superdrol/phera plex alternative stack!!!

  1. superdrol/phera plex alternative stack!!!

    alright so,this is gonna be my first cycle!! real excited to get started and see the results. im 6' and 167 ponds as of today! THE cycle im taking is testadrol(superdrol clone) and 17 methyl x (phera plex clone). ive heard great things about both well not much reviews on the 17 meth but most say testadrol is even better than s drol...this is what ive come up with for a decent first cycle least i think so?

    week 1 17 meth 2 tabs daily at 10g a piece
    week 2 17 meth / testadrol together 30 / 15or30 undecided
    week 3 testadrol 15or30?
    week 4 testadrol most likely 30
    (each capsule is 15g by the way)

    during/ and while doing post cycle therapy supplements:

    creatine monohydrate
    n.o. explode
    mass xxx
    whey protein
    milk thistle 800 mg a day
    flax seed oil
    fish oil
    nolva and rebound xt,(only during post cycle therapy for these 2)

    im looking at about 3900 to 4200 cal intake depending on weight gain shake (maybe 2 scoops or maybe 3...see how im feelin)HIGH CARBS IN DIET, DECENT FATS...ALL IN ALL VERY CLEAN, NUTRITIONAL DIET(good for gains i hope)


    so anyone thats done either of these supps or even this exact stack let me know...totally open for suggestions...take it easy on me i did alot of research but nothin can prepare me for some of u guys on here..ha!

  2. might be more productive to just run one designer as a standalone all 4 weeks.

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