Summer Log: 8 weeks of FUN-Drol

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  1. It sucks having to do demanding work all day and then lift afterwards. Glad to see you pulled off a solid workout!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  2. Aggravated and horny Sounds like rough sex night LMAO

  3. Any updates Peece?
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  4. Hey D.W. yeah it is just crazy right now for me. I need to sit down and give an update, all in all very good beside some lower back tightness from yard work, catch ya real soon

  5. Okay, here we go.

    Still rockin with this stack. I am pleased with my appearance right now. Overall I am more lean and I have kept size which is very nice.

    I have stayed consistent with my routine, but I have cut down on volume just because of the yard work (digging/trenching/laying brick etc...) I took my family to Pismo Beach last week for a couple of days and I still got my training in.

    While they went to the Cinnimon roll shop I hit the local gym. What a nice gym- real close to the beach and with great equipment- put my gym to shame.

    Still got a little more time on this stack
    I might kick up the Cissus-drol to 4 just for fun this next week to see how I react

  6. Everything sounds like it's going well, man! Keep it up.
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  7. Wow, time flies when you're workin you're ass off.

    I have been crazy busy working in my classroom getting ready for the new year and trying to make my backyard look great for the family. (My wife is full of encouragement if you know what I mean)
    Anyways, Cissus is my best friend seriously. Amazingly I look leaner while I am still right on 2 bills. My workouts have really suffered though. I can even think about going heavy- I am using light weight and doing a ton of reps. This landscaping design work has taken my strength out the window-It is kind of cool using the Carnage while I am outside in 100 degree days. My endurance has been steady.

    BTW since sunday I have been taking 4 caps cissus to finish of this cycle before school starts- well outside to lays some more bricks and build a pergola. (Is it pergola or pergola)
    see ya guys

  8. Okay, just a quikie before I head outside. I had my last training session with Cissus-drol/Carnage earlier and boy was it nice. Got a great compliment from one of the regulars at the gym, "Boy you look great you really have put some size on." I guess that is the best testimony to these two products when someone else gives you some props.

    I am going to read through my log a give a final assessment asap. Sorry I have not been able to post as much as I wanted lately-life you know sometimes blows up


  9. Real life > than online life.
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  10. Okay, final assessment.

    My weight was at 200 8 weeks ago and I am right on 200 today. However, my waist/abs look better than 2 months ago. The most notable improvement in apprearance for me is vascularity and definition.

    I really liked this stack- especially the Carnage- I truly feel it helped me get a bunch more work done working around the house. So B+ for endurance. This is a solid suppliment and it will stay on my staple list. THANKS MST for everything you guys are very cool and you put out some great product.

  11. Continued

    The cissus is most definitely a good muscle builder/recomp suppliment. It worked great for me. I put it through a big test as far a pain control- my back as well as all my joints really got some exercise the last few weeks.
    I wish I could say it helped me control pain but I honestly feel Super-cissus is the best out there in that department.
    BIG BIG thankyou to Generic Labz for letting me use their product. My physical appearance is definitely improved

    Hope I helped give an accurate log. I don't know how much I will be able to check in in the near future, but thanks again I really appreciate your kindness and support

  12. Thanks for the log and review, brotha!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  13. Peece, thanks for giving a great log and honest review!


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