Jmh80 Reviews AX's MassFX + Hyperdrol

  1. Jmh80 Reviews AX's MassFX + Hyperdrol

    Finally getting around to logging this - was supposed to back in January but bad shoulder injury put that off.

    I will be logging AX's MassFX with Hyperdrol for the next month. I will be taking the regular dose for both (4 caps of MFX and 3 of HD).
    I'll try to get all of the HD in before my workouts (at 6pm or so) and at least 3 of the MFX doses in before my workouts.

    I will try to update this log 3 times per week. However, life has been quite hectic the last few months. I'm working more now and I have a dog that likes to trash the house.

    About me
    Oft injured chemical engineer with a penchant for buggery. There's nothing quite like a shorn scrotum, I suggest you try it.

    27 years old
    168 lbs
    Waist (at hips) - 30.5"
    Waist (at belly button) - 30"
    Chest - 38.75"
    Arms - 15"
    Calves - 15" on L, 15.25" on R
    Quads - 22.75" on R, 23.25" on L

    I will try to post pics later today, will be from my camera phone (which isn't the greatest).
    I'll really be using the measurements to asses the effect of MFX + HD on LBM.

    (Note - the measurements were taken first thing this morning, as has been the case with all of my logs.)

    Other supplements - Custom's lecithin, Flax oil, NOW's curcumin, Primaforce's 40% Cissus (have been on for a while), Custom's celadrin, Microlactin (horse version - since I'm such a stud ), Reset AD (2 caps/d), Vit. C & E, men's multi (Sam's brand), saw palmetto (wal-mart brand), fish oil (3 g/day), NOW's Super Cortisol Support (lots of stress at work), Natrol's Brain Speed Perform, Syntrax' Cerebro, NOW's hawthorn berry, and Avant's SeasaTHIN (only 1/4 tbsp).

    I also use stimulants everyday (can't get through work without them ) but I try to rotate them around. I use HEAT, Xforce, StimX (try not to all that much), TIGHT, plus some more that I forget.

    I rotate in nootropics (you can see some of them are listed under supplements - the Cerebro and Brain Speed) for help with work.
    I really like the combo of 2 scoop of SNS' Focus XT with 3 to 5 grams of Nutraplanet's Piracetam.

    I'm looking to pick up some of the higher end 'cetams to hopefully help take down the stimulant intake (it's bad - bad, I tell ya).
    I like taking ALCAR, PLCAR, tyrosine, taurine, Clear Edge, ginko (God - that tastes bad), Na-R-ALA first thing and before big meetings at work.
    I also have to take a few sleep supps every once and a while - like Scifit's Sleep N Tight and NOW's Sleep 'n Restore. (I use half doses of those - I hate 3 mgs of Melatonin. I get so damn drowsy on that the next day.)

    Yes - I'm a supplement junkie. I have a disease.

    Prior experience with similar supps as MFX and HD:
    Rebound Reloaded, Powerfull, Symmetry
    (Haven't taken BAM and don't know what else is like HD - maybe AlphaDrive XL?)

    Other supps I've taken:
    you name it, I've just about taken it (hello? I'm a supp junkie.)

    I'm really just along for the ride with MFX and HD. I've been slowly ramping up strength after getting over my right shoulder injury a month or so ago. I'll continue to slowly increase strength and mass.
    (I've found in the past with the PH's I've taken - too quick of mass gains was bad for my joints. Ugh.)

    I've still got a sorta bum left knee. I can't squat or really do any of the mass building leg exercises (lunges and leg extensions are about it - for whatever reason - that don't give me pain).
    That's why my legs are so small.
    This knee has been bothering me for a while - doctors haven't helped worth a sh*t. Ugh.

    I'd like to gain LBM with a minimum of fat gain and gain strength (I'm lifting kid weights at the gym right now - it's quite amusing).

    Still using Bobo's time under tension routine.
    I lift (hopefully) 5 times per week. Sometimes I'm stuck at work entirely too late and have to punt on lifting - so I'll get 4 lifts in a week sometimes. I'll sacrifice arms, if that happens - and work bi's and tri's together (rather than separate days).

    I'll update you guys with increases in generic terms. I don't want to go into the routine as it's proprietary.

    This has honestly been a hodgepodge lately with me working more and spending more time taking care of the dog (less than 2 years old).
    I'll try to start logging what I'm eating again.

