardio: none, knee acting up

    Effects: Awesome energy and endurance
    Sweating like crazy
    Focus was insane
    So far real good
    The taste of WTF is a little bad but I will mess with more water and see if that helps

  3. Day 2 Off from the weights dosed PA with food 2 times

    Day 3 Trying out a different approach with RPM gonna have 1 or 2 in the morning then the same 1 hr before workout
    today was 2 RPM 1hr before gym and WTF about 30minutes before

    Shoulder and Triceps
    Exercises: Behind head millitarys warmup 135lbs for 15
    185lbsx6 for 3 sets

    Side laterals with dumbells: 25lbsx10, 30lbsx8 35lbs x 5 dropped down to 20s till fail

    Bent over laterals 20lbs x 15 for 3 sets superseted with rope pulls

    Triceps: Cable behind head press 80lbs x 10 for 3 sets
    Rope pushdowns 45lbs x 12 for 3 sets
    Single arm reverse pushdown 25 lbs x 15 for 3 sets

    Effects: Pump was pretty painfull in my triceps and they were pretty swole
    Strength was very good on compound exercise
    Only issue was gettin to sleep last night , cant wait for the stim free RPM !!!!!
    Sweating was very intense too

  4. hell of a stack, looking forward to more results

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MrTotality View Post
    hell of a stack, looking forward to more results
    Yeah me too it should be fun !!!

    Day 4 Cardio and Abs
    Hanging leg raises 4 sets 15-20reps
    Crunch machine 40lbs x 4 sets x 15-20 reps
    Hopefully i can get on a eliptical machine since its zero inpact for like 20-30min

    Dosage : 1 RPM in morning when i wake up everyday and 2-3 pre workout and got samples of Controled labs purple wrath, green mag, and white flood. Im interested to compare white flood to WTF and see whats better .
    And with PA its the usual 2 a day with food .
    Now what does everyone think PA with food or empty stomach????

    Effects: Sleep has been awesome on non workout days haha
    might have to steel some of my wifes lean dreams tonite ...
    Vascularity is gettin better there starting to come out more than usual.
    After I eat a meal recently it feels like the food goes right to my muscles and not sit in my tummy , if this is a sign of whats to come i cant wait .

    Side note: Got results from my MRI i had on my knee and i have a torn meniscus in my knee got a appointment with the doc on monday so legs are probably out of the picture for heavy weights obviously . im gonna try to go real light to just keep them from shrinking to much and keep them in shape if and when i have to get surgery on it ..

  6. Day 5 Off day
    Day 6 Back and traps
    3RPM and WTF Pumped pre workout
    Warmup: Chins 3 sets bodyweight x10
    1:Reverse grip bent over rows: 135x10x2sets
    2:Seated cable rows using crossover handles for better feel
    170x8x3 good mind muscle conn
    3:Reverse grip pulldowns shoulder width grip superset with pullovers using same machine
    120x12x1 / 30x10x1
    140x10x2 / 30x10x2
    Traps: Shrugs using barbell

    Behind back shrugs

    Effects: Everything is coming together with the mind muscle connection on back. drop the weights and really feel the muscle working !!!
    Focus is just like tunnel vision
    Sweating is intense thermo effects of RPM are starting to kick in
    Strength starting to come in too
    Hungry all the time !!!!

  7. Day 7 Week 1

    Weight no change still 202lbs
    Chest and Biceps
    4RPM pre workout with White flood sample about 1hr pre workout
    Incline bench: 1: 135lbsx15x2
    2: 185lbsx8x1
    3: 205lbsx6x1 PR naturally

    Dumbell flat 1: 60sx10x1
    2: 70's x 10x1
    3: 80's x 6 x1

    Incline flyes using cables all sets using 35lbs x 12x4
    Decline flyes 2 sets 40lbs x10

    Biceps: Straight bar curl: 1: warmup with bar for 15
    2:95lbs x 10x1 felt light
    3 115lbs x 6 x 2
    Hammer dumbell : 1: 45lbsx10x1
    2: 55lbs x 8 x 2
    Preacher curl cable 1: 80 x 10 x 1
    2 100 x 6 x 2 dropped each set to 50 till fail

    Effects Pump was intense chest felt like a rock and arms the same
    Strength is increasing my chest is always my weak part so 205 on incline was great for me
    Vascularity is nice in the gym and wake up feeling "full "
    Thermo effects are really kicking in , sweating like a madman in the gym and feeling like i wanna rip heads off lol
    Abs are comin closer to where i want them
    Wife commented on my abs and traps which was nice to hear
    im lovin the effects so far and its only week 1, 3 more to go !!!
    goin on vacation june 29 to log will stop there till i get back
    got cardio and abs tonite

    Dosing RPM throughout the day 1 in the am and 1 or 2 in the early afternoon seems to be workin good but supply will go fast !!! im more into the cummulitive effects then the preworkout but both are just great!!!

  8. Day 8 off
    Day 9 Light legs and cardio/abs
    Warmup 15minutes on treadmill
    Leg press 4 sets 6plates high reps as per doc orders
    seated leg curl 4 sets
    calf raises on leg press
    roman chair crunches

    Doses 2 PA with food at 8am and 8pm
    2RPM in morning then 2 more preworkout 1hr before

    Effects: Thermo effects are really nice, broke into crazy sweat after 5 minutes on treadmill, shirt was soaked after workout.
    Recovery time is really fast between sets like 30sec then back to it again

    Top abs are starting to show there face
    Measured BF this morning 3 times to get average 13%
    measurement 1= 12.9
    '' 2= 13.4
    '' 3=13.2
    So all in all my bf is dropping and the scale isnt moving which means lbm gaining and bf dropping which is the whole point of this log.

    Comments or advice is welcome!!!!
    Till next time:clean:

  9. Day10 off
    Day11 Shoulders
    Dose: 2 PA 12hrs apart with food
    2 RPM in morning and 3 preworkout along with WTF
    Seated Military press to the front
    bar for warmup of 20
    95lbs x 15
    135lbs x 8
    145lbs x 6
    145lbs x 5 dropped back to 95lbs for 15 then dropped to just bar till failure
    very painfull but fun
    Reverse pec deck strict and slow
    100lbs x 15 for 4 sets
    Side lateral raises hold at top for count of 2
    25s x 12
    30s x 10
    30s x 8
    25s x 8
    20s x 15
    Note drops are just insane the pump in my shoulders was just undescribable!!!!
    Shrugs on smith machine
    just listing weight
    90lbs x 20
    180lbs x 15
    180lbs x 15 no straps
    Behind back shrugs
    90 x 15 x 2
    Upright rows on smith
    90 x 8 x 2 shoulder width grip

    Thermo effect of RPM is really good
    Strength and focus is really good last night even though we didnt get to the gym till about 8pm , usually get there at 6:30ish
    All in all pretty good stack so far
    Libido is starting to rise
    Sleep is really well too no crazy dreams at all
    little pimples on my upper chest and oilly skin but nothing i cant deal with

  10. Day12 Back

    Exercises: Warmup , Body weight Pullups 3 sets of 10
    T-Bar rows machine with chest pad: 90lbs x 12
    115x 10
    115x 8
    Reverse grip pulldowns shoulder width grip
    Seated Hammer strength row
    2plates on each side for 3 sets of 10
    last set added quater for 6 then dropped to 1 45plate till failure.

    Abs , hanging leg raises 4 sets 12reps
    roman chair crunches 3 sets 12reps

    Dosage: 2 PA with food
    4RPM preworkout with WTF

    Sweating was intense
    Pumps were good
    Strength was constant

  11. Day13 Chest

    Incline on smith machine weights only

    Flat dumbell press
    70s x 12
    80s x 10
    85s x 8
    should have gone for 90s

    Incline dumbell flyes]
    40s x 10
    50s x 10
    50s x 8

    Decline Flyes
    25s x 12 x 2

    Abs Hangine leg raises
    Cardio 20minutes on tredmill

    Effects all is working nicely
    pumps are real good
    hardness all day long
    muscles are full all day long
    more definition and vascullar

  12. Week 2 mark Day 14 Arms

    Excersises i will list tommorow

  13. Quote Originally Posted by jcratty75 View Post
    Day13 Chest

    Incline on smith machine weights only

    Flat dumbell press
    70s x 12
    80s x 10
    85s x 8
    should have gone for 90s

    Incline dumbell flyes]
    40s x 10
    50s x 10
    50s x 8

    Decline Flyes
    25s x 12 x 2

    Abs Hangine leg raises
    Cardio 20minutes on tredmill

    Effects all is working nicely
    pumps are real good
    hardness all day long
    muscles are full all day long
    more definition and vascullar
    Dirk Tanis, BA, MSci
    Chief Operating Officer, Applied Nutriceuticals

  14. Update;

    I was on vacation from june 29 till july 6 so log was on hold still took my PA and RPM with me just no gym .
    The week before i went away work got crazy and couldnt post .

    So this will be my 3 Week review of my stack.

    Effects: RPM is great no doubt about it and def dosing throughout the day is were its at for me ,I would rate it a 10
    WTF Pumped: Pumps are pretty good, focus is ok , lasting pumps not so much, taste is just bad in my opinion, on the look out for a pre workout drink stim free..
    PA : I think double dose is the next step for me if i take it again , again it was only 3 weeks in the gym .

    Now to be honest during my week off the wife and I didnt exactly eat great haha who does on vacation anyways..izza:
    I did keep all my size just lost some definition due to water gain which is fine by me, I do think taking the PA and RPM helped in that aspect , but as far as WTF it might go back for a exchange for a non stim drink.

    I will def try PA again in the future just at a double dose
    RPM is a staple now and cant wait for the non stim version

    I got some samples of CEL Nox surge so i will give it a shot
    might go back to SP250 but the side effect is just bad news

    Sorry for the short log and all the next one will def be better and longer

  15. Hey how are things going?


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