    I am getting 3 shakes in per day (probably 40 grams of protein each).
    I've been getting 2 other whole meals in. I figure I get 180 to 200 grams of protein per day.
    The other macro nutrients are what fluctuate more wildly. Carbs have been up recently as I've been trying to eat more fiber to help regulate my digestive system (it's messed up - Poseidon didn't help a bit - I can't take that stuff, tears me up).

    What I'll be looking for
    I'll be keeping an eye on strength, mood/aggression, libido, nut size, acne, pumps, and joints.

    Lastly - I'd like to thank BigSmith and Mace at AX for giving me this opportunity. Sorry it took me so long to get this started.

  2. good luck!

  3. Alright - this week was bad at work. Had a big presentation on 6/12. Spent most of last weekend getting ready.

    I didn't make it to the gym though.

    I left work about on time on 6/11 solely to make the gym (knowing I wouldn't make it on 6/12 since the presentation would be over fairly late).

    I worked out biceps and calves (I don't do them with legs). This was my first workout on HD/MFX.

    I found the pumps in my arms and calves to be pretty big. But - I was able to still control the weight fairly well, which was different. With the sort of pumps - I'd have much more trouble with the TUT aspect and have to lower weight lifted.

    I was able to add 5 lbs to bicep exercises 2 and 3.
    Calf pumps were bad though. Just about too big. I had to lower weight by 10 lbs on the last 3 sets of exercise 1 and all 3 sets of exercise 2.
    Oh well.

    I took 6/12 and 6/13 off because I was at work pretty late both nights.

    I did workout legs on 6/14.
    Was able to squeeze a few reps out on exercise #1 - 5 of them total for the 3 sets. (I don't do this but I could tell I had some juice left at the end.)

    Was able to keep the weight the same on exercise 2 (this normally really tires me out). I did notice I was pretty winded after this. Could feel a really good pump in my quads/hams.

    Added 20 lbs to exercise 3. Had to cut the last rep out on the 3rd set though (due to right knee - ugh).

    Had a really good quad/inner thigh pump going after this.

    Tried to add 10 lbs on exercise 3 but found pretty bad lower back pumps. Went back to normal and was OK (could still feel tightness). I'll keep an eye on this. I won't start mega-dosing taurine just in case this is an effect of HD/MFX.

    Had to cut exercise 4 by a few reps (right knee again).

    Skipped the gym last night (6/15). Will go today and tomorrow.
    (Didn't want to lift 4 days in a row.)

    Other than that, libido seems to be slowly ramping up as is nut size. This is consistent with what I remember from other experiences with the 6-Br in HD.

    I'm not having acne issues (yet - always happens with anti-estrogen supps). This is good.
    Will definitely be keeping an eye out on this. If this stack somehow turns out to be lighter on acne - that will give it a leg up on the other anti-E's I've used.

    Not having any aggression issues - but am not noticing any effects on mood. (I.E. no sense of well being.)

    I am getting 200+ grams of protein per day. But the number of meals were down most of this week - just had some much crap going on at work that I didn't have time to get food. Had to gulp down protein shakes between meetings.
    (I ended up having to up the protein intake per meal.)

    Hopefully next week is better - but I never know until we get into it.

    Bottom line - thus far everything is well with MFX and HD.

  4. looks good so far!

    some have reported issues with back pumps in the past.......i never got them though.

  5. Low back was OK tonight while working out back. (Then again - never got much in the way of low back pumps even when on SD while on back day, leg day was the worst.)

    For back tonight, felt pretty good.
    Was able to add 10 lbs on exercise 1 first set. Dropped 5 lb on the second set - forearms started to pump quite a bit. (So - up 5 on the 2nd, last, set.)

    Added 10 lbs on the 2nd exercise. Forearms didn't interfere. Grip strength was more of a limiting factor on this one (has been for a while now). Didn't really get all that tired in my lats.

    Added 10 lbs on the first 2 sets of the 3rd exercise. Lat pump got to be too much so went back to normal on the 3rd set.
    Forearms nearly got in the way on this one (same goes for grip strength).

    Added 10 lbs on the 4th exercise. Definitely felt it in my lats and biceps on this set. Started to see the typical bicep day vascularity.

    Added 10 lbs on the 5th exercise. Only did 2 sets as I was feeling nauseous.
    No clue why. It started after the 1st set of the 4th exercise. So I took another minute of rest. Didn't help.

    Started feeling better once I got home. I waited a bit for my post-WO shake (just to make sure - didn't feel like throwing up). That went down fine.

    All in all - good workout. Am progressing back to where I was with back strength from late 2006.
    (Shoulder injury caused 40 to 50% strength reduction. Have had trouble increasing weight lifted with good form.)
    Pretty sure MFX + HD is the cause of this increase I saw tonight.
    I'm liking that aspect. Let's hope strength keeps increasing.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80 View Post
    Pretty sure MFX + HD is the cause of this increase I saw tonight.
    I'm liking that aspect. Let's hope strength keeps increasing.

  7. lookin good hotty!

  8. Hey, hey - let's not gay this up. Motiv8 and Ubi aren't even here, yet.

  9. Whoops.

    The last 2 weeks have been pretty bad at work.
    Ugh - I need a vacation.

    I only lifted twice thus far this week - will go today and tomorrow.

    Only lifted 3 times last week.

    I can't find my workout book - am hoping it's buried in my car.

    But - strength is definitely rising. I know on back day I added 10 lbs to every exercise (last week).
    This week the arm pumps hit me pretty bad mid-way through - was up on the first 2 exercises though.

    I only worked out legs once during the last 2 weeks. Tried to increase weight lifted (had the strength) but my knee just couldn't handle it. Left knee was in a decent amount of pain. Had to lay off quads and stick to hams and calves.

    Took last week off legs just in case - will try them tomorrow.

    Worked arms last week - good Lord the veins and pumps were big. Very good control when my arms got pumped (again).

    Worked chest this week - but that turned out to be a downer of a workout. Was really tired. No pumps and no real strength increase.
    Going to try to better that here in a few mins.

    Other notes
    I'm starting to notice acne on my chest and upper back. Looks like it took a few weeks. This isn't as bad as some AI products I've taken.

    Libido and nut size are definitely up. (Thanks to the 6-Br.)

    Have had trouble sleeping. Not sure if it's due to stress at work (whole lot of stuff on my shoulders right now) or the MFX/HD.
    Hard to assess at this point though.

    On the subject of diet (or lack thereof), I said in another thread my diet has been worse since I started.
    The problem is that I'm having entirely too many meetings during the workday - so my time to get real stuff done gets severely cramped. I have to race through activities without really stopping. I just end up forgetting to eat.

    I'd say my diet has been mostly whey protein shakes with oatmeal. I'm getting less total calories - but maybe more protein. Not sure of that.
    I'm probably down to 4 meals a day. 2 to 3 of those turn out to be shakes.
    Some of the days I got in 5 meals though - with only 2 shakes (around workouts).
    So - no one can accuse a better diet for any results that I show on MFX/HD.

  10. keep it up, J!

    i know exactly how you feel about the no time thing! a newborn and coaching 2 of my older boy's sports leaves me with very little time to hit the weights!

  11. The worst part is that we are in the doldrums of sports (summer) with 2 f*cking months left till college football.

    Worked out chest tonight.
    Had a good start - but then had a serious tail off at the end. I felt it too - got a winded feeling all of a sudden.

    First exercise was plus 3 reps over 2 sets (same weight - wasn't confident to go up this time).

    2nd exercise was plus 10 lbs on the first 2 sets. Then plus 5 lbs on the 3rd and 4th sets.

    3rd exercise was the same weight the 1st and 2nd sets.
    Then the wall hit.
    Had to drop 10 lbs on the 3rd set. Didn't even do the 4th set as I was so fatigued.

    4th exercise was a struggle just to stay par. Ended up dropping down 5 lbs on the 2nd and 3rd sets to maintain good form (first set was awful towards the latter third).

    5th exercise was down 10 lbs. Struggled to finish the reps.

    Pump was great though. Chest feels great.

  12. "God made ND #1, Miami made them #2!"


    Anyway, how did you like it when Penn State went and made Miami #2?

  13. Correction - Vinny Testaverde made Miami #2.
    (One could argue Jimmy Johnson was more the cause - with his refusal to run Alonzo Highsmith leading to the multitude of Vinny INT's.)

    Props to JoePa for the game plan.
    But PSU didn't beat Miami. Vinny did.

    The stats tell that story quite well.

    Anyway - hope you guys enjoyed that Fiesta Bowl win. We certainly made up for it the next 5 years with 3 national titles.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80 View Post
    Correction - Vinny Testaverde made Miami #2.
    (One could argue Jimmy Johnson was more the cause - with his refusal to run Alonzo Highsmith leading to the multitude of Vinny INT's.)

    Props to JoePa for the game plan.
    But PSU didn't beat Miami. Vinny did.

    The stats tell that story quite well.

    Anyway - hope you guys enjoyed that Fiesta Bowl win. We certainly made up for it the next 5 years with 3 national titles.
    You certainly did!

    That WAS an incredible game, though. One of the most fun to watch and rewatch, even for a guy who isn't a fan of either team. Obviously, less fun as a Hurricane.

    We just barely beat you guys at Miami and then you guys slaughtered us at Beaver Stadium a couple years ago, so maybe that sorta makes up for it too!

    How do the 'Canes look this year?


  15. Quote Originally Posted by dhuge67 View Post
    You certainly did!

    That WAS an incredible game, though. One of the most fun to watch and rewatch, even for a guy who isn't a fan of either team. Obviously, less fun as a Hurricane.

    We just barely beat you guys at Miami and then you guys slaughtered us at Beaver Stadium a couple years ago, so maybe that sorta makes up for it too!

    How do the 'Canes look this year?

    This is my thread - that ain't no hijack!

    Ah yes - I remember the internet bravado of certain PSU fans before the Telafario game in 2001.
    If you couldn't see the talent on that UM team - you were a f*cking retard. Plain and simple.

    But - yet, somehow Adam running out of the tunnel was supposed to help PSU tackle Clinton Portis or block Jon Vilma.

    That '99 game was a heartbreaker.
    But - I think it pretty much cemented that Butch had the program back headed towards the Cane teams of old.
    The big UCLA win at the end of '98 started that trend.

    Pretty funny how one Ed Reed pretty much allowed Chafie Fields to walk into the endzone for the TD that day in '99.
    He's said afterwards that he'd never forget that play - still drives him to this day to work harder than anyone else.

    Some pretty good games between PSU and UM.
    Wish we could play again. You guys - unlike a certain team that also uses Blue as a color coughMichigancough - actually went on the road to face us (vs. just playing a home game).

    We've pretty much booked our non-conference schedule with one big team for the next 5 years or so though.
    We've got at Ohio State in '10 and they come to the Orange Bowl in '11 (for what will be a rowdy affair).
    Oklahoma and Florida fit in between now and then.

    As far as '07 - the defense will be top 10 nationally again. The offense remains to be seen. We have the former GaTech offensive coordinator - Pat Nix. I have hope he can work some sort of a minor miracle with one of our two returning inept QB's (Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman).
    After all - he won with Reggie Ball (who was worse than our guys statistically).

    The running game should be strong with Edgerrin's cousin Javarrious James back at RB. The Oline looks good for run blocking.
    I'm more worried about their pass blocking.
    We are thin on experience at WR. I suspect we'll see A LOT of the 4 true frosh we just signed.

    We need to figure out how we can generate some offense through the air. Can't rely on the running game solely as your offensive output.

    Special teams was awful last year. The kicking game sounded just as bad in the spring.
    That really worries me.
    Our D keeps us in games - but if we can't kick field goals we'll continue to lose a LOT of close games.
    Our return game sucked last year. Again - I suspect we'll see quite a bit of true frosh back returning kicks.
    I'm readying myself for fumbles/muffed kicks.
    The typical freshman experience.

    I'd equate this team maybe to the '99 team that lost to you guys.
    Things look up - but there's definitely a chance we lose 3 to 4 games because we will be so young at so many key positions on O and S/T.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80 View Post
    This is my thread - that ain't no hijack!

    Sounds like you guys are going to be quite competitive. I watched Miami in their bowl game last season and was impressed by their speed, but like you said, there were just some head-scratching moments probably due to youth.

    It's good to hear from the ACC, and especially good that you don't come off with a Michigan-esque attitude!

    I'm a Penn State student and have lived in State College all of my life, so my allegiance will forever be with the blue and white; I just want to see them continue to play well, even though I do think that Joe Paterno really needs to step down. That man will die on the freaking field...

    I have a feeling that Penn State will blow out Notre Dame at home (like they did to us in South Bend), but then our real test will come in our first Big Ten Michigan.

    If we win that game, all bets are off and it'll be a chance for a run at the BCS. Maybe wishful thinking, but the team has more talent this year than we had on our 11-1 Orange Bowl winning team in 2005.

    The win over Tennessee in the bowl last year was surprising to a lot of people, considering our sometimes anemic offense, but that was hopefully a major building block for this upcoming season.

    Of course, we did lose Poz and Levi Brown to the NFL.

    Maybe it'll be a throwback BCS game this year: Miami vs Penn State

    mmmm...I like the sound of that!

  17. You guys have OSU* at home, right?
    A revenge game for them, definitely. After the beating you handed them back in '05.
    (That was an awesome game to watch. Love seeing OSU* lose. Great atmosphere in Happy Valley that night with the White Out effect.)

    Morelli is back at QB right? Is that big WR healthy (#2)? Am forgetting his name - Williams is ringing a bell for some reason.

    Agree on the ND game. They won't be nearly as good as they are getting ranked pre-season.

    You guys beat UT because Phil Fulmer put their best RB on the bench (LaMarcus Coker - the guy that had the big TD run early on). They couldn't do anything on the ground after that.
    Kudos to JoePa and the staff, yet again. They had the right gameplan after Coker was brought out.

    Safe to say the UT fans I know were just as surprised you guys won (and quite irritated at Fulmer).

    That would be a fun bowl game. I'd say it would have to workout that you guys end up 2nd in the Big 10 - because I doubt we end up in the Rose Bowl (unless a Pac 10 team makes it to the championship game).
    I'd think it would have to be an Orange Bowl matchup (where the ACC champ ends up).
    Last edited by jmh80; 07-01-2007 at 06:07 PM.

  18. Ok - time to wrap this up.

    Here's a run down since I last posted:
    I took off about a week and a half around the 4th of July because I took about a 5 day vacation to see my family over in FLA.
    Went to the beach, and just got away from work.

    I took the MFX and HD at basically 1/4 to half doses during those days - but no lifting.
    I've been feeling quite run down the last month or so - even with not lifting more than 4 days a week. I figured I needed a break from the gym.

    Once I got back I lifted on the 10th. It took me about 3 workouts to get back in the swing and start slowly increasing weight lifted.

    I was able to keep my protein intake high - 200 to 250 grams - once I started lifting. But - that week I took off was lower in caloric intake. I think this proved to be the root cause in my final weight/measurement change.

    I was able to steadily increase the amount of weight lifted from the 10th to the 20th - when my bottles were over.

    Obviously this trial lasted longer than a month - because of the cut-back in dosing around the 4th of July.

    Now - on to my final thoughts and stats:
    Weight - 165 lbs. (down 3 lbs)
    Waist - 30.3" (down about 0.2")
    Chest - 38.7" (down slightly)
    Arms - 15 on L, 15.25 on R (about the same)
    Legs - 22.6/23.1 (down about 0.3")

    So - I lost weight and waist size - but also leg size. (Pretty sure this was the knee issues I was having - didn't increase strength nearly as much as the rest of my body.)

    Upper body was about the same - consistent with the strength increases made.
    (Which were about 20 to 30 lbs.)

    Those sorts of strength increases are pretty damn big for me in a month.

    I noticed increased acne. I was not surprised by this - the 6-Br supplements always do this to me.
    Also noticed increased libido and testicular size (again - common with 6-Br).

    I did not notice any aggression or hair issues (shedding).

    In fact - I'd say no bad sides.

    Very impressed with this combo's ability to help me increase strength. My strength has basically stabilized after I finished MFX/HD.

    I do think this combo has some sort of slight thermogenic type properties. I'm not sure what else would explain the weight loss I experienced. (Save for the increase in strength with out a huge increase in calories.)

    Basically - my diet was marginally better. I came out maybe 30 grams of protein per day higher.
    Still higher in fat than I should have - but on par before I started.
    Carbs were all over the map - same as before I started. I suspect they were not high enough for the strength/possible thermogenic properties of these supps.

    Overall - I give this combo a thumbs up on it's function

    I give it a thumbs down on price though. Just too high for most folks, IMO. If each portion of this stack were closer to a buck a day - I think that would be more reasonable.

    I would buy this if I found it on sale for $30 to $35.

    Then again - my assessment is only supposed to be on the function of these products. And they are definitely functional.

    Thanks to AX/Kev/Mace for letting me test this. Apologies for the long time before starting and lack of posts in this log.
    Now - looking forward to a big MFX sale.


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